Curse不浄 (カース)  Fujō (Kāsu)」 is a curse-inflicting power possessed by Grayroad of the Ten Commandments.


Curse is a power that enables its user to inflict their targets with various kinds of ailments, making it possible to defeat enemies without having to resort to violence.


  • Jubaku Ensa呪縛怨鎖 (じゅばくえんさ)  Jubaku Ensa; literally meaning "Binding Resentment Chains"」: The spell summons chains made out of darkness in order to trap an opponent with them. Those who are trapped by the chains, are cursed and unable to leave the location they currently are in. Gilfrost commented that there is an incredible amount of power behind them.[1]
  • Five Lost五識是空 (ファイブロスト)  Goshiki Zekū (Faiburosuto)」: A spell that creates a magical orb that causes the victim to lose all five of their senses upon contact.[2]
  • Breakable Bug五分の魂群 (ブレイカブルバグ)  Gofun no Kongun (Bureikaburu Bagu)」: A spell that summons a swarm of insects. The full effect of this spell was not shown as Merlin stopped the attack before it was able to connect.[3]


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