Hellblaze獄炎 (ヘルブレイズ)  Gokuen (Herubureizu); literally meaning "Hellfire"」 is a demonic technique utilized by many members of the Demon Clan, as well as at least one human. It makes use of the Demon's signature Purgatory Fire煉獄の炎 Rengoku no Honoo」, an inextinguishable black flame.

The technique has also been referred to as Enchantment: Hellblaze付呪 (エンチャント) ・「獄炎 (ヘルブレイズ)  Fuju (Enchanto): Gokuen (Herubureizu)」.


Hellblaze is dark and mysterious power connected to the Demon Clan. It allows the user to generate and control black flames that cannot be extinguished. In addition to its immensely devastating power, the flames also nullify any regenerative abilities including that of an immortal. In battle Hellblaze can be imbued upon weapons to drastically increase their destructive potential, hurled as fireballs at an opponent or used in hand-to-hand combat.



  • Kami Chigiri (かみ) 千斬 (ちぎ)  Kami Chigiri; literally meaning "Divine Thousand Slashes"」: A powerful attack that requires Meliodas to heighten his power and senses to the utmost limit. Black flames engulf his sword as he leaps into the air. He then performs a powerful slash that hurls the flames in a single, ruinous attack.[6]


  • Hellblaze Wave波状の獄炎 (ヘルブレイズ・ウェーブ)  Hajō no Gokuen (Herubureizu Wēbu); literally meaning "Waveform Hellfire"」: Hendrickson points his sword towards the opponent and engulfs them in a wild, black inferno.[7]


  • Black Hound黒の猟犬 (ブラックハウンド)  Kuro no Ryōken (Burakku Haundo)」: Estarossa creates a large dog made of dark flames that incinerates anyone in its path. It can also create a giant barrier of flames to trap its targets in.[8]


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  • The only known person who was able to put out the flame was Merlin and later on Elizabeth Liones.
  • Hellblaze Wave was originally called Hellblaze Scream獄炎の怒号 (ヘルブレイズスクリーム)  Gokuen no Dogō (Herubureizu Sukurīmu); literally "Hellfire Bellow"」 in the magazine.


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