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Estarossa color
Kanji/Kana エスタロッサ
Rōmaji Esutarossa
Alias Estarossa the Love (慈愛のエスタロッサ Jiai no Esutarossa)
Biological Description
Age 380
Birthday January 14
Race Demon
Gender Male Malesymbol
Height 200cm (6'6½")
Weight 95kg (209Ibs)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Silver
Blood Type AB
Relationships Demon King (father)
Meliodas (older brother)
Zeldris (younger brother)
Occupation Member of the Ten Commandments
Affiliation Demon Clan
Ten Commandments
Abilities Full Counter
Sacred Treasure
Symbol of Beast
Manga Debut Chapter 109
Anime Debut
Voiced by
Image Gallery

Estarossaエスタロッサ」 is an elite warrior of the Demon Clan, serving directly under the Demon King as the Love of the Ten Commandments.[1] He is also the Demon King's second son.


Estarossa resting
Full Appearance

Estarossa bears a great resemblance to the wanted poster of Meliodas. He is very tall and muscular, and wears a brown longcoat with golden gauntlets and boots. He has silver hair and noticeable facial stubble. He has the same demonic mark as his brothers, but unlike Meliodas, and like Zeldris, it is above his left eye.


He seems to have a normally relaxed demeanor and when Meliodas appears and threatens the Ten Commandments and they disperse in retaliation he doesn't seem overly bothered by the situation. Beneath this aloof exterior, however, is a very sadistic and cold side. He cites Meliodas' former ruthlessness as one of the traits he used to admire most about him, and clearly takes pleasures in torturing his estranged brother as punishment for his betrayal of his own kind.


3,000 years ago

When Estarossa was young and an original member of the Ten Commandments, he once looked up to Meliodas for his strength, ruthlessness and callous disregard for life as an inspiration to become like him. However that love turned to hate when the future leader of the Seven Deadly Sins turned against his own kind and killing two commandments for unknown reasons and triggered the war.

Along with the rest of the Demon Clan, Estarossa was sealed away by the Goddess Clan after losing the Ancient War against the other four races (humans, fairies, giants, and goddesses).


Albion arc

Estarossa appearing in Elizabeth's dream

Estarossa appearing in Elizabeth's dream

After Hendrickson broke the seal, Estarossa and the rest of the Ten Commandments appeared before the terrified ex-Great Holy Knight and Fraudrin in Dreyfus' body who greeted them and informed them of the current events in Britannia. After Zeldris suggests recuperation at Edinburgh Hill to recover their severely drained magical powers, Estarossa took flight and left Zhuhur Valley, following his comrades while leaving behind a terrified Hendrickson. Arriving at Edinburgh Hill, Estarossa and the rest of the commandments find a deformed castle. Estarossa decides to relax on the ruined castle. He appears before Elizabeth Liones, in her dream, where she mistook him for Meliodas in the latter's wanted poster. Curiously he is wearing the same armor Meliodas wore 10 years ago.

Istar arc

After getting bored of waiting, Estarossa and the others decided on eating human soul to slowly return their magic back by sending a Red Demon and a Gray Demon until the demons were stopped by three Holy Knights and Hendrickson. Estarossa was confronted by Meliodas when the latter arrived to give them a warning. He then proceeded to watch Galand fight Meliodas, where the former was beaten in under 10 seconds.

After Meliodas' warning, Zeldris suggests that the Ten Commandments split up and move across the land to regain their magic faster, while calming Galand down after his loss against Meliodas. However, Zeldris remained behind and Estarossa refused to move as he wanted to relax after being sealed for so long. Zeldris decided to look around, leaving his brother alone to relax. A bird lands on Estarossa arm and begins chirping until it suddenly grows into a mutated beast and subsequently explodes.

Great Fight Festival arc

Estarossa stopping Meliodas' Revenge Counter

Estarossa stops Meliodas' attack.

He, along with the other Commandments, arrive to aid Drole and Gloxinia, who are facing off against Meliodas.[2] For most of the battle, he stays on the sidelines, merely observing with a smile but, when Meliodas attempts to finish them all off in one go with his move, Revenge Counter, Estarossa finally steps in, and effortlessly halts the attack by placing his hand on Meliodas' blade. He tells the barely conscious Meliodas he truly didn't want it to come to this, and asks if he understands as he begins to crush his chest underneath his boot. He explains it's because he loves Meliodas.[3] As he listens to Meliodas screaming, he begins to reminisce and when Meliodas' comrades are mentioned, he becomes angrier, beginning to choke Meliodas as he sarcastically asks when he plans on betraying them. He laments over how great Meliodas used to be before his unexpected betrayal, before deciding to let Melascula finish him off.[4]

However, before Melascula can eat Meliodas' soul, she is summarily killed by Ban of the Seven Deadly Sins. Estarossa believes that Melascula deserved to die for daring to try and eat his brother's soul, and even thanks the human before admitting that he was about to kill her anyway. He then proceeds to destroy each of Meliodas' seven hearts, as Ban tries to stop him in vain. He cries as he kills Meliodas, and obliterates Ban for being too noisy. When the deed is done, Estarossa declares Britannia at the Demon Clan's mercy, and the Ten Commandments set out again, to solidify their conquest.[5]

Defensive Battle for Liones arc

After one month of uncontested reign, Estarossa, Grayroad, Fraudrin and Zeldris are confronted by several Holy Knights and Ban, while trying to conquer Liones Castle. Revealing the effect of his Commandment and rendering all his opponents powerless, he is surprised when Escanor suddenly appears unaffected. Escanor states it because the only thing he feels towards those weaker than him is pity, and Estarossa comments on the arrogance of that remark, as they stare each other down.

