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Volume 7 is the seventh tankōbon volume of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.


  • 047. Apostle of Destruction「破壊の使徒
  • 048. Happy Annihilation「めでたく全滅
  • 049. Unavoidable Retreat「余儀なき敗走
  • 050. After the Festival「祭りのあとの
  • 051. In the Depths of the Heart「胸の奥
  • 052. The Truth Behind the Rumors「噂の真相
  • 053. The Armor Giant vs. The Roars of Dawn「鎧巨人 対 暁闇の咆哮
  • 054. The Man Who Didn't Move「動かなかった男

Story Arcs

Main article: Vaizel Fight Festival arc
Main article: Armor Giant arc

Fights and Events





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