Induraインデュラ () 」 are the true nature of demons that possess seven hearts and a power level exceeding 50,000.[1]


Indura are varied in appearance, resembling monsters, chimeras or mutated animals.

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Despite their origin as a member of the Demon Clan, they are essentially wild creatures without the ability to reason, having exchanged that as well as their original form for power.[2]


In order to attain their Indura form, a demon makes a contract with the darkness, sacrificing six of their seven hearts as well as their ability to reason. The resulting beast possesses immense magical power and slowly turn into an ominous figure as time passes.

The Indura resulting from the Commandments who got the decrees bestowed upon them by the Demon King are called the Induras of Favor. Induras bearing other titles such as Ashes, Time, Resentment, Thunder, or Retribution are still roaming around the Demon Realm.[3]




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