The Enchanted Armor was donned by Gowther, a member of the Seven Deadly Sins. It was revealed that Merlin was the one who created and gave the armor to Gowther several years ago.


Gowther's Enchanted Armor is full silver body armor with a helm featuring a pair of horns, but with one broken. He is most noticeable for his massive spiked metal shoulder plates. Its overall size is larger than an average human but is comparatively smaller than Giants.


Ten years ago, Gowther wore the armor during missions with his fellow Deadly Sins and never showed his true appearance not even removing his helm for once, giving Ban an impression that he was a huge old man. After the group dispersed and went into hiding, Gowther wandered into the Ordan's forest where he encountered a horribly mutated Dale, who killed and devoured animals. To prevent him from going out of control, he sealed Dale inside the armor.

Armor Giant arcEdit

The armor was heavily damaged during the battle between Dawn Roar and the Armor Giant, and the helm was incinerated by Guila's explosion.


The armor is enchanted with an ability to suppress and prevent powers from becoming uncontrollable. Given from the large size of the armor, it grants the boost of the user's current physical strength making the wearer more formidable and dangerous in terms of brute force.