Solaseedソラシド Sorashido」 is a troubadour who joined the Great Fight Festival for an unknown purpose.


Solaseed appears to be very short young man who wears a cap, coats, and carry around a guitar with him.



Great Fight Festival arcEdit

After accepting the invitation to the Great Fight Festival at Vaizel, Solaseed entered the labyrinth where he later sat on top of the highest wall and sang a song with his guitar at the carnage and massacre of many participants by the mercy of the Earth Crawlers.

Current arcEdit

Solaseed possessed by Sariel

Solaseed under Sariel's possession

At present, possessed by Sariel of The Four Archangels, he appears to help the Holy Knights fight against the demons.[1]

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Solaseed's equipment consists of a lute that he is always carrying with him. One of the Four Archangels of the Goddess Clan, Sariel, rests inside.



  • Solaseed's guitar appears as one of the relics that Meliodas mentions when talking about the Goddess Clan residing within objects in an omake in Volume 24, hinting that there could be a Goddess residing within it.


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