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"Memories are merely information. Creating or erasing them is not difficult. What I want to the "emotion" that reaches beyond them."
— Gowther confesses the motive behind his actions when confronted by Diane in Existence and Proof

Gowtherゴウセル」 is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins, also known as the Goat's Sin of Lust. Gowther was revealed to be a doll, created by a great wizard. His Sacred Treasure is the Twin Bow Herritt, which he uses in conjunction with his inherent power, Invasion.


Gowther 10 years ago armor
10 years ago armor
Gowther catching the arrow bare handed
Gowther disguised as "Armando"
Gowther(doll) past
Gowther's appearance during the Holy War
Gowther's new outfit
Gowther's appearance currently
Gowther has amber eyes and dark red hair (sometimes depicted as magenta) that reaches just past his jaw. His usual attire consists of a gray long-sleeved shirt underneath a white sleeveless top as well as a pair of dark pants and short boots. After Bartra made him dress like a maid, Gowther adopted an unusual habit of wearing women's clothes.

Gowther was created in the image and likeness of the woman his creator loved, but to feel no attraction for his creation, he gave it the body of a man. He has a very feminine face and as such can be mistaken for a girl.

Gowther also wears a pair of glasses with light frames and apparently cannot see without them. This was first discovered when he disguised himself as Armando. Gowther also has the ability to change aspects of his appearance, although he is limited to only his hairstyle and skin color.[1]

In flashbacks and on his wanted poster, Gowther is depicted as a large suit of armour, although he is still smaller than people of the Giants' Clan. His face is never seen, instead he is only ever seen wearing a set of full silver body armour with a helmet featuring a pair of horns, one of which is broken. The most notable part of his armour are his massive spiked metal shoulder plates.

His Seven Deadly Sins Goat symbol is located on the right side of his chest.

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During the battle between a deformed Dale and Dawn Roar, Gowther first shows himself speaking in his distinctive, emotionless manner. His expression never changes, being completely blank, and his speech bubbles are uniquely square, compared to the round bubbles of everyone else. Yet despite his emotionless nature, Gowther does care about others. This is shown when he protects Pelliot from the Armored Giant's attack.

He is shown to be completely unaware of others' feelings, has shown an inability to understand the meaning of friendship. He often states things factually without realising that what he says can upset people. He decides to assist Elizabeth on her journey, not because of a desire for justice, but because he felt obligated as a member of the Seven Deadly Sins. Since Gowther doesn't understand emotions he goes to great lengths to understand them better. For example, he often observes Meliodas and Ban's friendship, and he is not beyond using his powers to experiment on others, as seen when he brainwashes Guila.

Despite his title, he has been shown to not normally be lustful; even when he brainwashed Guila into loving him, it was not out of lust. It was only out of curiosity of human emotions and his lack of understanding that it wasn't okay to do, rather than a predatory desire for her. As such, it is likely that his title may now refer to a lust for knowledge, rather than in the conventional sense. He has also displayed a cold and rather cruel side when using his Nightmare Teller technique on another person, remarking on how fragile humans are when confronted with their deepest fears. Despite Gowther's emotionless nature, he appears to enjoy posing whenever he introduces himself or when on a mission.

In the past Gowther was shown to be quite emotional and rather playful, often seen laughing and playing games. Even when he was fighting, there was no ill will or malice in his actions. However he would also get very distraught easily, tearing up whenever the prospect of being alone was evident. After much time, the idea of being alone again proved to be too overwhelming for him, leading to who Gowther is in the present.

Since regaining both his memories and his emotions, Gowther's personality has amalgamated aspects of his younger self and present self. While retaining his factual manner of speaking, Gowther has expressed more affection and excitability in his mannerisms. He has also picked up on social situations, such as King inviting him to a round of drinks to ease the tension between them, though Gowther still retains a certain aloofness about him. Along with his newly rediscovered emotions, Gowther strives to be a kinder person.

As ArmandoEdit

When Gowther disguised himself as Armando, he displayed an easily flustered attitude and frequently played with Pelliot and his group, the Fake Seven Deadly Sins. He demonstrated apparent gratitude towards Pelliot for saving his life many years ago and has shown himself to be willing to endanger himself to protect the young boy.


3000 years agoEdit

Gowther is a doll who, according to Merlin, was created by a great mage from long ago.[2] He was once a member of the Demon Clan's Ten Commandments, the group of elite warriors that served directly under the Demon King. However, during the Great War he disappeared for unknown reasons, and his own commandment erased his memories of who he used to be along with his emotions.[3]

Before he disappeared, Gowther was seen speaking to Fraudrin some time after Meliodas's betrayal, breaking the news of Aranak and Zeno's death to the stupefied demon. Rebuking Fraudrin's disbelief and accusation of Meliodas's running away from the battle, Gowther explains that rather than running away, Meliodas did what he did out of love. When he asks if Fraudrin can understand that, Fraudrin replies in the negative.[4]

Gowther tricked Merasculla into creating an entrance to the demon world's prison, where his true demon body was granted freedom. He had been restrained to the prison for 500 years and his only contact to the outside world was through the puppet body that is the recognisable Gowther.[5] After being free, the original Gowther decided to release the puppet so that from there it would exist by itself.

Thousands of years later, Gowther reappeared in the dungeons of Liones Castle, where he was found by Princess Nadja Liones. Despite being suddenly frightened of each other, the princess showed some interest in him. Gowther asks where they are and is surprised to hear the names of the kingdoms of Lions and Danafor that had never heard. When Nadja tells him to return to the castle, he begs her not to leave him so she promises to return with him. When examining the place in which it is, Gowther recognizes it as the Fairy King Forest, and at the same time remembers the last words of its creator before dying. Nadja returns the next day bringing him a gift, an adventure book about a magician named Merdol, telling him how to read books is the only thing he can do since he is unable to leave the castle because he has a very bad state of health. Gowther then grows his hair to look like the one he describes in the book, which surprises Nadja who asks Gowther if he is a wizard. Gowther reveals that it is actually a doll created by a great magician and is proved by showing her the magical heart that he had created to make who he was.

