Before her imprisonment in Baste Dungeon, Sennett was given this dagger for self-protection by her father.[1]


The dagger has a black colored grip that is curved at the end, and a similarly colored guard, that is engraved with the five symbols of a hawthorn, Tarbas' signature trait. The blade is curved, and is decorated at the base.


Forged by Tarbas, the master weapon-smith, the dagger was given to Sennett by her father for self-protection and as her mother's memento, before her being imprisoned in the Baste Dungeon, and Ban taking it after discovering her in the dungeon.[2] It is, however, later returned to the young lady by Meliodas.[3]


According to Ban, the dagger is of a very fine quality, its weight and sharpness being very good, and its decorations, minimized, to prevent them from interfering with the weapon's use.[4]



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