The Ravens arc is the eleventh arc in the series, starting from the 138th chapter and ended on the 150th.


Fights and EventsEdit


Story ImpactEdit

  • Fraudrin is taken down by three members of the Pleiades of the Azure Sky in the presence of Grayroad.
  • Ban and Jericho arrive at Ravens where they meet a werefox. The werefox reveals himself to be Zhivago, Ban's mentor, who later dies.
  • Melascula resurrects the souls of the dead including Elaine due to having regrets.
  • King leaves Meliodas' group.
  • Ban fights Galand and Melascula, who reveals to be the commandment of Faith in which she burns the eyes of those who lost faith in something.
  • Galand attempts to eat Ban's soul, however, Zhivago's soul intervenes and he manages to escape .
  • Ban's group meets Escanor who runs a bar in a cave.
  • Later in the day, Escanor takes down Galand and Melascula without much effort.
  • Escanor asks Ban and the orders to help him with a delivery along with King who arrived all of sudden.
  • Diane is with Matrona and her step-family.