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  • Lelouch Di Britannia

    Many things in this chapter!

    Ah, so Diane is useless..memory lost caused her to turn once again, cannot attack on Meliodas huh. Gilthunder and Hauser to the rescue!

    Please don't tell me Diane's gonna fall for Hauser while her memories of King are gone though. That'd be awful. Lol at Hauser guts posing at Diane forgetting King XD

    Hawk was awesome this chapter tbh. Transporkation is the single greatest thing I have seen this year so far. Hawk's ability is really what we expected lol This is quite the Literal Case of..."YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT" Ain't it?...until he poops it out LMAO "As soon as I drop the kids off at the pool". I died xD

    Well that enormous creature was certainly quite a sight. Bigger than Diane :O I wonder if Hawk can eat away the E…

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