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Volume 12 is the twelfth tankōbon volume of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.


  • 087. Wrath & Greed「〈憤怒〉と〈強欲〉
  • 088. Hell on Earth「この世の地獄
  • 089. Earnest Hope「切なる願い
  • 090. What I Can Do For You「君のためにできること
  • 091. A Loathsome Existence「忌むべき存在
  • 092. The Final Decisive Battle Begins「最終決戦開始
  • 093. Red & Ashes「赤と灰
  • 094. The Advent of Despair「絶望降臨
  • 095. Defeated Hope「潰える希望
  • Extra: Partners「相棒

Story Arcs

Main article: Kingdom Infiltration arc

Fights and Events


Limited Edition

Volume 12 had an limited edition that bundled 2 small calendars with total of 360+ pages, covering each day of 2015 year and marking each character's birthday.




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