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Nanatsu no Taizai has been divided into individual story arcs for convenience. Please note that these divisions and their names are mostly fan-made and in no way official.

Holy Knight Saga

Introduction arc

Introduction arc
Elizabeth Liones, the Third Princess of the Liones Kingdom, escapes from the traitorous Holy Knights to track down the notorious criminal organization, the "Seven Deadly Sins", in order to save the Kingdom. In her search she encounters a strange tavern, the Boar Hat. The owner is a small boy named Meliodas, who is accompanied by a talking pig. The Kingdom's knights soon catch scent of Elizabeth's plot and attempt to capture her. During the struggle she is saved by Meliodas, who reveals himself to be the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins. With one Sin found, the pair travel to Bernia to find information that could help locate the others, and their mission to reunite the Seven Deadly Sins begins.
Manga Anime
Volumes: 1
Number of Chapters: 3
Volumes: 1
Number of Episodes: 2
  • 001. The Seven Deadly Sins
  • 002. The Holy Knight's Sword
  • 003. What One Must Do
  • 001. The Seven Deadly Sins
  • 002. Sword of The Holy Knight

Forest of White Dreams arc

Forest of White Dreams arc
Hearing from a customer in Bernia that the Holy Knights go out of their way to avoid the Forest of White Dreams, Meliodas deduces that a Sin must be hiding out in the forest. In the forest they encounter a sleeping giant, revealed to be the Serpent's Sin of Envy, Diane. Having reunited with Diane, the group encounters the Holy Knight, Gilthunder. Meliodas engages Gilthunder in combat and obtains from him the locations of two of the Sins, but is wounded during the battle.
Manga Anime
Volumes: 1-2
Number of Chapters: 4
Volumes: 1
Number of Episodes: 1
  • 004. The Sin in the Sleeping Forest
  • 005. Dark Memories
  • 006. The Holy Knight Gilthunder
  • 007. Dark Prisoner
  • 003. The Sin of the Sleeping Forest

Baste Dungeon arc

Baste Dungeon arc
Using the information they obtained from Gilthunder, the group heads to Baste Dungeon where Ban, the Fox's Sin of Greed, is being held prisoner by a group of Holy Knights called the "Weird Fangs". While travelling, Meliodas succumbs to his injuries, forcing the group to stop in Dalmary and wait for his recovery. The Weird Fangs use this time to strike at the Sins and Diane makes her way to Baste Dungeon to combat the threat. When Ban hears of Meliodas' return, he effortlessly manages his own escape and the Sins engage in a battle with the Holy Knights. Meliodas' extraordinarily fast recovery reveals a dangerous side to the Dragon's Sin of Wrath.
Manga Anime
Volumes: 2-3
Number of Chapters: 9
Volumes: 2
Number of Episodes: 3
  • 008. A Girl's Dream
  • 009. No Touching
  • 010. An Unseen Malice
  • 011. Even If You Died
  • 012. A Chaotic Party
  • 013. Ready To Sacrifice
  • 014. Explosion
  • 015. Caught In the Reunion
  • 016. The Poem of Beginnings
  • 004. A Young Girl's Dream
  • 005. Even If You Were To Die
  • 006. Ballad of the Beginning

Capital of the Dead arc

Capital of the Dead arc
Having found three Sins, the group seek out King, The Grizzly's Sin of Sloth, who is said to be resting in the Capital of the Dead. The group soon encounter him, but the reunion doesn't go as planned. King is working with the Holy Knights in order to kill Ban, whom be blames for his sister's death. King and the others eventually make their way into the Capital of the Dead, where Ban is reunited with King's sister, Elaine. The Holy Knight, Guila, uses this opportunity to engage the Sins in combat, and they are quickly overwhelmed by her strength. While the Sins defend against Guila, King learns that Ban's connection to Elaine is more profound than he understands.
Manga Anime
Volumes: 3-4
Number of Chapters: 10
Volumes: 3
Number of Episodes: 2.5
  • 017. Storm's Brewing
  • 018. A Touching Reunion
  • 019. The Sin of Greed
  • 020. Two Paths
  • 021. Revenge Knight
  • 022. A Pursuer to Fear
  • 023. Someday, I Swear
  • 024. The Pursued Legends
  • 025. Four-On-One, If It's All Right
  • 026. Farewell to the Deceased
  • 007. Touching Reunion
  • 008. Dreadful Pursuer
  • 009. Dark Pulse (approx. first half)