Escanor confronts Estarossa

Estarossa confronted by Escanor.

When Estarossa realizes that Escanor must have been the one to defeat Galand Escanor tells him not to hate him, as it would ruin the fight if he was powerless. As they share a good-natured laugh over Escanor's concern, Estarossa suddenly uppercuts him and then punches him into the ground, then kicks him back to the surface. He moves in for another attack put sees the visage of the Sun and suddenly blocks one of Escanor's attacks. Though at first he seems fine, he momentarily becomes dizzy and falls to his knees. Estarossa, becomes excited at the prospect of a real fight, but Escanor calls his statement presumptuous and brings Rhitta down for an attack, only for it to rebound back to him. Estarossa explains his power, Full Counter and the two exchange names, in preparation to kill one another. Escanor then decides to fight seriously as well, and materializes a miniature sun.

Estarossa using Black Out on Escanor Sun

Estarossa nullifying Escanor's Cruel Sun

After confirming the location of a nearby lake with Ban, Escanor bunts Estarossa away, crashes him into the lake, and vaporizes it in an instant. Estaorssa survives, thanks to his darkness, and quickly heals his wounds. When they both decide to end things quickly, Estarossa wraps Escanor's Cruel Sun in the darkness of his Blackout technique and charges, they clash, and again Escanor's attack is rebounded at him. Estarossa states that his magic is superior because he can block out Escanor's sun, and Full Counter makes all physical attacks useless, assumes that he has won.

But then suddenly Escanor slashes his chest with an attack he could not see, and his sun dispells the darkness. Estarossa doesn't understand why Escanor's power is increasing, and Escanor tells him the only one who makes decision about his power, is him. He then commands Estarossa to die, and unleashes a furious attack. Zeldris attempts to aid his brother, but both of them are sent flying off into the distance.

Abilities and Equipment

As a member of the Ten Commandments, Estarossa is exceptionally powerful. Like all members of the Demon Clan, he is able to manipulate the mysterious jet-black power of darkness for a variety of purposes, such as forming a sphere for battle and wings for flight. His aura, combined with the aura of the other Ten Commandments is so terrifying that it made the normally calm Hendrickson sweat in fear by their presence. He has the power to turn other living creatures into demons, similar to the effects of drinking Red Demon's blood.[6] Those incompatible with the power will explode.[7][8] A hint to his true power is given when Drole and Gloxinia, fellow Commandments, are shocked to see someone else with a level of magic power similar to his.[9]

Estarossa possesses immense levels of speed and strength. He instantaneously moved behind Ban in order to attack Meliodas.[10] When Ban tried to break his neck or steal his strength with Hunter Fest, he acted as if nothing was happening, showing just how truly astonishing his physical strength is.[11] He also possesses immense levels of durability and endurance, shown when he was completely unfazed by Ban's Fox Hunt[12] and survives Escanor's Cruel Sun and Pride Flare after being hit at point-blank range.[13]


Main article: Full Counter
  • Full Counter全反撃 (フルカウンター)  Zen Hangeki (Furukauntā)」: Like his older brother Meliodas, Estarossa's special power is also called Full Counter. However, whereas Meliodas could only return magical abilities with more than double the strength, Estarossa is only able to return physical attacks more than double their original strength.[14]
Main article: Hellblaze
  • Enchantment: Hellblaze付呪 (エンチャント) 「獄炎」 (ヘルブレイズ)  Fuju (Enchanto): "Gokuen (Herubureizu)"」: A mysterious ability possessed by Estarossa that allows him to generate black flames. The technique also has the additional effect of nullifying an immortal's regeneration.
  • Rebellion反逆剣 (リベリオン)  Hangyaku-ken (Riberion); literally meaning "Rebellion Swords"」: Estarossa materializes seven black swords, each with a distinct form.[15]
  • Blackout暗黒回帰 (ブラックアウト)  Ankoku Kaiki (Burakkuauto); literally meaning "Dark Regression"」: Estarossa engulfs a specific target with his darkness.[16]


The Demon King bestowed Estarossa with the commandment of Love () (あい)  Jiai」. Those who stand before him with hatred in their hearts will be rendered powerless to harm or inflict damage on anyone else.[17] Its power allowed Estarossa to suppress Meliodas' Revenge Counter and render him powerless afterwards.[18]

Power Level

Total Magic Strength Spirit



Estarossa used to admire Meliodas more than anyone, loving his power and ruthlessness. But that love was mixed with burning rage, when Meliodas' betrayal lead to the Great War and titled the balance of power against the Demon Clan, leading to them being sealed. When they finally meet again, he revels in torturing his brother while also crying when delivering the final blow.

Ten Commandments


Not much is known about their relationship. Zeldris seems to sometimes be exasperated with Estarossa's laid-back attitude but still respects him. How he regards Zeldris is less clear.


Great Fight Festival arc

Defensive Battle for Liones arc


  • According to the official fanbook:
    • Handedness: Right-handed
    • Birthplace: Demon Realm
    • Special ability: Turning living beings into demons
    • Hobbies: Dragon Slaying
    • Daily Routine: Goddess Slaying
    • Favorite food: Dragon meat
    • Dream/Hope: Being the best
    • Charmpoint: Nothing
  • According to his power level, Estarossa has the highest amount of strength measured accurately thus far in the series.


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