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Map of Britannia
Kanji/Kana ブリタニア
Rōmaji Buritania
Affiliation Kingdom of Liones
Kingdom of Camelot
Kingdom of Danafor (destroyed)
Fairy King's Forest
Kingdom of Edinburgh (destroyed)
Famous Products
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 1

Britanniaブリタニア Buritania」 is the main setting of most of the events in The Seven Deadly Sins series.


3,000 years ago

Britannia was once beset in a Holy War between the Four Races (Human, Giant, Fairy, and Goddess) and the Demon Clan, causing great destruction and death in the continent until the allied clans' victory with the Coffin of Eternal Darkness sealing away the Demon Realm from Britannia.

However, it is said that the races fought over the overflowing magic powers of this land and paid dearly for it.

Many years passed as the fairies, giants and goddesses had faded away into legend and folklore after returning to their respective realms including the Demon Clan among the people in Britannia and the humans ruled the realm with the Holy Knights as their guardians.



  • Britannia is the old name for Britain.
  • In the world of The Seven Deadly Sins, the territory shown as Britannia is actually Britain's northern territory, Scotland. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland.

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