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A Pursuer to Fear
English | Japanese


Kanji/Kana 恐るべき追跡者
Rōmaji Osorubeki Tsuiseki-sha
Volume 3
WSM Issue 16-2013
Pages 25
Story Arc Capital of the Dead arc
Release Date March 20, 2013
Chapter 21 Chapter 23
List of Chapters

A Pursuer to Fear恐るべき追跡者 Osorubeki Tsuiseki-sha」 is the 22nd chapter of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.

Short Summary

King continues to fight against Ban, and reveals his intentions of turning him into a living statue that will never move again. At the same time, Meliodas and his group encounter Guila, who entered the Capital of the Dead by killing herself. She begins the battle, and Meliodas immediately tells Hawk to run away with Elizabeth after realizing how dangerous she is. Both Diane and Meliodas are easily suppressed by Guila. Meanwhile, Ban is completely turned into a statue after repeating again, "Really, look nothing alike", to King. Nearby, Elaine appears and witnesses the battle.

Long Synopsis

Fights and Events

Character(s) in order of appearance



Capital of the Dead arc
Fights and Events
Meliodas vs. OsloBan vs. King (Part 1)Ban vs. King (Part 2)Meliodas, Diane & Ban vs. GuilaKing vs. Guila

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