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Vampire Clan shadows
Kanji/Kana 吸血鬼
Rōmaji Kyūketsuki
Additional Information
Primary Abilities Blood Draining
Ruler Izraf
Location Sealed (former)
Kingdom of Edinburgh (former)

Vampires are one of the races in the world of Nanatsu no Taizai and were once an ally of the Demon Clan in the war 3,000 years ago.


Three thousand years ago, a clan of vampires fought as vassals for the Demon Clan in the Great Holy War. Sometime during the war the Vampire King Izraf had plotted a secret rebellion but failed, and as such the vampires were to be made an example of what happens to traitors. Zeldris of the Ten Commandments was tasked to execute them but instead chose to seal them away in an ancient sarcophagus, which he did to save Gelda from death. Twelve years ago through some unknown means the seal was broken and the Vampires escaped. To reestablish themselves they chose to conquer the Kingdom of Edinburgh, doing so in one night by massacring the population and turning them into vampires along with its Holy Knights.


Vampires have humanoid appearances, but are characterized with a pair of fangs and most likely a pale completion.


Vampire Clan
Ganne Gelda Izraf
Orlondi the Rose
Mod Orlondi Ren

Powers and Abilities

The vampires are known to be a very powerful race. They share the same ability of converting humans into vampires by biting them and sucking their blood in the process.

  • Blood Draining/Possession: The ability to drain blood from their victims not only allow them to feed them, but turning them into their own undead slave.
  • Longevity: Like most races beside humans, the Vampire have a long life span, likely up to thousands of years. or around the same life spand of the demon clan which is 1000 years


  • They served as allies of the Demon Clan in the ancient war but are not considered demons themselves.


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