The Courage Charm勇気のまじない Yūki no Majinai」 is the 20th episode of The Seven Deadly Sins anime series.



Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Manga & Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In the anime, Dreyfus separates from the others, staying alone, while in the manga goes with them to the battlefield.
  • In the anime, Diane, King, Gowther, Guila, Jericho, Howzer, and Dreyfus weren't under Vivian's teleportation spell.
  • In the anime, Gilthunder and Vivian were talking about an "upcoming new world" that Hendrickson was planning to make.
  • In the anime, Arthur didn't mention to Meliodas that the fight with Hendrickson was his first or the fact Hendrickson was manipulating him on using some kind of power.
  • The anime doesn't show Slader trying to enter the king's chamber
  • In the anime, Margaret watches the fight from a nearby tower, while in the manga she runs towards the battlefield.
  • In the anime, the only teleportation Merlin did on Viviann was at the Flying Dragon nest and straight back to Liones.
  • The anime doesn't show Ban interrogating a Holy Knight about the location of the Horn of Cernunnos.


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