King using Status Promotion
 Kanji/Kana 災厄(ディザスター)
 Rōmaji Saiyaku (Dizasutā)
 Also Known As
 User(s) King
 Weapon Chastiefol
Status Promotion • Condense Power
Media Debut
 Manga Chapter 25

Disaster災厄 (ディザスター)  Saiyaku (Dizasutā)」 is a power shared by the Grizzly's Sin of Sloth, King[1] and Gloxinia of the Ten Commandments. It gives them complete control over life and death, granting them the authority to rule over the forest as the Fairy King.[2]


Disaster was first shown as a power that allowed King to completely draw out the mysterious qualities of the Spirit Spear, Chastiefol.[1]

During his match against Cain, King was shown using his power to trigger the old man's rheumatic joints.[3]

Merlin further clarifies King's power as one that is capable of exercising complete control over life and death, by which the user can elevate or diminish the natural state of something. A slight scratch can develop into a severe wound, mild poisons become lethal toxins and a small tumor can rapidly spread throughout the body. It is a fitting power for one who calls themselves the Fairy King as it gives the user authority over nature, letting them grow and propagate the plants and trees as they see fit, or allowing them to wither and decay.[2]


  • Status Promotion状態促進 (ステータスプロモーション)  Jōtai Sokushin (Sutētasu Puromōshon); literally meaning "Status Promotion"」: Using this technique, King can cause the slightest scratch to split open into a gaping wound.[4]
  • Condense Power養分凝縮 (コンデンスパワー)  Yōbun Gyōshuku (Kondensu Pawā); literally meaning "Condense Nutrients"」: King rapidly concentrates the remaining moisture within a tree branch, condensing it into a single spot. The condensed water droplet becomes a deadly bullet that King can freely control.[5]



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