Tarmielタルミエル」 is one of the Four Archangels of the Goddess Clan. He is one of the commanders of Stigma, alongside Ludoshel and Sariel.


Tarmiel is a tall, muscular man that has three heads and six small pairs of angelic wings protruding from his back. He wears a toga with robes adorned on his body and had a symbol of the Goddess Clan.


Tarmiel is very confident in his abilities, stating that he would defeat the Ten Commandments within ten seconds in his bet with Sariel who bets within five minutes.

He speaks in a polite, yet mocking manner, and seems to like toying with his opponents. Unsurprisingly, he also looks down on the Demon Clan.

He has also been shown to have a kinder side as well. When Elizabeth explained her wish to coexist with the Demon Clan, Tarmiel was willing to go against Ludoshel's orders and aid her in returning Derieri and Monspeet to their original forms.


3,000 years agoEdit

Tarmiel appeared 3,000 years ago during the Holy War. After Ludoshel's plan to bait out the Ten Commandments was a success, he arrived along with Sariel and declared their intentions of wiping out the Demon Clan members present.

Betting ten seconds with his fellow Archangel, Tarmiel combined his Ark together with Sariel's own that decimated the entire Demon army sans the five Commandments who managed to survive.

He then engaged in combat against an enraged Derieri who used 54 blows of her Combo Star and was seemingly battered to near pulp before revealing to be completely unharmed. Then the Archangel gets sliced in half by Galand who joined the fray and recovered once again, as he felt amused of their attempts to kill him.

As the two Commandments were about to strike together, Tamriel readies himself for a counterattack.


Current arcEdit

Tarmiel appears again manifestating himself from within Arbus' staff, taking over his body in the process, and go to Liones along with Ludoshel and Sariel in order to form an alliance between the Goddess Clan, the Sins, and the Holy Knights of Liones.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

As one of the Four Archangels, Tarmiel is extremely powerful. Like all members of the Goddess Clan, he has a pair of wings that grants him the ability of flight. He was confident that he could eliminate the Ten Commandments within ten seconds.[1]

Tarmiel possesses immense levels of endurance and regeneration, as he was able to take 54 of Derieri's Combo Star hits only to be unfazed by her assault, as well as survive being cut in half by Galand like nothing happened to him at all and continued fighting both Commandments at once.[2] His other two heads are also capable of using Ark, making flanking maneuvers almost completely useless against him.[3]


Main article: Ark
  • Ark聖櫃 (アーク)  Seiki (Āku); literally meaning "Holy Chest"」: An archetypal magic technique of the Goddess Clan that counteracts darkness by disintegrating it with light particles. The target is enveloped in a dazzling sphere of light that breaks apart their body.


Main article: Ocean

Tarmiel has been bestowed a grace by the Supreme Deity known as Ocean (たい) (かい)  Taikai」.[4]


3,000 years agoEdit


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