Vaizel Fight Festival arc

Vaizel Fight Festival arc
While the Holy Knights gather in Liones to prepare for the prophesied Holy War, the Sins seek information on the whereabouts of their remaining allies and the locations of their sacred treasures. In their search they encounter one of Elizabeth's sisters, who, with the help of her bodyguard, attempt to kidnap Elizabeth. Swiftly rescued by Meliodas, they escape to Vaizel, where the Sins regroup following information that could lead them to a sacred treasure. While there, they participate in an annual fighting festival and discover the prize is Diane's "Gideon". As the festival reaches its conclusion, Meliodas is reunited with an old comrade, but before the final match can begin, the festival is halted by the arrival of three Holy Knights who launch an assault on the town. As the Sins fight off the "Reactors"; King is unsettled after Guila's master reveals his identity, and the mystery behind Meliodas deepens. In the capital, the mastermind behind the attack schemes a sinister plot behind the back of his counterpart.
Manga Anime
Volumes: 4-7
Number of Chapters: 24
Volumes: 3-5
Number of Episodes: 4.5
  • 027. Cruel Rain
  • 028. A Dangerous Man
  • 029. Dark Pulse
  • 030. Gather, You Festival Bastards!
  • 031. The Vaizel Fighting Festival
  • 032. The Lineup of Strong Men
  • 033. Signs of a Great Chaos
  • 034. Meliodaf vs. Bain
  • 035. Robbed Meliodas
  • 036. That Blinking Moment
  • 037. Approaching Chance Encounter
  • 038. Chance & Necessity
  • 039. A Longstanding Grudge
  • 040. Vaizel's Fighting Festival Finals
  • 041. Hair-Raising Canon
  • 042. Demon Reactor
  • 043. A Dangerous Bet
  • 044. Countdown to Despair
  • 045. Carnival of Atrocity
  • 046. Because We're Sisters
  • 047. Apostle of Destruction
  • 048. Happy Annihilation
  • 049. Unavoidable Retreat
  • 050. After the Festival
  • 009. Dark Pulse (approx. second half)
  • 010. Vaizel Fight Festival
  • 011. Sentiment of Many Years
  • 012. Terrifying Cannon
  • 013. Disciple of Destruction

Armor Giant arc

Armor Giant arc
Moving past the destruction of Vaizel and the loss of Meliodas' sword, the Sins find themselves following a rumor to the tranquil village of Ordan. Meanwhile, in the capital, the Holy Knights report that a mysterious "Armor Giant" has been located in the mountains surrounding Ordan. Helbram orders the infamous Holy Knight group "Dawn Roar" to dispose of the giant, and they leave immediately to carry out their mission. The two groups soon clash and engage in battle over the giant they believe to be the Goat's Sin of Lust, Gowther. However, when the real Gowther reveals himself amid the fighting, the Sins learn that the Holy Knights may be the least of their worries.
Manga Anime
Volumes: 7-8
Number of Chapters: 9
Volumes: 5
Number of Episodes: 2
  • 051. In the Depths of the Heart
  • 052. The Truth Behind the Rumors
  • 053. The Armor Giant vs. The Roars of Dawn
  • 054. The Man Who Didn't Move
  • 055. That Man, and His Heartlessness
  • 056. Unholy Knight
  • 057. The Scene of a Far-Off Day
  • 058. Assumed Readiness
  • 059. The Unreadable Man
  • 014. The Reader
  • 015. Unholy Knight

