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Storm's Brewing
English | Japanese


Kanji/Kana 嵐の予感
Rōmaji Arashi no Yokan
Volume 3
WSM Issue 11-2013
Pages 22
Story Arc Capital of the Dead arc
Release Date February 13, 2013
Chapter 16 Chapter 18
List of Chapters

Storm's Brewing嵐の予感 Arashi no Yokan」 is the 17th chapter of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.

Short Summary

During their journey toward Capital of the Dead, after leaving Dalmary Town, the group is confronted by two Holy Knights, Andre and his partner. Initially deceived, they soon realize Meliodas to be one of the Seven Deadly Sins, but are then killed by the sudden appearance of Oslow. After the Black Hound grows huge due to Ban's threats, Meliodas successfully intimidates the creature with his sword's unexplained abilities. Meanwhile, King is then revealed to be engaged in a temporary alliance with the Holy Knights, during his and Gilthunder's conversation.

Long Synopsis

Fights and Events

Character(s) in order of appearance



Capital of the Dead arc
Fights and Events
Meliodas vs. OsloBan vs. King (Part 1)Ban vs. King (Part 2)Meliodas, Diane & Ban vs. GuilaKing vs. Guila

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