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  • I live in in the realm of the dead.
  • I was born on December 21
  • My occupation is smiling sadistically while humans cry in pain.
  • I am a very horrifying existence.
  • Natsu11

    I wrote a huge wall of text like 2 hours ago only for all of my writing to be destroyed by me switching off my laptop accidentally and I needed two hours to cool down. So this is the second time I'm doing this. Here I go.

    Um, I finished reading the 29th chapter just this morning, and it gave me a lot of things to think and speculate about. So I thought that I'll write a blog just for fun and for killing time. Mm, first of all, we come to know that the Holy Knights' coup d'etat wasn't fueled by antagonistic intentions, for lack of a better word. The king wants to avoid the "Holy War" which has apparently been been predicted to soon occur; he seems to be a typical peace-loving, war-disliking and just king. The knights' justifying of their sla…

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  • Natsu11

    My to-do list here...

    April 22, 2013 by Natsu11

    So I gotta:

    • Take care of:
      • Uncreated categories
      • Uncategorised categories, pages, templates and images.
      • Unused categories, and images.
      • Other maintenance report special pages.
    • Improve the fights and events.
    • Improve the articles of groups.
    • Remove the on pages.
    • Last priority is, improving other pages and adding plot of latest chaps.

    The maintenance stuff above are pretty important, though they make look like they're just stupid and idiotic stuff. A lot of stuff in this wiki's not organised properly, so we've gotta work on that.

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