The Vaizel Fight Festivalバイゼル喧嘩祭り Baizeru Kenka Matsuri」 is the 10th episode of The Seven Deadly Sins anime series.



Elizabeth and Diane are out in the forest outside of Vaizel searching for anything that might be edible. Elizabeth stumbles upon a pile of mushrooms but is frightened when a large, purple mushroom appears. Diane comes running over and sees the overlarge mushroom. She taps it on the head and it squirts out pink smoke that engulfs them.

Back in Vaizel, the elimination round begins with the rules being that contestants have to push their opponents out of the ring. The eight contestants left standing will move on to the finals. The eight contestants left standing are Holy Knight Griamore, a mysterious girl named Matrona, Holy Knight Howzer, Taizoo, Old Fart, Cain Barzad, Meliodafu, and Baan. The first matchup is Griamore vs. Matrona, the second matchup is Howzer vs. Taizoo, the third matchup is Cain vs. Old Fart, and the fourth matchup is Meliodafu vs. Baan.

Griamore and Matrona steps into the ring but Matrona is asked to remove her cloak to make sure she is not hiding any weapons. Underneath, Matrona is wearing Elizabeth's clothing raising Meliodas' suspicions. Griamore and Matrona fight and Matrona ends up being the victor by sending Griamore flying. Matrona ends up being revealed to be actually Diane and King asks how she ended up that size. She tells him about the mushroom they encountered. King says that they must have met a Chicken-Matango and it shrunk them because it felt threatened.

Meanwhile, Howzer and Taizoo go at it but Howzer uses his special ability and sends up flying out of the ring.

Veronica goes to find Griamore, followed by Howzer. He asks the two what they are doing out here and learns that they are looking for Elizabeth.

King goes up against Cain Barzad and looses after having been pushed out of the ring.

The final round is Meliodas against Ban. Howzer learns from Griamore and Veronica that King, Ban, and Meliodas are part of the Seven Deadly Sins.

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