Ice Fang氷牙 (アイスファング)  Hyōga (Aisu Fangu)」 is the power of the Holy Knight, Gustaf.[1]


Ice Fang is a power that allows for the creation and manipulation of ice. The user's body temperature drops when the power is activated and ice crystals form around them.[1][2]


  • Hail Bullet雹弾 (ヘイルバレット)  Hyōdan (Heiru Baretto)」: After performing a hand sign, numerous jagged icicles form around the user. The icicles are hailed upon the target to pierce and wound them.[1]
  • Killer Iceberg殺しの氷山 (キラー・アイスバーグ)  Koroshi no Hyōzan (Kirā Aisubāgu)」: Gustaf creates a number of large icebergs and launches them at the enemy in a devastating barrage.[2][3]
  • Blizzard Axel吹雪乱舞 (ブリザードアクセル)  Fubuki Ranbu (Burizādo Akuseru); literally meaning "Blizzard Wild Dance"」: A violent blizzard forms around the opponent and rips them apart with its destructive, icy winds. The technique takes a toll on Gustaf's body, and he was left weakened after using it while already severely wounded.[4]
  • Freezing Fieldフリージングフィールド Furījingu Fīrudo」: Gustaf is able to freeze everything within a certain radius.[5]



  • The "Blizzard Axel" technique is a reference to Nakaba's previous manga of the same name.


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