The Capital of the Dead arc (死者の都編, Shisha no Miyako-hen)[1] is the fourth story arc of the series. It lasted 10 chapters, from Chapter 17 to Chapter 26.


Having found three Sins, the group seek out King, The Grizzly's Sin of Sloth, who is said to be resting in the Capital of the Dead. The group soon encounter him, but the reunion doesn't go as planned. King is working with the Holy Knights in order to kill Ban, whom be blames for his sister's death. King and the others eventually make their may into the Capital of the Dead, where Ban is reunited with King's sister, Elaine. The Holy Knight, Guila uses this opportunity to engage the Sins in combat, and they are quickly overwhelmed by her strength. While the Sins defend against Guila, King learns about what happened between his sister and Ban.

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Three days later, and after Elizabeth's complete recovery, the Boar Hat, and the group, now including Ban, leave Dalmary Town. Meliodas decides to not head towards the Kingdom's capital yet, but instead, they move further away. On the road, they are confronted by two Holy Knight apprentices, with one known as Andre. When they plan to fool the Holy Knights failed and a Black Hound came and killed them off, Meliodas intimidates the Black Hound with his Broken Blade's powers and it run away. We then return to a unknown village where the another sins was revealed named King who is working with Gilthunder and was the master of the Black Hound named Oslow who told him who are the Sins. Gradually, the characters arrive at a lonely village that is said to be closet to the Capital of the Dead. The Boar Hats decides to open the bar in order to earn some money for food, and begin giving everyone roles. When Ban begins complaining about working, when everyone was about to begin working, they discover that Ban had escaped.

Ban heads into town and discovers a little girl, named Elle". Ban rush to her side after she collapsed. The girl, Ellen, brother, believing that Ban is harming her, attacks him. When he learns of the truth, he apologetically questions Ban as to how he can "erase his sin", with Ban commenting that a real sin can never be erased. As soon he finishes his statement, Ban is then suddenly stabbed in the chest with a spear by King. Ban and King ended up having a fight with one another, Ban prepares to utilize a special ability, which Meliodas quickly stops. Ban was shown to be completely shocked and not being able comprehend when they told him the person he is fighting was King. Later, after King escapes, Ban cooks a meal in the Boar Hat, when the children inform them that King has also tried many times to enter the Capital of the Dead. In regards to entering it, Ellen then recites a riddle, stating that a priceless memory shared with the deceased will open the path to the capital. Possibly understanding it, Ban thanks them, with the group heading to the entrance to the Capital.

At the location of the entrance, the group notices flowers to have suddenly and mysteriously bloomed; the petals of the flowers then swirl around them in a circular fashion, thus transporting them to the Capital of the Dead. Ban immediately notices a girl and rushes in her chase, with King, in turn, following Ban. While Ban was away chasing the girl, Meliodas and Diane face off a Holy Knight named Guila who killed herself to be there and notice how dangerous she was, Meliodas told Elizabeth to escape with Hawk while the two fights. In response, Meliodas draws his broken blade and utilizes Full Counter against Guila, who reveals that she knows the ability. As Ban was chasing the girl and King was following him, King and Ban end up having another fight. King narrates how he came to discover his hometown to have been burned to the ground, then trapping Ban by transforming his pillow into a giant stuffed bear, and angrily reveals that the Guardian Saint whom Ban killed was his sister. When Ban, in response, declares that he is immortal, King uses a form of his sacred treasure that petrifies all whom it impales. Ban's skin around the impaled area are shown to have petrified.

When Ban turns completely into a statue and King leaving the body behind, King notices spheres of light approaching Ban, and as he recognizes the spheres to be Elaine, she kisses Ban in order to break King's curse. They exchange their greetings, when King confusingly yells at them, questioning whether Elaine was still angry at him for leaving her and his kingdom. The three are distracted by a huge explosion some distance away. Noticing that a Holy Knight has arrived, Ban proceeds to head there, but only before telling Elaine that he will definitely make her his someday. Ban end up joining the fight but even with Ban on the team, they were getting badly hurt. King continues questioning Elaine why she forgave Ban and not him, but Elaine explained to him why she couldn't forgive King so easily. Before King says anything else Elizabeth and Hawk comes running by whilst trying to escape from Guila. King asks who they are, so Elizabeth and Hawk introduces themselves and that they are currently traveling with Meliodas. Elizabeth tells him what is happening in the battle field who in response, ask him to help her, but when he refuse, King was surprised by Elizabeth bravely tells him to run away instead and tries to borrow his spear to fight against Guila. Feeling inspired by Elizabeth's bravery, King activates levitates and heads to the battle.

As the battle continues, the Sins were losing but then King arrived and offers to help them and fight Guila alone. After King defeated Guila with ease. Elaine revealed that King was the Fair King of they home Kingdom. King then turns away from the defeated Guila, but Guila gets out of the rubble and attacks King. King then saved by Meliodas and notices that Guila's presence has left. Afterwards King along with the rest are rejected by the capital, which Elaine thanks him for protecting Ban before they leave. When they return to the living world, they sees how Guila got to the capital of the dead. King then volunteers to petrify her but Meliodas says that he will handle this. When they get back to the Boar's Hat, they wonder where the children are and King wonders if Guila did something. The children appear before King and Ban and watch as they disappear.

Later, everyone was seen eating fish, when King asks if Diane is okay which she says that she is. Ban then says that she was faking it to get Meliodas attention, which King yells at him and said that Diane won't do that. King then asks who Elizabeth is, which Meliodas reveals that she is the princess of the kingdom. King is shocked, turning into his former form. King then introduces himself. They then tells him that he can turn back, which King returns to his form and says that he is exhausted. King then almost gets into an argument with Ban, and Meliodas stops them. Elizabeth then compliments King on his fight against Guila, which King says that the other should have been able to defeat with the sacred treasures. King then asks what happened to their sacred treasure, which he is shocked when he hears what happen to them.

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