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Volume 8 is the eighth tankōbon volume of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.


  • 055. That Man, and His Heartlessness「その男、無情につき
  • 056. Unholy Knight「アンホーリィ・ナイト
  • 057. The Scene of a Far-Off Day「遠き日の風景
  • 058. Assumed Readiness「背負う覚悟
  • 059. The Unreadable Man「読めない男 参入
  • 060. A Creeping Chaos「にじみ出す混沌
  • 061. The Legends Get Stirred Up「駆りたてられる伝説たち
  • 062. The Devil Won't Stop「悪党は止まらない
  • Extra: Where He Belongs「彼の居場所

Story Arcs

Main article: Armor Giant arc
Main article: Kingdom Infiltration arc

Fights and Events





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