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Someday, I Swear
English | Japanese


Kanji/Kana いつか必ず
Rōmaji Itsuka Kanarazu
Volume 4
WSM Issue 17-2013
Pages 20
Story Arc Capital of the Dead arc
Release Date March 27, 2013
Chapter 22 Chapter 24
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Someday, I Swearいつか必ず Itsuka Kanarazu」 is the 23rd chapter of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.

Short Summary

Ban is completely turned into a living statue by King, who begins to leave whilst believing that he has defeated Ban. Suddenly, Elaine appears before Ban and releases his petrification with a single kiss. Elaine begins chatting with Ban whilst the confused King tries to gain her attention. A subtle explosion occurs faraway, leading Ban to realize that there is a Holy Knight. Before he leaves to join the battle against Guila, he declares "Someday I'll definitely make you mine" to Elaine. Meanwhile, Meliodas and Diane continue their battle against Guila, but are struggling against her ability, Explosion. Just as she is about to strike, Ban appears behind her and stops her movements with a mysterious technique.

Long Synopsis

Character(s) in order of appearance

Fights and Events



Capital of the Dead arc
Fights and Events
Meliodas vs. OsloBan vs. King (Part 1)Ban vs. King (Part 2)Meliodas, Diane & Ban vs. GuilaKing vs. Guila

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