The Supreme Deity最高神」 is the ruler of the Goddess Clan and mother of the original Elizabeth.


She is a tall woman roughly equal to a giant in stature. She has long hair and ten wings in total. She wears a white dress with a cross symbol in the middle. She also wears some type of gauntlet on her hands. She has a halo and her face seems to be obscured by a bright light.


Like the Demon King, the Supreme Deity has no empathy for any of her subjects that goes against the laws of her clan and thus is fully willing to punish any of them should they do so which includes her own daughter.


3,000 years agoEdit

During the last few days of the Ancient War, she and the Demon King having lost their patience in their anger and having had enough of their children's repeated defiance of the laws of their clan worked together and fought against Meliodas and Elizabeth, effortlessly killing them and cursing them for eternity.[1] The Supreme Deity cursed her daughter Elizabeth with perpetual reincarnation as her punishment.


Abilities and EquipmentEdit

As a Goddess, the Supreme Deity possesses wings for flight with she having the most amount of pairs. As their ruler, she is the most powerful Goddess with having ten wings that further indicates her strength above all other Goddesses. According to Meliodas, she's equally as powerful as the Demon King himself as only one who has power equivalent to either of them can lift his curse.

The Supreme Deity seems to be proficient in the use of curses and blessings like the Demon King as she created a unique curse of which lasted for three thousand years on Elizabeth with no known way of breaking it without her level of power. She can bless someone with protection to dark curses and Commandments, as she did with Merlin. Along with the Demon King she created a fog of death with fire and lightning capable of killing all the inhabitants of Belialuin.


  • Perpetual Reincarnation: This technique allows the user to cause the victim to reincarnate when they die forgetting everything they did in their past lives. If used on a Goddess it causes them to reincarnate as a human rather than a Goddess; however, the victim retains some of their original power. If the victim is given enough information regarding their true identity, the Goddess symbol will appear in both their eyes and fragments of their memories will slowly come back. Once all their memories are restored the victim will unavoidably die in three days in some way. The only known victim is the Goddess Elizabeth.[2]


Elizabeth (Goddess)Edit

Elizabeth is the daughter of the Supreme Deity, but after Elizabeth defected and sided with Meliodas, the Deity was furious. She killed and cursed her daughter as a punishment for her actions.

Demon King Edit

Despite being mutual enemies from opposing clans, the Supreme Deity teamed up with the Demon King to punish their children during the Holy War for their continued defiance to the laws of their respective clans.

Merlin Edit

At some point 3000 years ago the Supreme Deity found out about Merlin's Infinity ability and wanted it for the Goddess Clan. However, after she blessed Merlin and she betrayed her, the Supreme Deity got angry and tried to kill Merlin and the rest of her people by covering Belialuin with a fog of death with fire and lightning. But Merlin easily escaped with the gifts she had received.


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