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Volume 10 is the tenth tankōbon volume of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.


  • 072. The Man That Was Too Late「遅すぎた男
  • 073. If it Kills Me「この命にかえても
  • Gaiden: The Fairy King Who Waited In Vain「まちぼうけの妖精王
  • 074. Fulfilled Promise「果たされる約束
  • 075. The Reason to be King「王たる所以
  • 076. The Princesses' Feelings「王女たちの想い
  • 077. Feelings Toward Her「あのコへの想い
  • 078. In Exchange For My Life「命と引きかえに

Story Arcs

Main article: Kingdom Infiltration arc

Fights and Events





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