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Minimum Tablets
Minimum Tablets
 Kanji/Kana ミニマム・タブレット
 Rōmaji Minimamu Taburetto
 Also Known As
 Classification Pill
 User(s) Diane
 Creator Merlin
 Origin Chicken-Matango
Media Debut
 Manga Chapter 102

Minimum Tablets is Merlin's magic item No. 172, which is a miracle pill made from the Chicken-Matango.


After Diane's clothes were torn apart during the battle against Hendrickson, Merlin offered her the pills so that Diane could shrink down and wear human clothes until her tattered clothes were remade.


Based on the spores released by the Chicken-Matango, the Minimum Tablet is capable of shrinking the size of the consumer. The effects of one single pill can endure up to seven hours.



  • Minimum Tablets happened to resemble a Japanese candy called Konpeito.


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