Mead making up with the villagers
Kanji/Kana 人間
Rōmaji Ningen
Additional Information
Primary Abilities
Ruler Various
Location Britannia

Humans are one of the five major races in the world of Nanatsu no Taizai.


Humans are the most populous race on the Island with many kingdoms and villages established.The Fairy Clan and Giant Clan are both mostly isolated in small pockets with little contact with other races. The Demon Clan was sealed away 3,000 years ago in the great war while the Goddess Clan lost most of their power and physical forms in that very same war. Other less prominent races, such as the Beastmen are scattered across the land but not particularly prominent anywhere due to human persecution. The void left from the decline of the other major races left much room for humans to spread and propagate, eventually coming to rule most of Britannia's territory.

Humanity is protected by the Holy Knights, the powerful guardians of Britannia.


For the most par humans in the setting are identical to humans in real-life. Though there are some with hair colors not found in the real world or unrealistic builds, as is common in manga.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Humans seem to be generally regarded as the weakest of all races, being by far the most short lived and most fragile. This fragility, however, can be circumvented by training and there are many humans who may awaken their own innate magical powers. These humans may be able to stand on par with those of others races, though these people are the exceptions to the rule.


  • Humans are by far the shortest lived and weakest of the five races.
  • Humans are the only race with no magical abilities. Holy Knights are an exception because they have trained themselves to control this power through their incredible strength.