Kingdom Infiltration arc

Kingdom Infiltration arc
With the fifth Sin found, Meliodas rallies the group together in order to retrieve his stolen sword. Though initially weary, the Sins are forced to act after Elizabeth is captured by an enigmatic, masked woman in connection with the Holy Knights. Spirited away and left to brood in a dungeon cell, Elizabeth is reunited with her elder sister. The Sins, wasting no time, infiltrate the kingdom and begin a number of skirmishes with the Holy Knights. Meanwhile, a king from the south and his mysterious robed master ask for an audience with the king. The fairy king bids a final farewell to his estranged friend as the two take to the skies and settle a centuries old conflict. Ban searches for the Horn of Cernunnos and makes contact with the Goddesses, but discovers their bargain comes at great cost. As the fighting rages on, Hendrickson makes his final move to open the Coffin of Eternal Darkness and resurrect the demon clan.
Manga Anime
Volumes: 8-13
Number of Chapters: 41
Volumes: 6-9
Number of Episodes: 9
  • 060. A Creeping Chaos
  • 061. The Legends Get Stirred Up
  • 062. The Devil Won't Stop
  • 063. Arthur Pendragon
  • 064. Strategy To Invade The Kingdom
  • 065. Inescapable Collision
  • 066. First Sacrifice
  • 067. Crack
  • 068. Overwhelming Gap In Fighting Strength
  • 069. There's A First Time For Everything
  • 070. The Hellfire Captain of the Holy Knights
  • 071. What Lies In The Shadows
  • 072. The Man That Was Too Late
  • 073. If it Kills Me
  • 074. Fulfilled Promise
  • 075. The Reason to be King
  • 076. The Princesses' Feelings
  • 077. Feelings Toward Her
  • 078. In Exchange For My Life
  • 079. Once More
  • 080. A Dramatic Surge of Reversal
  • 081. Meliodas' Strike
  • 082. The Incantation of Bravery
  • 083. Blazing Boar
  • 084. The Matter is Settled
  • 085. The Party Begins
  • 086. The Threat Now Closing In
  • 087. Wrath & Greed
  • 088. Hell on Earth
  • 089. Earnest Hope
  • 090. What I Can Do For You
  • 091. A Loathsome Existence
  • 092. The Final Decisive Battle Begins
  • 093. Red & Ashes
  • 094. The Advent of Despair
  • 095. Defeated Hope
  • 096. Hawk
  • 097. Elizabeth
  • 098. Prayer
  • 099. Resolution
  • 100. The Heroes
  • 016. Incited Legends
  • 017. First Casualty
  • 018. Even If I Have to Give Up My Life for It
  • 019. The Fairy King Who Never Came
  • 020. Courage Charm
  • 021. Imminent Threat
  • 022. What I Can Do For You
  • 023. Decent Into Despair
  • 024. Heroes

Ten Commandments Saga

Post-Kingdom Infiltration arc

Post-Kingdom Infiltration arc
Peace returns to Liones with the defeat of Hendrickson, but the threat of holy war still lingers over Britannia. As the people celebrate their victory and rebuild their capitol, Ban departs from the Sins. Accompanied by King and Jericho, he journeys to the Fairy King's Forest in order to find a way to resurrect his lost love, and King's sister, Elaine. Back in Liones, King Bartra warns the Sins that he has seen a vision of great calamity to the south, in the fledgling kingdom of Camelot.
Manga Anime
Volumes: 13-14
Number of Chapters: 7
  • 101. The Power of Love
  • 102. Premonition of Parting
  • 103. A New Journey
  • 104. The Fairy King's Return
  • 105. The Nobody
  • 106. Balor's Magical Eye
  • 107. Seek the Truth

Albion arc

Albion arc
Manga Anime
Volumes: 14-15
Number of Chapters: 14
  • 108. Gentle Awakening
  • 109. Earthquake
  • 110. Confession
  • 111. The Man Has His Say
  • 112. Existence & Proof
  • 113. Revelation
  • 114. The Lost Heroes
  • 115. Nightmare Take Two
  • 116. The Sacred Treasure Lostvayne
  • 117. The Two Fairy Kings
  • 118. Clash!! The Fairy King's Forest
  • 119. The Ten Commandments on the Move
  • 120. Overwhelming Violence
  • 121. Unpredictable

