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Volume 11 is the eleventh tankōbon volume of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.


  • 079. Once More「今一度
  • 080. A Dramatic Surge of Reversal「怒涛の逆転劇
  • 081. Meliodas' Strike「メリオダスの一撃
  • 082. The Incantation of Bravery「勇気のまじない
  • 083. Blazing Boar「紅蓮の豚
  • 084. The Matter is Settled「一件落着
  • 085. The Party Begins「宴の始まり
  • 086. The Threat Now Closing In「今そこに迫る脅威
  • Extra: Eternal Moment「永遠の刹那

Story Arcs

Main article: Kingdom Infiltration arc

Fights and Events





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