• Hi there!

    I'm Joker, one of the Re:Monster Wiki admins. The reason of this message is to propose to set our respective wikis on each others' Affiliated Wikis List.

    We're a WIP wiki, trying to set the foundation of an active staff and community and think that the references to each other may help us both to grow even more!

    Hope we can get along together ^^

    C ya 'round!

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    • I'm sorry, I haven't been active on the wikia for quite a while and I haven't seen your message until now. I see you haven't contacted anyone else or no other admins replied here. So, if you are still interested, we can get affiliated.

      Again, sorry for the extremely late reply...

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    • Yo~!

      Fret not, we had a huge overhaul on our site for a while so our hands were full ^^

      Yeah, as I said, becoming affiliated sites is somehting that may benefit both of us.

      By the time you read this message this site will already be at our affiliated list.

      C ya 'round! ^^

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    • Thanks.

      Okay, I have added your wordmark too.

      Good luck with your wiki :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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