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Orlondi the Rose
Kanji/Kana オルロンディ
Rōmaji Orurondi
Alias Orlondi the Rose (荊棘のオルロンディ, Bara no Orurondi)
Biological Description
Age 250 (deceased)
Birthday January 1
Race Vampire
Gender Male Malesymbol
Height 153cm (5'0")
Weight 48kg (106 Ibs)
Eye Color n/a
Hair Color n/a
Blood Type AB
Relationships n/a
Occupation Royalty of the Vampire Clan
Affiliation Vampire Clan
Abilities Blood Draining
Equipment n/a
Sacred Treasure
Symbol of Beast
Manga Debut Vampires of Edinburgh
Anime Debut
Voiced by
Image Gallery

Orlondiオルロンディ」 is a vampire and royal member of the Vampire Clan. He served the Vampire King twelve years ago, during the time their clan controlled the Kingdom of Edinburgh.


Orlondi resembles a small child but has a devil's tail, and is dressed in a regal attire.


Like other members of the Vampire Clan, Orlondi adopts a sadistic personality, taking pleasure in sucking the blood of other people and kill them if their blood taste disgusting to him. He's also willing to kill anyone who stands in his way interfering with his blood sucking spree even his fellow kin.


12 years ago

After taking over Edinburgh Castle and turning all of its population and Holy Knights into vampires or massacred them, Orlondi stood by along with his fellow members of the Vampire Clan and noticed the presence of Ban of the Seven Deadly Sins venturing alone into the castle.

Witnessing the Fox's Sin of Greed easily kill off the Edinburgh vampiric Holy Knights, Orlondi volunteers to deal with them and dragged the immortal into the castle just after the former finished off the last vampiric Holy Knight. Introducing himself, Orlondi made several holes on Ban's armor and drained his blood to drink it to which the vampire finds it so good. However, Orlondi soon grew furious at Ban for drinking alcohol, as it ruin the blood, but this end when Orlondi started to be overeat as Ban blood keep regrowing and soon exploded when Ban punch Orlondi. However, only Orlodi eye ball survived, but taken in by Merlin for further testing.

Abilities and Equipment

Like any Vampires, Orlondi has blood draining abilities and vampiric regeneration.

Power Level

Total Magic Strength Spirit


Vampires of Edinburgh



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