Coffin of Eternal Darkness
Demon Clan seal
 Kanji/Kana 常闇の棺
 Rōmaji Tokoyami no Hitsugi
 Also Known As
 User(s) Hendrickson
 Creator Dabuzu
 Affiliation Goddess Clan
Demon Clan
 Origin Created to seal away the Demon Clan by the Goddess Clan aided by the three other Clans (Human, Fairy, and Giant)
Seals away the Demon Clan
Media Debut

The Coffin of Eternal Darkness常闇の棺 Tokoyami no Hitsugi」 is a powerful ritual relic that was used to seal away the Demon Clan for the past three thousand years after their defeat at the hands of the allied clans.[1]

Appearance Edit

The relic takes the appearance of a circular relief that contains four fragments each representing one of the four clans that united against the demon clan with the Dragon Handle placed in the center.

Background Edit

Demon Gate incomplete

Coffin nearly broken

Three thousand years ago, when the Four Clans emerged victorious over the Demon Clan, the giant craftsman Dabuzu [2] created the Coffin of Eternal Darkness to seal them away and cut off their realm to the physical world, bringing the land of Britannia to an era of peace ruled by humans whilst the Goddesses, Giants and Fairies withdrew back to their respective realms. The Coffin was then broke off into fragments in hopes that the Demon Clan remained sealed. However few Demons namely the Red Demon, the Gray Demon and Fraudrin managed to escape the seal and went off separate ways either wreaking havoc in Britannia or plotting the revival of their Clan.

At some point, Meliodas received the Dragon Handle, the key to the Coffin and was tasked in guarding it at all costs with his life until he later lost it to Helbram in their chaotic battle in Vaizel. Upon the completion of the gathering of fragments of the Coffin of Eternal Darkness with the addition of the newly-claimed Dragon Handle, the Coffin was complete although it only managed to barely open the rift of the Demon Realm for the demonic entities to get through to which Hendrickson concludes that Elizabeth Liones was needed for the completion of the ritual. Despite his defeat at the hands of Meliodas, Hendrickson fled to Zhuhur Valley with the Coffin of Eternal Darkness. Nearly dying, Fraudrin appears as Dreyfus and heals him that allows the former Great Holy Knight to finally complete the ritual with the bandage cloth containing Elizabeth's blood, although it was incomplete, the ritual succeeded and nine demons were released from the Coffin but the majority of their powers were severely drained and they head to Edinburgh Hill to recuperate.

Abilities Edit

The Coffin of Eternal Darkness is a very powerful seal formed by the magics of the four clans that has kept the Demon Clan from entering the physical realm for three thousand years. The side effect is that the majority of the demons' powers was severely drained to a Nil that they needed recuperation. Despite its sealing power, a number of demons managed to escape from the seal. It has also been booby trapped with magic that kills anyone attempting to tamper with the coffin.

In order to break the seal, the Coffin requires all its four fragments gathered with the Dragon Handle and the blood of the Apostle of the Goddess as the key to the release of the Demon Clan with a ritual that requires an incantation of an ancient language of Britannia.


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