Heroes Fun Time -Extra Stories Compilation-英雄たちの戯れ -番外編集- Eiyū-tachi no Tawamure -Bangai-henshū-」 is the 2nd OVA of The Seven Deadly Sins series. It was bundled along with the limited edition of Volume 16 of the Manga and was first released on August 12, 2015.



  • Nothing is Wasted無駄なものなんて何一つ
  • Teach Me Captain!教えて、団長!
  • Case of the Captain of the Leftover Disposal Knights残飯処理騎士団団長の事件簿
  • Diane and Banディアンヌとバン
  • Don't Cry My Friend泣くな、友よ
  • Gilthunder's Truthギルサンダーの真実
  • If the Results are Good, Everything's OK結果良ければ全て良し
  • Lies and Truth嘘と誠
  • Partner相棒

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