Meliodas vs. Hendrickson, Gilthunder & Vivian is a battle fought between Meliodas, captain of the Seven Deadly Sins and Hendrickson, Gilthunder, and Vivian of the Holy Knights.


During an intense battle between Meliodas and Gilthunder, destroying a large section of the area, Hendrickson stepped in the fight after dealing with Arthur Pendragon with relative ease. Vivian immediately left her post guarding Elizabeth in the king's chambers to join the battle on Hendrickson's orders.


As the battle rage on, Gilthunder had slice Meliodas sword sheath in half and Hendrickson went behind Meliodas and sent the latter flying through a building. As Meliodas was in mid air, Gilthunder rush toward Meliodas and used Thunderbolt on Meliodas. Vivian used Power Amplify to increase Gilthunder power to damage Meliodas greatly. As the trio got together, Vivian amused that Meliodas is mortally wounded as he had not used Full Counter or his Demon powers, but Gilthunder sense that Meliodas power is increasing instead of decreasing. Hendrickson said that they have miscalculated and knew where the eerie premonition came from. Hendrickson found out that the reason for Meliodas not fighting back is because Meliodas is heightening his utmost power and senses to unleash a one decisive attack.

The Holy Knights used all of their power together to finish off Meliodas before he could unleash his attack. Hendrickson summon Hellblaze, Gilthunder used Sword of the Thunder Emperor, and Vivian use Quad-Element Destroyer as Meliodas summon his attack, Divine Slayer. However, Margaret came running toward the battlefield to stop Gilthunder from hurting his hero, Meliodas. However, Meliodas spot something close to Margaret and use his Divine Slayer to kill an invisible creature that was next to her. As Meliodas grin after destroying the creature, Vivian's attack hit Meliodas, heavily injuring him. Hendrickson rush to Meliodas to finish him off, Gilthunder appeared and cut off Hendrickson arm. Gilthunder smile and thanks Meliodas for setting him free from the spell as Meliodas smile.


As Gilthunder cut off Hendrickson arm, Hendrickson yelled out in anger for betraying him. However, Gilthunder pointed out that he was never on his side to begin with. As Hendrickson try to summon Hellblaze with his left arm, Gilthunder stop Hendrickson and sent him flying. Gilthunder ask Meliodas to leave it to him as it was waiting for this moment for a long time to have his revenge against his father's murderer. After the long battle, Gilthunder stab Hendrickson and unleash his full power of his Thunberbolt and defeated him. Then he reunites with Margaret and join Meliodas and company who came after the battle along with the other Holy Knights (Hauser, Guila, Jericho, and Dreyfus) to rescue Elizabeth and stop the Demon resurrection plan.