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    Hey. I finally decided to translate this manga. And I pointed you in a credit. Do you still have 2 and 3 raw chapters?
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    • Hi, yes I have them, but still haven't scanned them (as no one was interested in the series). I can scan the rest, but it will take me some time (maybe a week or two).

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    • It would be just wonderful! As the chapter is ready I will share it with you! Language of translation, unfortunately, Russian.

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    • Hi, sorry for the late reply. I became quite inactive around Wikia and end up forgetting about Kami Chigiri. Around the late we spoke I have scanned the 2nd chapter, planned to scanning the 3rd and sharing both, but got busy, then lazy, changed jobs and eventually forgot about it.

      Here is 2nd chapter in case you still need it -

      I can scan the 3rd too if you are still interested.

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