Wailloワイーヨ」 is a Platinum-ranked Holy Knight and a member of the Pleiades of the Azure Sky, who serve under the Assistant Great Holy Knight, Denzel Liones.


Waillo is a short man with a strong build of his size and has blonde hair and mustache. He wears a loose version of a regal knight uniform.


Waillo is a silent person, speaking few words and an observant type being able to deduce as to what Meliodas did against Dogedo in their match.


Post-Kingdom Infiltration arcEdit

During the award ceremony held in honor for the Seven Deadly Sins, sans Ban and King who are at the Fairy King's Forest and Escanor who is still missing, Waillo and his two comrades, Deathpierce and Dogedo, come forward after Meliodas calls out those Holy Knights whispering their doubts and complaints behind his back.

Waillo watches as Dogedo faces Meliodas, and during the fight, Waillo notes that Meliodas defended and attacked simultaneously, incapacitating Dogedo's hands. Waillo stands by as Dogedo is defeated and sent flying back to Deathpierce, who easily catches him, and Meliodas asks who's next to face him.[1] However, Deathpierce, carrying an unconscious Dogedo, decides that they've seen enough and they leave the scene. As they depart, Hawk, through Balor's Power Eye, reads their Power Levels.[2]

Ravens arcEdit

Later at Fersen, Waillo suddenly appears in front of Fraudrin, who is attacking Arden close-range, and blocks the attack with ease, despite the impact destroying part of the town. He flirts with Deldry about being getting married now, much to her disturbance. He then knocks out Fraudrin with one swing of his blade while shouting, "Marriage!" With their mission complete, the three Pleiades leave along with their captured Commandment.[3]

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Due to being a Platinum-ranked Holy Knight, Waillo is presumed to be very powerful. He was shown to be strong enough to withstand a formidable karate chop from Fraudrin with his arm and then quickly defeated one of the Ten Commandments with one attack of his weapon although this was probably due to his teamwork with Arden and Deldry.[4]


Waillo wields a broadsword that he carries on his back.


  • Hussle倍力 (ハッスル)  Bairyoku (Hassuru)」:

Power LevelEdit

Total Magic Strength Spirit


Pleiades of the Azure SkyEdit


Waillo seems to be obsessed with Deldry, and is constantly asking her to marry him. Though she values him as a teammate, she's easily annoyed with him because of this habit.


Ravens arcEdit


  • Waillo's name (ワイーヨ, Waīyo) is an anagram of Yowai (ヨワイ), meaning weak. This also occurs in the case of his brothers' names.
  • According to the official databook(s):
    • Special ability: Drinking ale with his nose
    • Hobbies: Growing flowers
    • Weak Point: His beard
    • Dream/Hope: Marrying Deldry
    • Regrets: Nothing
    • The most embarrassing thing in his life: Nothing
    • What he wants the most right now: More height


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