Istar arc

Istar arc
Manga Anime
Volumes: 16-18
Number of Chapters: 16
  • 122. The Demon Clan Advances
  • 123. The Great Holy Knight Atones For His Sins
  • 124. What the Friends Brought About
  • 125. The Ten Commandments!!
  • 126. The Place Where Memories Aim For
  • 127. A Reunion With Despair
  • 128. Their Presence, Outrageous
  • 129. The Druids' Holy Land
  • 130. The Pain of Being Softly Pierced
  • 131. A Promise To A Loved One
  • 132. What We Lacked
  • 133. Impatience & Anxiety
  • 134. To You, Who is No Longer Captain
  • 135. A Little Greeting
  • 136. Spreading Fear
  • 137. Between You & Me

Ravens arc

Ravens arc
Manga Anime
Volumes: 18-19
Number of Chapters: 13
  • 138. A Fight with Darkness
  • 139. Tell Me About the Past
  • 140. The Thief & The Boy
  • 141. Father & Son
  • 142. Where Love is Found
  • 143. The Saint's Shriek
  • 144. The Man Walks the Way of Greed
  • 145. Beautiful Soul
  • 146. Farewell, My Beloved Bandit
  • 147. Death Chase
  • 148. Galan's Game
  • 149. Galan's Magic
  • 150. Master of the Sun

Great Fight Festival arc

Great Fight Festival arc
Manga Anime
Volumes: 19-22
Number of Chapters: 27
  • 151. The Stage Awaits Us
  • 152. Drawn by the Candlelight
  • 153. A Bloodcurdling Confession
  • 154. The Devil Smiles
  • 155. Labyrinth of Death Traps
  • 156. Labyrinth Exploration Contest
  • 157. The Challengers' Chaotic Dance
  • 158. Heroes of Revelry
  • 159. No Need for Words
  • 160. Go!! Break Through
  • 161. Those of Legend
  • 162. Who Will Be the Fated Team!?
  • 163. The Princess and the Holy Maiden
  • 164. Those Who Will Never Surrender
  • 165. Incongruous Lovers
  • 166. What Buds There
  • 167. What's Precious Within You
  • 168. The Ten Commandments Extermination Plan
  • 169. The Legendary Weakest Holy Knight
  • 170. For Whom That Light Shines
  • 171. The Time Has Come
  • 172. To You, Who Were Once My Friends
  • 173. Darkness Descends
  • 174. Meliodas vs. The Ten Commandments
  • 175. To My Beloved Meliodas
  • 176. The Darkness Speaks
  • 177. What I Can Do For You

Defensive Battle for Liones arc

Defensive Battle for Liones arc
Manga Anime
Volumes: 22-24
Number of Chapters: 19
  • 178. Britannia in Darkness
  • 179. Have Hope
  • 180. The Wandering Knight
  • 181. Holy Knight Zaratras
  • 182. Certain Warmth
  • 183. Danger Zone
  • 184. Mega Clash!!
  • 185. Pride vs. Love
  • 186. Defensive War in Liones
  • 187. Die, All You Wicked
  • 188. Return of the Sin
  • 189. The Hero Rises!!
  • 190. Demon Party
  • 191. Insatiable Woman
  • 192. Hendrickson vs. Fraudrin
  • 193. The Determined Great Holy Knight
  • 194. Cruel Hope
  • 195. Liones' Defensive Battle Comes to an End!
  • 196. So Long As You're Here

Current arc

Current arc
Manga Anime
Volumes: 24-
Number of Chapters: 16 (Ongoing)
  • 197. To Each His Own Answer
  • 198. The Giant & The Fairy
  • 199. Those Without Light
  • 200. Memories of the Holy War
  • 201. Those Who Fight in Arms
  • 202. Players in the Holy War
  • 203. Ludoshel's Plan
  • 204. Let There Be Light
  • 205. The Ten Commandments vs. The Four Archangels
  • 206. Wild Beasts Howl
  • 207. Creature of Destruction Indura
  • 208. Elizabeth vs. Indura
  • 209. Explain These Feelings to Me
  • 210. Emotion Maelstrom
  • 211. A Farewell Message
  • 212. The Puppet Asks For Love

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