At this, Nadja faints and is taken back to the castle by Gowther who disguises himself as a maid to enter. After this, Nadja's brother, Bartra Liones, who had foreseen the arrival of Gowther, allows the latter to remain in the castle as a maid and to stay with his sister since being with him made her happier than she had ever been. Over time, Nadja and Gowther become closer and closer, falling in love with each other. However, Gowther noticed that Nadja's heart was getting weaker every day. One day he tells Nadja that his creator died asking him to make the dream come true that he could never fulfill but that he had never told him what it was, to which Nadja responds saying that he already made it reality by seeing, hearing and feeling for himself and Nadja realizes her dream by spending her last moments of life in a moment of passion with Gowther. When Nadja dies in his arms, Gowther desperately tries to save her by implanting his artificial heart, but it did not work. When the guards found him, he was accused of forcing Nadja into vile sexual acts that ended with her death, sentencing him to death as the sin of lust. Gowther decided to discard his magical heart and use his power to erase his own memories, to live like a simple doll and never have to feel that pain again.

From there, Gowther joined the Seven Deadly Sins. At some point after this, Merlin gave Gowther an enchanted armor, which Gowther constantly wore to compensate for the loss of his erased emotions and memories, and to better control his own power. This decision resulted in most of the sins and the majority of the holy knights from ever seeing Gowther's true appearance outside of the armor, until several years later.

12 years ago Edit

Gowther participated in the battle against the Vampires of Edinburgh, and although he didn't do much during the battle, he had managed to infiltrate the vampire ranks by making them believe he was a part of their clan. He showed up just in time to save Diane and King, who'd had their strength drained by a drunk Ban, and were having a hard time against two vampires. After they complained that he was late, he told them that he wanted to make his entrance exciting by striking a pose. He later helped Merlin knock Escanor out cold and witnessed Meliodas' hidden powers, after he made a huge crater.

10 years ago Edit

Gowther, along with the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins, was summoned to the castle to meet with the Great Holy Knight, Zaratras. Believing they were there to discuss their defeat of the Troll Queen (as well as the unintended destruction of the Great Druid Altar), they were instead shocked by the gruesome discovery of Zaratras's body. They were all then ambushed by the Holy Knights and eventually splitted to ensure a save escape.[6]

An unspecified amount of time later, Gowther encountered a monstrous, crazed creature while attempting to hide in the Ordan Forest. Sensing the beast's sinister power, he sealed it within his suit of armor. Later, Gowther was found by a young Pelliot outside of the village, collapsed and badly injured, presumably from his battle with the beast. He was subsequently carried back to the village by Pelliot, who continued to look after him until he was healed. Gowther decided to take on the persona of Armando, and was hired by Pelliot's father to look after the young boy.


Introduction arcEdit

Gowther's wanted poster is displayed on a board in Boar Hat.[7]

Vaizel Fight Festival arcEdit

In the anime, Gowther traveled to Vaizel in disguise, where he read and bought some books, accompanied by Dale in enchanted armour; they later talked in the cave nearby the Vaizel rock, where the town's fight festival was held. In Vaizel's marketplace, Gowther noticed Meliodas, Ban, and King passing by while checking out books.

Armor Giant arcEdit

Gowther makes his first true appearance as the easily embarrassed Armando, reluctantly playing along with Pelliot and his gang's role-play of the Seven Deadly Sins. The children's game eventually leads them to the Boar Hat, with Pelliot demanding as the "Captain" of the Seven Deadly Sins, to know why a bar was built in his village without his permission. Soon after, the real Seven Deadly Sins appear, having just arrived in the town looking for news of their other members.

Armando talking with Ban

Armando chatting with Ban

After an initial fright, the children take a liking to Diane, playing with her while Armando speaks with Ban. He starts apologizing for any trouble Pelliot and his friends might have caused, though Armando is told by Ban not to worry, but that he should put a stop to the children's role-play of the Seven Deadly Sins, lest they anger the Holy Knights. The group is then interrupted by a roar coming from the forest, which Armando explains the villager's attribute to a mountain god. A townsman then arrives, hastily declaring that a group of Holy Knights was now searching through the mountains for a dangerous criminal. While the Seven Deadly Sins confer amongst themselves, Armando watches placidly, oblivious of the fact that Pelliot and his friends have run off in search of the criminal and the Holy Knights.

Gowther hitting Armando

Gowther smashing Armando

As the children are traveling in the forest, Armando tries to convince Pelliot to turn back since it's dangerous. Pelliot gets upset at Armando and expresses regret that he saved him in the past and continues to walk. Mera asks Armando what Pelliot meant and Armando tells Mera how he met Pelliot, and the reason he's so loyal to him.

"Gowther" is later found on the mountain next to Ordan of the Dawn Roar. He is seen standing on a whole group of knights that he easily defeated. Gowther and the Dawn Roar come to a stand off, and each side waits for the other to move so they can attack. But Pelliot comes in and tries attacking "Gowther" with a sword, thinking that he was the dangerous criminal. He then tried to smash Pelliot, but Armando pushes him out of the way and gets smashed instead, making the opening Dawn Roar was waiting for.

Gowther catching the arrow bare handed

Gowther saving his armor

As the battle begins, the Dawn Roar charge at "Gowther." In response, the Seven Deadly Sins arrive to save him from the Dawn Roar. Unfortunately, the Deadly Sins get overwhelmed by the them, causing "Gowther" to get damaged. As Weinheidt was about to send out a powerful arrow attack towards Gowther, it was stopped by Armando, who then tells everyone how impressive it was for Dawn Roar to damage the armor, but they might soon regret releasing the seal. Pelliot then runs towards Armando, happy that Armando's uninjured, Armando apologizes to Pelliot for hiding his identity, and reveals to everyone that he is the real Gowther.

Gowther decides that Dale and he should take shelter in a cave in the forest of Ordan. However, the bats caused Dale to run in fear towards a spot in the forest. Gowther finds him and decides to give him some seeds to feed to the birds. Gowther started relaxing with Dale until he suddenly smashes a wild rabbit. Gowther returns the rabbit to its place where he also found a piece of wood which he carved in the cave to fill the gap in Dale's armor.

