The Almighty vs. the Greatest Evil
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Kanji/Kana 最強 vs.最凶
Rōmaji Saikyō vs. Saikyō
Volume 29
WSM Issue 39-2017
Pages 20
Story Arc Corand arc
Release Date August 30, 2017
Chapter 231 Chapter 233
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The Almighty vs. the Greatest Evil最強 vs.最凶 Saikyō vs. Saikyō」 is the 232nd chapter of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.

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Q237. Katana-san (From Ibaraki Prefecture): What is Howzer's mother's name?

Nakaba: Edda. Though I get the feeling I haven't had the chance for her to properly make an appearance yet.

Q238. Naa-chan (From Ōita Prefecture): Do any Giants other than Diane and Matrona still exist?

Nakaba: Yes. They're still living in hiding here and there.

Q239. Missa-san (From Yamaguchi Prefecture): Is Cath still snuggled up against Arthur even when he's sleeping?

Nakaba: Yup. Just like that.

Q240. Venomous Bug Festival (From Niigata Prefecture): If Ban doesn't cut his hair or beard, would they grow for all eternity?

Nakaba: Well... Yeah... I suppose they would.

Q241. Ultra Soul-san (From Miyagi Prefecture): When does Escanor sleep?

Nakaba: You know, during that short time between night time and sunrise.

Q242. KK-san (From Hokkaido): Which is heavier? The War Hammer Gideon or the Divine Axe Rhitta?

Nakaba: The Divine Axe Rhitta is many times heavier than the War Hammer Gideon.

Q243. The Sin of Overeating (From Aomori Prefecture): If you tell a lie in front of Galand, even in April's Fool Day, will you still turn into stone?

Nakaba: I'll try it out next April's Fool Day (lol)... Though seriously, yeah, you'd get turned on stone.

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