Kanji/Kana ロウ
Biological Description
Age n/a (deceased)
Race Human
Gender Male Malesymbol
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Blonde
Blood Type
Occupation Member of Stigma (former)
Affiliation Humans
Stigma (former)
Equipment Shortsword
Sacred Treasure
Symbol of Beast
Manga Debut Chapter 202
Anime Debut
Voiced by
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Rouロウ」 was one of the humans fighting in the Holy War 3,000 years ago.


Rou looks identical to Ban, except with a neater haircut and a fringe that reaches his right eye. He wears a dark tank top and elbowguards with spotted, light colored pants and sandals. He wears the sheath of his sword on a belt that cuts diagonally across his waist.



Early Childhood Edit

Rou like many of his human compatriots used to live happily in a humble village, he'd regularly train in the mountains to hone his hunting and fighting skills.

But one day while he was away his home was attacked and burned to the ground by the Goddess Clan's sponsored strike force Stigma.

Everything and everyone he ever cared about was taken from him. Even a village girl whom he'd fallen for, would regularly defend and protect from bullies had been killed in an attack. The only reason he could surmise was because he and his neighbors helped one kindly demon when he was passed out on the road.[1]

Since then he'd sworn revenge on them and would train profusely in order to infiltrate their ranks to destroy them all. Him and the few friends he had left, who were also survivors of the stigma attack, would team up with the Demon Clan to accomplish this.

3,000 years agoEdit

King and Diane saw Rou when they are fighting against Calmadios.[2] Rou is seen again talking to Meliodas and they become friends, even though Rou knows that Meliodas is a demon.[3]

When the demon army approaches the Fairy King's Forest, he took the task to defend the forest while Meliodas, King/Gloxinia and Diane/Drole decide to go meeting the Ten Commandments and talk to them.

During the stay, Rou interacted with Gerheade as they made a bond together.

After Elizabeth had defeated the Indura and Nerobasta informed everyone of the two Commandments' presence, he attacked a giant and a fairy outside the Light of Grace while his comrades dealt with the guards and threatened everyone to stay outside while Gowther and Melascula were corrupting the gate of light. He also said the he wasn't working with the Ten Commandments, only that their goals aligned, to wipe out all the members of Stigma.

This led to an all-out bloody fighting between the humans and the other races within the Fairy King's Forest as many combatants were killed in the ensuing chaos with Rou cutting down as many Stigma members while Gerheade watches helplessly in grief of the betrayal.

Soon after the battle ends, when Gloxinia returns and sees Gerheade seemingly dead in Rou's arms, he brutally kills him, with no resistance from the latter.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Not much is currently known about Rou, or his skills as a warrior. As a participant in the Holy War that happened 3,000 years ago, it can be heavily assumed that Rou was one of the few humans who were skilled enough to fight alongside the other races, as well as being strong enough to fight against members of the Demon Clan alongside skilled fighters like Meliodas, Gloxinia, and Drole.

But it is shown that he was able to keep up and defeat many Fairies, Giants and even Goddesses even at his wounded and exhausted state.


Shortsword: Rou has been shown using a shortsword in combat, and is quite skilled at using it, being able to injure a fellow Stigma member with it without the latter being able to respond to his movements.


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