After leaving the cave while having Dale stay, he surprises Elizabeth and Hawk in Ordan while they were hiding from the Holy Knights. He introduces himself while also accidentally insulting Hawk by oinking at him. He felt surprised and was asked if he was hiding as well. He questions back if they were hiding.

After introducing himself, Hawk tried to prevent Elizabeth and him from revealing their names, but failed. They were afraid of Gowther turning them in, but he didn't really care. After finding Elizabeth's wanted poster, he joked if there was a bounty which Hawk took seriously. Elizabeth asked if he was looking for money, but he stated he was looking for an armor adhesive. However, he also stated that he can't know how people are feeling since it's not written in books. Elizabeth understood that he wanted to help someone important to him and even gave a lover as a example. Gowther asked if she had one which she lied after remembering Meliodas. He thinks that his person is different which Elizabeth thought he's referring to a friend.

As soon as he found Dale, he apologized for not finding an adhesive. Ban was vigorously wondering what was wrong with him and then Dale starts attacking causing the battle to begin. After grabbing one of Weinheidt's arrows, he reveals his identity.

Gowther presenting the Armor Giant's head to Dawn Roar

Gowther giving the head of the armor to Dawn Roar

The Dawn Roar think he is kidding, but Weinheidt confirms that he is Gowther due to the latter stopping his full powered arrow with his bare hand. Ban then walks toward Gowther and tells him he thought he was a big old man under the armor. Gowther was surprised to see that Meliodas had not aged in ten years. At first Gowther does not believe that the kid before him is King, but he quickly changes his mind when King transforms into his better know human form. Slader, the leader of Dawn Roar, gets excited to meet the Deadly Sins, but says that they are there for the Armor Giant's head. Gowther concludes that an all out battle would destroy the village, so he unexpectedly removes the armor giant's head and gives it to Slader to get him and the Dawn Roar to leave.

Gowther taking Pelliot out of the field

Gowther taking Pelliot out of the battle field

Slader accepts the offer, but tells him that if he ever got the mission to take his head, he would do it, and leaves with his group. King then tells Gowther that he was surprised, as he thought he was sympathizing with the monster which Gowther does not understand. Gowther then tells everyone that the monster was most likely formerly human which shocks them. Shortly, the monster gets up again despite having been beheaded and Gowther mentions that it was once a Holy Knight. He then explains that he forced the monster inside his armor to contain its powers for a while and takes Pelliot out of the battle field. When Pelliot wakes up, Gowther tells him to leave the area since it is too dangerous for Pelliot and heads back to the Deadly Sins to fight with all his power. Gowther then appears to Ban and Meliodas who were arguing whether to save the beast or kill it. Gowther saved Meliodas from the monster with a strange power like bow, growing on his arm, thus revealing his Sacred Treasure.

Gowther using Search Light on Meliodas

Gowther use Search Light on Meliodas

Gowther revealed that he used his power Invasion, where he trapped the beast in an illusion created from what his heart most desired to see the most. Ban is about to kill the beast until Meliodas stops him, saying that the beast is partly human, but Ban does not care and removes the beast's heart with a whip. After the beast starts fighting again, since as a demonic being, it has more than one heart, Gowther carries King after he's hit by the beasts Venom Spit, but once Meliodas kills it, they return to the bar. Gowther then re-introduces himself to the group, particularly to Elizabeth, who welcomes and is pleased to meet him, then ask if she could use his strength which Gowther refuses, much to her shock. He then tells her that this was not the first time they've met since she met all the Deadly Sins when she was a young girl, much to her surprise. Gowther then accepts Elizabeth offer as she is the princess.

Gowther told everyone Elizabeth is in love

Gowther reveal that Elizabeth is in love

Gowther watches the group having a party and is glad to meet everyone again. Meliodas starts to chat with Gowther while mentioning how none of them are the same race and Meliodas proceeds to ask Gowther about what happened during the ambush ten years ago. He replies by using his power to look into Meliodas' memories, saying that it was Merlin who attacked and rendered him unconscious. Meliodas is shocked that Merlin was the traitor and asks Gowther if he knows where Merlin is, to which Gowther replies that he does not know. Gowther then uses Invasion on everyone else and, much to their dismay, reveals their secrets: Diane's true height, what Ban did during a past battle, and the reason why King cannot use his true strength, though King cut him off. Meliodas then tells Gowther to read the atmosphere, to which he does but asks everyone if Elizabeth is in love with Meliodas, much to King and Ban's fear of Diane's reaction. However, Diane does not hear this, as she had passed out, presumably from too much alcohol. King then hastily tells Gowther to read the atmosphere.

Gowther then sees Pelliot, and Meliodas encourages him to talk with the latter. Pelliot hugs Gowther when they are alone and asks him to stay, which Gowther could not do since he has to be there for his teammates. However, Pelliot thinks that Gowther is using it as a way to leave him. Gowther then transforms back into Armando to explain to Pelliot that Armando does not exist and that he bases his personality on a traveling entertainer, since Pelliot enjoyed him, and the hair style belonged to Pelliot's dead mother. Pelliot grows upset at Gowther for revealing such information and decides that, since he cannot stay, Pelliot will become a Holy Knight to capture him and would not forgive him even if he apologize to him, but Gowther turns around and tells him that they would then meet again which makes Pelliot break down crying.

Kingdom Infiltration arcEdit

Gowther coming along as well

Gowther coming with Meliodas and Ban to Liones

As Meliodas explains his reason to head to Liones and get his sword back, a mysterious Holy Knight appears out of nowhere and takes Elizabeth with her, saying she is the last key to the Coffin of Eternal Darkness. Meliodas orders Diane to throw him to Liones with Ban deciding to go aswell, followed shortly by Gowther, saying he wanted to see the bond between Meliodas and Ban. Diane tosses the Deadly Sins towards Liones at full speed. During the speedy flight, Gowther couldn't hear a word from Ban just said. Meliodas, Ban and Gowther land outside of Liones and proceed to run toward the kingdom. However, the Great Holy Knights are aware of their arrival and send out their Holy Knights to stop them. Meliodas tells Gowther and Ban that their mission is to save Elizabeth and to keep their fights to a minimum. Ban wonders if Meliodas' minimum meant to go all out, to which Meliodas responds that he will go all out. As Meliodas and Ban continuously massacre every Holy Knight who attempts to stop them, Gowther keeps running.

