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Lame Meliodas Enters The Stage
English | Japanese

Uno Gaiden Chapter1

Kanji/Kana 見参! ださっ子メリオダス
Rōmaji Kenzan! Dasa-kko Meriodasu
Volume Illustration Collection: Nanairo no Tsumi
WSM Issue 20-2014
Pages 4
Story Arc
Release Date April 16, 2014
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Lame Meliodas Enters The Stage見参! ださっ子メリオダス Kenzan! Dasa-kko Meriodasu」 is the 1st chapter of the side story series, featuring the crossover between Nanatsu no Taizai and Uno.


Upon entry to the Boar Hat Gakuen, Meliodas plans to spend his three years being popular with girls. However, his lame messy hairdo causes girls to stay away from him. He soon encounters Elizabeth, the cutest girl in the class, who offers him the Uno's Fog Bar which alters his hairstyle. Immediately, the girls are attracted to him, asking what he plans to do after school. He childishly proposes to play tag, causing the rest of the girls to leave in disgust.

Character(s) in order of appearance



  • The chapter was also published in the 20-2014 Issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine along with Side Story 2.


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