{{Infobox Character |image = File: Nadja Liones.png |kanji = ナージャ・リオネス |rōmaji = Nāja Rionesu |alias = |age = 16[1] (deceased) |birth = |race = Human |gender = Female |height = |weight = |eye = |hair = |family = Gowther (lover)
Elizabeth (adopted niece}
Veronica (niece)
Margaret (niece)
Bartra (younger brother)
Caroline (sister in law)[2]
Denzel (younger brother) † )
Nadja Lionesナージャ・リオネス」 was a princess of the Kingdom of Liones, daughter to the tenth king and the older sister of Bartra and Denzel Liones.[3]


Nadja is a young girl with short hair that stops above her shoulders. She wears a full length dress with long sleeves and a decorative collar with a brooch and earrings.


Nadja is a kind girl who loves to read her favorite books being adventure stories, this could be because her body is frail and so she has never been outside of the castle walls. She is also very caring and accepting, this is shown when she brings Gowther a present. She also still accepts him and cares for him, even after finding out he is a doll.[3]


Nadja is the sister of Bartra and Denzel Liones and the princess of the kingdom of Liones.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit


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