Gowther using Rewrite Light on the Holy Knights

Gowther using Rewrite Light on Holy Knights

The trio then stop when they feel a large power coming from the south side of the kingdom, which turns out to be Camelot's army with their leader Arthur Pendragon. Later, the trio continues to cut through the Holy Knights as they attempt to break through. Deciding to end this with minimal bloodshed, Gowther uses his Sacred Treasure Herritt to overwrite the memories of the attacking Holy Knights and turn them into allies. Gowther explains his technique to the bewildered Meliodas and Ban who then told him not to use it on them no matter what, to which Gowther complies. The trio sneak away from the enemy Holy Knights and go into hiding in order to figure out a plan. Ban tells Meliodas that they should head to the Liones castle, because in fairy tales, the princess always gets locked up in the underground prison. Meliodas agrees to the plan, and they head to the castle with Meliodas promising to save Elizabeth. The trio then sense a battle going on at the south gate which Meliodas decides to head over to, thinking Elizabeth could be there.

Slader snapping Gowther neck

Gowther neck snap by Slader

The trio sees a giant sharp rock appear in the kingdom, and realize it must have been created by Diane's ability. Thinking she could be in trouble, Gowther offers to go to the area and help her while Meliodas and Ban save Elizabeth. Gowther rushes towards Diane's location as fast as he can, but three Holy Knights find and trap him in order to kill him. Gowther ask if they could fight somewhere else so they do not hurt the people, which the Holy Knights do not agree to, but Slader appears and disables them, After promptly dealing with them, Slader turns to face off against Gowther. Slader starts attacking Gowther while the latter dodges his attacks. Slader asks him if he believes in fate, which Gowther responds that things happen so is not fate. Slader says that he wanted to fight Gowther for so long, and was surprised to meet him so soon. But Gowther claims there is no reason to fight until Slader says that the Deadly Sins betrayed the king and grows angry because of their reason. Gowther stops his blade and tells Slader that he has to end this quickly, but Slader uses Overpower on Gowther, giving him the chance to break his neck.

Gowther punching Dreyfus

Gowther punch Dreyfus

Slader goes into thought at how the king once saved him, until Gowther stands up, despite his broken neck and sees his memories. Slader is shocked to see Gowther in good shape. Gowther tells Slader that they do not have a reason to fight since they both serve the Royal Family, but Slader refuses, saying that the Dawn Roar has replaced the Deadly Sins, which Gowther misinterprets as Slader being his junior and shakes his hand which Slader refuses. Gowther then asks Slader if the king really told him that the Deadly Sins are traitors, which silences Slader. Though he then says that the king is sick and was not the one who told him, but the Great Holy Knights. Gowther again ask if the king really told him, which shocks Slader upon realizing the truth and he walks away, realizing the mistake he has made. Wasting no time, Gowther finally proceeds to the battlefield where he saves a now-renegade Holy Knight Guila in a bridal manner from Great Holy Knight Dreyfus' Pierce attack, whilst firing a small light arrow on his arm. Gowther thanks Guila for protecting Diane, and goes down to face Dreyfus, which the latter points out Gowther's ability as the most dangerous of the Deadly Sins since it is able to crush minds. Dreyfus rushes in and stabs Gowther through the chest with Break to stop Gowther from using his ability, but Gowther is still alive and punches Dreyfus, sending him flying. However, all of this is already part of Gowther's Nightmare Teller, putting an illusion on Dreyfus, which makes him see his dead brother and starts breaking down in tears, regressing into a child. Gowther stares coldly at Dreyfus, calling him a fragile human.

Gowther using Searchlight on Howzer

Gowther use Light Search on Howzer

As Gowther is about to leave Dreyfus to his nightmare, the latter senses a dark pressure coming near. Before Gowther can react, Dreyfus breaks free from Nightmare Teller and returns back to the real world while Gowther lays down frozen, but thanks to Gowther, Dreyfus is heavily injured mentally and decides to retreat along with Gilthunder while Helbram fights them off. Meliodas mentions that Gowther's powers are fading due to his frozen state. When Helbram, after casting off his human form, attempts to kill a still-frozen Gowther, Diane and the others involved with the Sacred Tree's roots, King uses Chastiefol's Form Eight Pollen Garden to protect them. As Howzer speaks of the idea of a truce between the Deadly Sins and Holy Knights, Gowther seemingly regaining consciousness uses Light Search on Howzer, showing his words hold no deception. Howzer is alarmed to Gowther's sudden recovery after he was stabbed through the chest but realizes that he was healed thanks to King's Chastiefol: Form Eight Pollen Garden. Diane thanks Howzer for helping them, but Gowther mention that Howzer isn't doing it for them, but for Diane which Howzer denies while blushing. When Dreyfus accepts the idea of a truce, Howzer is happy for Dreyfus, but Gowther asks the Great Holy Knight if it was the other side that accepted the truce, to which the latter denies what he is talking about, and goes off with the others to save Elizabeth.

Diane stopping the demon Jericho

Gowther stopping Jericho along with Diane

After regrouping with Meliodas, Gilthunder, and Margaret, the group heads to the main castle to free Elizabeth and Bartra, however, the group is teleported to a lost forest thanks to Vivian, however the group is teleported back to Liones thanks to a cloaked figure who defeats Vivian easily. The cloaked figure reveals itself to be the Boar's Sin Of Gluttony, Merlin of the Seven Deadly Sins. Merlin later takes the group to the Royal Charm by teleportation and meets the Dawn Roar. Slader is upset to see Gowther due to his current situation and that Gowther could laugh at him if he wants, which the latter does, much to Slader's annoyance. After free-ing Elizabeth and Bartra, the group interrogate Dreyfus' crimes which Gowther reveals that he saw into his memories and knows he did it out of jealousy toward his brother, Zaratras which Dreyfus admits defeated. After Merlin leaves alongside Arthur and Bartra to treat the king's disease, the castle is once more under attack, this time by Hendrickson, who also awakens the demon blood in every New Generation Holy Knight. As Jericho begins to transform into a Demon and is about to kill Zeal and a slowly transforming Guila, Gowther appears along with Diane and stops Jericho from killing them. Gowther then uses Invasion on Jericho and Guila to keep them calm. However, he loses control of Jericho who then assaults Diane but manages to keep Guila from transforming.

