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For the character in the main series, see Elizabeth Liones
For the character that is a member of the Goddess Clan, see Elizabeth (Goddess)
Elizabeth Oneshot
Kanji/Kana エリザベス
Rōmaji Erizabesu
Biological Description
Age n/a
Race Human
Gender Female Femalesymbol
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Silver
Blood Type
Relationships Father
Occupation Former Princess
Affiliation Royal Family
Sacred Treasure
Symbol of Beast
Manga Debut Oneshot
Anime Debut
Voiced by
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Elizabethエリザベス」 is a former princess of the kingdom, and a current wanted fugitive. She is the main female protagonist of Nanatsu no Taizai (Oneshot) and joins Meliodas in his journey to find the Seven Deadly Sins.


Elizabeth wear a dark yellow shirt which kind of expose her chest and a short skirt.

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Unlike her series counter part, Elizabeth is more bold and naive, and tend to be a big eater. But she still show sign that she will do anything to protect her kingdom. Elizabeth doesn't seem to mind being seen naked since she always had someone bathing her being a princess.

She has a huge appetite.


Elizabeth was a princess from a kingdom but her father was overthrown by the Holy Knights and seek the Seven Deadly Sins for help.



Elizabeth stuffing herself

Elizabeth stuffing her face

After escaping the castle, Elizabeth went to a bar in snow, cover herself in scarf, but when she enter the bar, everyone thought she was a ghost and she was calling for the Seven Deadly Sins but she ended up tripping on the floor and her scarf was removed. Elizabeth got up and told everyone she was looking for the Seven Deadly Sins, but then a group of low class Holy Knights appeared and were treating her and told her who they are, but Elizabeth told them she hates the Holy Knights which made them angry and were about to kill her, but the bar owner Meliodas told them to get out but told Elizabeth to stay. After Meliodas used the trap door on them, Meliodas served Elizabeth some
Elizabeth showing her resolve

Elizabeth showing her resolve

food and asked her why she is looking for the Seven but Elizabeth end up sleeping and Meliodas carry her to bed. After she took a bath, Meliodas questioned her as to why she was looking for the Seven, and she explained that the Holy Knights forced everyone into slavery and the king was overthrown. Elizabeth believed that the Seven are the only people who could defeat them. Meliodas then questioned her idea as if the Seven were bad people and how far can she go. Elizabeth then got out a knife and was about to stab herself to prove how far she could go but Meliodas stopped her and understood her goal.

But then a huge crash sounded at the front door of the bar which revealed a higher rank Holy Knights named Alioni and the same people (who are beaten up by the Alioni) come toward them. After Meliodas defeated all of them and revealed himself to be one of the Seven Deadly Sins, he told Elizabeth that he would help her to save her kingdom which made Elizabeth happy. Meliodas then revealed to Elizabeth the secret giant robot spider underneath the bar and went off to their next adventure to find the other Sins.


Elizabeth, being an ordinary human, possesses no superhuman abilities or equipment's.



  • The names, Elizabeth, or Elisabeth, are the Greek transcriptions of the Hebrew name Elisheva, which means "God's promise", "oath of God", or "I am God’s daughter".