The Dark Dream Begins黒き夢の始まり Kuroki Yume no Hajimari」 is the 1st episode of the Signs of Holy War arc and was first broadcasted on August 28, 2016.



Elizabeth Liones goes to the Boar Hat, where all her friends are still asleep following the festival. After Elizabeth is greeted by Hawk outside, Meliodas introduces her to a meat pie made with vegetables that looks like Hawk, but it turns out to be unfit for human consumption. Meliodas has the idea of using pork as the main ingredient, which causes Hawk to make haste out of the bar. Meliodas comes up with a contest for his friends, in which he will obey any order for a day from whoever catches Hawk first. However, Hawk manages to outsmart them due to his small size. Hawk returns to the Boar Hat and eats food scraps made by Ban, who is declared the winner as a result.

At night, Meliodas takes Elizabeth back to the palace while also assuring that his purpose in life is to protect her. Meliodas then goes to the catacombs to see the Horn of Cernunnos. When the goddess vessel taunts him for his reputation as a demon, Meliodas destroys the Horn of Cernunnos in retaliation.

Meanwhile, in another location, a shepard boy sees a winged arm flying through the air and runs to tell his father of it. As he runs into his house, he trips and falls, shouting of the arm. As he goes to stand, a person who looks like Dreyfus appears behind him and asks him to tell that story in more detail.

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