Gowther use Broadcast on Deadly Sins and Holy Knight

Gowther using Broadcast on Deadly Sins and Holy Knights

When a Hybrid Demon appears before them, Guila blasts the beast away while telling everyone she is fine, although Gowther seems unsure. Guila and the others decide to go and save Elizabeth and help Meliodas while Ban and King cure the Hybrid Demons in Liones. Gowther rejoins with the other Deadly Sins at Merlin's Old Research Facility to face Hendrickson for a final battle. While the Deadly Sins, Meliodas, King and Diane are fighting against Hendrickson, Ban questions Gowther how Hendrickson gained demonic powers whereupon Gowther explains that Hendrickson gained it through a demon corpse which he was told about by Guila. Ban is surprised at hearing that, until Hendrickson slams Ban through the wall, behind which Ban discovers a demon corpse which the latter shows to everyone. When Ban slams Hendrickson to the ground, the group minus Diane, due to her size, goes inside to find Hendrickson where the latter is found and reveals the corpse of a Gray Demon and uses its blood to transform into a new form and easily blast the upper part of Ban when he tried to attack him. Gowther along with the other Deadly Sins, are blown out of Merlin's Research Facility and are badly injured due to Hendrickson's newfound power. Gowther tries to stop Hendrickson from getting Elizabeth by using Rewrite Light, but Hendrickson appears behind him and beheads him. As everyone believes Gowther is dead, he appears holding his own chopped off head, searching for his glasses which alarms Diane and King. Once he re-attaches his head, Gowther uses Broadcast to transmit the plan Meliodas mentioned to everyone, Deadly Sins and Holy Knights alike to defeat Hendrickson.

After Hendrickson's defeat and death, Gowther witnesses Meliodas falling from the sky after using his Revenge Counter on the former Great Holy Knight and is later thanked by King Bartra for saving the kingdom along with the rest of the Sins. When Ban grieves for Hawk's death, Gowther logically explains to the Fox's Sin of Greed that if the captain had died instead of Hawk, their chances of victory would have been diminished and Hawk's death didn't even affect the fighting prowess of the group and considers this not much of a loss. This angers Ban, who is about to strike at Gowther for saying that but Merlin gets in their way, defending the Goat's Sin of Lust. She then asks what happened to his armor, revealing that she was the one who gave it to him. Gowther tells Merlin that the armor was destroyed, and the Boar's Sin of Gluttony assures Gowther that she'll get him a replacement as soon as she can.

Post-Kingdom Infiltration arcEdit

Gowther new outfit

Gowther new outfit

After the major event, Gowther starts a relationship with Guila, much to everyone's surprise. The two seem to act like love birds, however, Gowther is shown to have a creepy smile while waving at Guila from inside the house. The next day, Gowther gets a brand new uniform from Guila, and he appears to be more flirtatious and seductive. The Deadly Sins end up celebrating the festival while working in the Boar Hat along with everybody else, as Gowther flirts with Guila who is in the bar with everybody else. In the morning, Gowther attends the award ceremony held in honor for the Seven Deadly Sins with the exception of Ban and King who are on their way to the new Fairy King's Forest and Escanor, who is still missing. Here he witnesses Meliodas calling for the halt to the awarding due to disgruntlement coming from the Pleiades of the Azure Sky: Deathpierce, Dogedo, and Waillo who stepped forward. He also noticed Balor's Power Eye on Hawk's ear as explained by Merlin. Eventually, the Goat's Sin of Lust watches the battle between Meliodas and Dogedo as he declares the fight to be over when Meliodas injures the Holy Knight's hands before completely defeating him.

After the Six Stars left, Gowther unintentionally destroys Hawk's inflated ego when he reveals that the talking pig's Power Level is actually 30 while his is 3100, much to Hawk's anger and dismay. Later, Gowther accompanies his fellow Sins to meet with King Bartra, who informs them of the growing omen of the Holy War set in Camelot, south of Britannia. Later, Gowther heads to Merlin's new headquarters, where she give him strange pills as medicine which Hawk finds tasty. As Diane comes in, begging Merlin to find King, Gowther walks out while tossing the pills away and spiting out the one he has. When Meliodas appears to talk to Merlin, the latter asks Gowther to get ready to head out to Camelot in a few days, which Gowther refuses, and walks away with Guila who is waiting for him. As the two lovers walk out, they come across Zeal, who begs to see his sister, in which Gowther steps in between the two, saying he can talk to him. In actuality, Gowther takes this time to erase all of Zeal's memories, leaving him with no recollection of his name, or that he even had a sister.

Albion arcEdit

Gowther vs. Diane

Diane stops Gowther.

A confrontation with Diane soon after reveals that Gowther has manipulated both sibling's memories; Guila's memory manipulation occurring during the battle between Ban and Meliodas. It is during that battle, Gowther had noticed that both Ban and Meliodas (who despite suffering heavy injuries), increased in power level. After coming to the conclusion that feelings of love are what caused this change, Gowther switches from studying friendship to love, using Guila as his makeshift lover. Gowther attempts to convince Diane that the memory manipulation was necessary at the time, as it is what helped suppress the Demon Blood within Guila.

Gowther doll form

Gowther true form.

Revealing that he has made Guila's memories a much happier one, Gowther asks Diane and Elizabeth which set of memories Guila would be happier with. Diane disagrees with this, asking Elizabeth to go get Meliodas and Merlin. Gowther attempts to stop Elizabeth, but is stopped by Diane. Here, the battle between the Sin of Lust and Sin of Envy begins.

After a long battle with the Serpent's Sin, as Diane collapsed in exhaustion and Gowther sulking, they wondered what could've happened. Realizing it was Gowther, the Deadly Sins captain demanded an explanation from the Goat's Sin of Lust, who, after realizing his actions, demanded to be sealed away in armor once again before it's too late. Gowther restored both Zeal and Guila's memories while apologizing to them, however, Guila forgives Gowther as she believed she deserved it for drinking Demon blood and thanked him for the memories of her late father.

Gowther with Peace Amulet

Peace Amulet placing Gowther under control

Under Merlin's order, Gowther was forced to return back to his true form until a matter of dealing with him was dealt, which revealed his true form to be a doll and was taken care of by Slader. Later, after Meliodas and the others failed to stop Galand, Gowther returned to his human-like form and laughs sinisterly at tricking Galand, whom he put under an illusion to make him believe that he succeeded in killing The Deadly Sins and therefore retreat.

Istar arcEdit

When Meliodas wakes up from his sleep, Gowther reveals he is under control thanks to Merlin's new item, Peace Amulet, but the group is saddened about losing to Galand. However, Meliodas soon lifts everyone's spirits by stating they were to train more to get stronger and form a strategy, and he is optimistic that Arthur and Elizabeth can finally awaken their hidden powers as well. However, Meliodas also believes the situation to be so bad that they have to bring in Escanor, the last missing member of The Seven Deadly Sin. He later goes to check up on Diane's health until King popped up to check up on her. But to everyone's surprise, Diane forgot who she was and is continuing to lose her memories.

King punching Gowther for erasing Diane's memories

King punches Gowther for erasing Diane's memories.

Gowther reveals he used Lost World on her to test if her feelings for King are stronger than memories. King grows furious at Gowther's action, but quickly calms down when he realize hes did the same to Diane and thus shouldn't judge, but he still punches Gowther and goes after Diane along with the others who know that she is heading towards her home, Megadozer, to talk to Matrona.

However, they are soon attacked by Monspeet's Hellblaze which Hawk Mama swallows to save them. The group now loses sense of Diane, Meliodas tells King that Diane will be fine for now and they should focus on training to defeat the Ten Commandments which King agrees. The group decides to head to Istar to regain Meliodas strength and to have the group trained.

Gowther decapitated in the Cave of Training

Gowther decapitated by the Knight.

Once there, Gowther enters the Cave of Training and was paired up with Arthur as Gowther tries to avoid King as he was still upset at him. Both confront a Knight Golem that isn't able to be destroyed. They deduce the one controlling it had to be somewhere near, but the Golem is able to decapitate Gowther. To Arthur's surprise, Gowther is still alive. Gowther and Arthur soon came out of the Cave of Training with a strange cat-like creature on Arthur's head.

Ravens arcEdit

After Meliodas' regains his strength from the Land of the Druids, Gowther and the others head to Vaizel to join the Great Fight Festival that is announced to be held by Gloxinia and Drole, two members of Ten Commandments.

Great Fight Festival arcEdit

Before escaping his captives, Denzel and Deathpierce, Fraudrin claims that Gowther is a former member of Ten Commandments representing Selflessness, but triggered his own Commandment, which resulted in him losing all of his memories and feelings, whereupon he is replaced by the former.[8]

Upon arrival with the others from the Boar Hat, Gowther remains separated throughout the maze of the Great Fight Festival, reuniting with everyone at the center in the end. He appears and lands on top of Escanor, introducing himself dramatically and greeting the Lion's Sin of Pride whom he finally meets after ten long years. Meanwhile, Drole briefly recognizes Gowther's name but is unable to make any connections.[9]

As the tournament begins, Drole uses Creation to mold the battlefield and organize the competitors into pairs; Gowther is paired with Jericho.[10] After Gloxinia promises to fulfill the wishes of the victor, Gowther is determined to win the festival and be granted a heart. He shows zero hesitation regarding the rule of killing the opponent, and in their first battle, Gowther and Jericho is pitted against Escanor and Hawk.[11]

Gowther using Nightmare Teller on Escanor

Gowther using Nightmare Teller on Escanor.

Jericho and Hawk try to convince Gowther not to fight his Seven Deadly Sins' comrade. Despite their efforts, Gowther stubbornly knocks both of them unconscious and advances toward Escanor.[12] He immediately uses Nightmare Teller to reawaken Escanor's traumatic memories, revealing his uncomfortable past and creating a false illusion of Merlin to fill Escanor with despair. However, the thought of Merlin creates a pseudo-image of the sun in his mind, subsequently filling him with unparalleled power.[13]

Gowther and Jericho vs Escanor and Hawk

Escanor about to "attack" Gowther.

Believing that Escanor can only maintain his transformation for a few seconds, Gowther confidently continues the battle. Escanor immediately punches him, sending his glasses flying away and landing on Hawk's head. Losing his vision, Gowther angrily uses Gatling Jack to rapidly fire a barrage of arrows in random directions.[14] After Escanor easily avoids the attack by jumping into the air, he summons his Sacred Treasure, Rhitta, and prepares to unleash a devastating attack whilst seemingly lecturing Gowther about toying with people's heart. Despite the danger, Gowther does not hesitate and uses his Sacred Treasure, Herritt, to aim a Black Out Arrow at Escanor. The powerful attack is unleashed, causing a devastating shockwave and whipping up dust and sand into the sky. As the dust gradually settles and clears up, Gowther notices him passing out after being hit with Gowther's arrow.[15] Surprised to be still alive, Gowther recognizes himself to be the victor, causing Jericho to become frustrated by Gowther's lack of sympathy for his fellow Deadly Sin. She directs Gowther's attention towards where Escanor's attack was targeted, revealing a heavily injured Drole and Gloxinia.[16]

He is later teleported to Liones with the rest of the group when Meliodas commences his attack, and can only watch as his captain is slowly overpowered by the rest of the Commandments and killed.

Battle for Liones arcEdit

Gowther is revealed to have been captured by the Pleiades of the Azure Sky and locked in a dungeon. After the Commandments' failed invasion and Fraudrin's death, Gowther is ordered by the king and Merlin to be freed. As he is released from his chains, he is revealed to have regained his memory and considers himself to be both the Goat's Sin of Lust, Gowther, and Gowther the Selflessness of the Ten Commandments.[17]

Current arc Edit

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

During his fight against the Dawn Roar in Ordan, Gowther caught Weinheidt's charged arrow with his bare hands and sliced through armor of the Armored Giant with ease. Evidently, he is blessed with great strength and power despite his frail body frame. Ten years ago, he possessed a set of enchanted armor which was able to suppress and prevent his powers from becoming uncontrollable.

Due to having a doll body, Gowther has pseudo-immortality that enabled him to survive otherwise fatal injuries. Point-blank attacks and consecutive smashes by Dale and Diane have shown to cause minimal damage. Furthermore, he is completely unaffected after Slader breaks his neck as he gets back on his feet and fixes his neck back to normal as if nothing happened. Same thing goes when Hendrickson beheaded him, only for Gowther's body to move on its own and reattach his head.


Main article: Invasion
  • Invasion侵入 (インベイション)  Shin'nyū (Inbeishon)」: A power that allows Gowther to entrap his opponents within their own memories. It also grants him the ability to read the thoughts and memories of others.
  • Transformation: Gowther has the ability to change his appearance, such as changing the length and color of his hair along with his skin color. However, this ability is limited to an extent.


  • Herritt: Gowther's Sacred Treasure; Herritt, is a twin bow made out of energy that can be summoned whenever it is needed. It draws out Gowther's full capacity and works in conjunction with his ability, Invasion.


  • Balor's Magical Eye: Gowther has been "loaded" with Balor's Magical Eye, allowing him to see the overall power, magic, strength and spirit levels of an individual.[18]

Power LevelEdit

Total Magic Strength Spirit

After gaining his emotions and memories back, his power levels are as follows:

Total Magic Strength Spirit


Seven Deadly SinsEdit


Gowther appears to strongly respect Meliodas. He willingly used Search Light to help Meliodas recover his lost memories of the incident ten years ago. Meliodas states that he did not know Gowther was a doll prior to Merlin using Absolute Cancel on him. However, Meliodas says that Gowther is still their comrade and a member of the Seven Deadly Sins, regardless of what Gowther is. This indicates that Meliodas respects and values Gowther as well.

As Gowther was shown to be a member of the Ten Commandments while Meliodas was their leader, Meliodas and Gowther have known one another since before the Ancient War. However, the nature of the relationship the two had while members of the Ten Commandments is unknown.


Gowther and Diane are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. Diane is quite angry with Gowther when he revealed her true height, pummeling him into the ground. However, Gowther has shown to care enough that he left to help Diane in her fight against Holy Knights in Liones.

When Diane discovers that Gowther has altered Guila's memories in order to study love, she is angered and tells Gowther that memories are irreplaceable and important, no matter how painful Guila's original memories were. Gowther does not understand Diane's arguments and wishes to prevent her from interfering in his experiment. The two Sins battle until Meliodas and Merlin intervene. When Gowther is returned to doll form, Diane states that she did not know he was speaking truthfully about being unable to feel emotions.

After his battle with Diane, Gowther erases Diane's memory of the Seven Deadly Sins with "Lost World" in order to disprove Diane's statement that memories and feelings cannot be erased. Diane is unaware of Gowther's role in causing her memory loss, as she leaves for Megadozer immediately after all her memories of the Sins have been erased.

Since discovering Gowther in the past, Diane has been considerably more compassionate towards him, adamant in helping guiding him down the right path. Diane was also the first to comfort Gowther through the shock of recovering his memories and emotions.

Ban Edit

Gowther and Ban are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. The two of them are not particularly close, but get along well enough; Ban appears amused by Gowther's emotionless nature and ability to identify others by their smell. However, Ban is annoyed when Gowther reveals how Ban stole Diane and King's powers in Edinburgh. Ban is also incredibly angered when Gowther says Hawk's death was not truly a "loss" for the group as it did not affect their likelihood of victory, appearing to want to fight Gowther until Merlin prevents him from doing so. Gowther does not understand why Ban is angry.

King Edit

Gowther and King are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. Gowther shares a fairly close bond with King; when King was injured by Dale's Venom Spit, Gowther carries him, and King tends to give Gowther advice on how to behave in situations. However, their relationship becomes quite strained once Gowther erases Diane's memories of the Seven Deadly Sins. King recalls that he has also erased Diane's memory in the past, and states that he has no right to criticize Gowther for it. However, the incident causes King to be incredibly disillusioned toward Gowther, and he punches Gowther with Chastiefol. However, the two reconcile after Diane regains her memories and she and King help Gowther through the trauma of recovering his own memories.


Gowther and Merlin are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. Gowther seems to hold a history with Merlin, as she gave him his enchanted armor and knows that using Absolute Cancel on Gowther will temporarily return him to his doll form. Merlin also knows that Gowther was created by a powerful magician. She appears to be quite understanding of Gowther; for instance, when Ban gets angry at Gowther for stating that Hawk's death had no effect on the fighting prowess of the group and was therefore not truly a "loss", Merlin defends him and says Gowther does not mean any harm. She also gives Gowther power-stabilizing medicine and a Peace Amulet in order to help him control his powers.


Like Merlin, it is implied that Gowther and Escanor may have a history, as Escanor hinted that he has known Gowther for a considerably long time (though this very well may just be referring to their time as comradery as Sins in the past). It should be noted that in the Great Fight Festival Arc, Escanor made a rather apparent choice to not attack Gowther with his full power (the most he did was knock Gowther's glasses off). After their fight in the festival, Gowther carries Escanor on his back for the rest of the arc.

Holy KnightsEdit


Gowther and Slader initially meet as rivals; after Gowther chops off the Armor Giant's head as a peaceful solution, Slader says he likes Gowther before leaving. The two meet again during the Kingdom Invasion arc, and Slader states he'd been longing to fight Gowther since their encounter with the Armor Giant. When Gowther finds out that Dawn Roar has replaced the Sins, Gowther considers himself Slader's senior and tells Slader he hopes they get along. Gowther's logic convinces Slader to stop fighting him and to seek an audience with King Bartra, and Slader tells Gowther he has never been humiliated like this.

When Merlin turns Gowther back to his doll form, Slader is put in charge of looking after Gowther. After Meliodas affirms that Gowther is his important comrade, no matter what, Slader tells Gowther he is lucky. Slader also gently scolds Gowther after it is revealed that he has erased Diane's memories.

Slader appears to hold romantic feelings for Gowther, as he privately tells Simon he is incredibly attracted to the Goat's Sin. However, he was conflicted about his attraction to Gowther because of his status as a criminal who betrayed the king. He also admires Gowther's body when Gowther reveals that he has no clothes, and affectionately chooses a new outfit for Gowther after the battle against Galan. Whether Gowther is aware of Slader's feelings for him is unknown, but he has not acknowledged them.


Guila and Gowther met when he saved her during Hendrickson's attack on Liones, and later saved her from transforming into a demon. After Hendrickson was defeated, Gowther and Guila began an apparent relationship. However, Gowther later reveals that he had altered Guila's memories in order to understand love, causing her to believe that she had grown up as his fiancé and disciple. After Gowther restores Guila's memory, Guila appears to be extremely shocked and disturbed by Gowther's actions. However, Guila ultimately blames herself for drinking the demon blood, and thanks Gowther for showing her memories of Dale. She then tells Gowther goodbye and leaves with Zeal, suggesting she never wants to see Gowther again.



Under the disguise of Armando, Gowther acted as a servant to Pelliot's family. According to Gowther, Pelliot found Gowther while he was injured outside of Ordan, and took Gowther in to look after him. Despite Gowther's emotionless nature, he is shown to care for the young boy; he changes his appearance and personality in order to please Pelliot, protects him from the Armor Giant's attack, and carries him to safety while the Sins fight Dale. After the Armor Giant arc, Pelliot asks Gowther to return home with him, but Gowther tells Pelliot that he must leave and reveals the truth about his identity as a member of the Seven Deadly Sins. Pelliot is upset by Gowther's revelation, tearfully stating that he will become a Holy Knight and capture Gowther in the future, and that he will never forgive Gowther for lying to him. Gowther replies by telling Pelliot that he understands they will be able to meet again someday.

Elizabeth LionesEdit

Gowther and Elizabeth have a friendly relationship. Gowther's reason for rejoining the Deadly Sins is because of Elizabeth's status as a princess. Gowther's actions towards Elizabeth and his desire to befriend and help her, despite being friendly in nature, are mostly his wanting to better understand her emotions and learn from them, yet despite this he does respect her to an extent. After Gowther's memories and emotions returned, she was happy for Gowther, and in turn Gowther's friendliness towards her became more genuine, as well as his desire to help and protect her. After learning of her and Meliodas' past and curses, Gowther has become determined to help the two of them in any way he can.


Gowther and Hawk have a friendly, yet strained relationship. This is mostly due to Hawk's dislike of Gowther's lack of empathy and weird behavior, and how he disregarded his sacrifice during the battle against Hendrickson, yet he seems to have let that go since. The two of them seem to be almost surprisingly close, enough that during their battle at the Great Fighting Festival, Hawk spent the majority of the tournament match trying to talk Gowther out of attacking him and Escanor, despite knowing how emotionless Gowther can be. Despite this, Gowther simply apologized to Hawk and coldly stated his intent to continue the fight, knocking him and Jericho out to avoid dealing with them and to focus solely on Escanor. After regaining his emotions and memories, like with Elizabeth, his friendship with Hawk has became less strained and more genuine in nature.

Nadja Liones Edit

Nadja and Gowther share a loving relationship, Nadja bringing him a gift after they first met and Gowther expressing a wish for her to "always like him". Gowther and Nadja kiss before her heartbeat stops. Gowther cries over Nadja's death, attempting to revive her with his own magic heart. After this fails, he was believed to have murdered her and sentenced to death. Her death was the reason he cast away his heart, believing he would be better off and feel less pain as a plain doll.


Vampires of EdinburghEdit

Diane, King, & Gowther vs. Mod & Ganne Win

Armor Giant arcEdit

Meliodas, Ban, King & Gowther vs. Dale Win

Kingdom Infiltration arcEdit

Meliodas, Ban & Gowther vs. Holy Knights of Liones Win
Gowther vs. Slader Win
Gowther vs. Dreyfus Indecisive
Meliodas, Diane, Ban, King & Gowther vs. Hendrickson Lose

Albion arcEdit

Diane vs. Gowther Inconclusive

Great Fight Festival arcEdit

Gowther & Jericho vs. Escanor & Hawk Stalemate

Corand arcEdit

Seven Deadly Sins vs. Melascula Win

Current arcEdit

Seven Deadly Sins vs. Chandler Indecisive


  • Sir Gowther is a relatively short Middle English tail-rhyme romance in twelve-line stanzas, found in two manuscripts, each dating to the mid- or late-fifteenth century. The titular character is said to be the half-brother of the famed wizard Merlin.
  • According to the databook(s):
    • Gowther's special skill is changing forms and reading minds
    • His hobby is reading books
    • He has no daily routine
    • Weak Point: My glasses
    • Birthplace: I don’t know
    • What he likes about himself: His cuteness
    • Dream/Hope: Being a pretty attraction girl for the bar
    • Regrets: Tell me
    • The most embarrassing thing in his life: I do not understand the question
    • What he wants the most right now: His memories and emotions
    • Favorite animal: Humans
    • Favorite scent: Doesn't have one
    • Favorite food: uninteresting
    • Charm Point: his clavicle
    • His complex is his inability to read the situation
    • The persons he respects the most are the ones who write books
    • There is no person he would mind making an enemy of
  • Gowther has poor eyesight and is unable to see without his glasses. The Author revealed that without his glasses, it is less than 20/200.
  • Gowther enjoys heartfelt tales that humans write, often role-playing their events after he reads them.
  • The Sin of Lust is usually symbolized with a Cow and the color blue.
  • In the Nanatsu no Taizai Popularity Poll, Gowther was was placed 3rd overall (12068 votes) which included the online poll and placed 7th (165 votes) when considering only postcards.
  • Gowther doesn't need to drink, bathe or eat.
  • Gowther seems to be the comic relief, even in the most dire situation
  • Gowther has a habit of frequently crossdressing, usually with mixed reactions from others.
    • In the opening of the TV Special "Signs of Holy War", Gowther is wearing a dress.
  • He was created to look like the lover of his creator. But the first Gowther made the doll as a boy, so he wouldn't have sexual desire for his creation.


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