Blue Demons青色の魔神 Aoiro no Majin」 are a family within the Demon Clan.[1]


The blue demons are giant, bird-like creatures with muscular physiques. Their arms resemble wings and they have coxcomb-like features on their heads.


Like both the Red Demons and Gray Demons they seem to act as servants to the more powerful demons, though they are not mindless and capable of individual thought.


Four of them were among the demons Melascula summoned into the physical world in order to collect souls for the Ten Commandments to consume in order to restore their magic powers.


Great Fight Festival arcEdit

The blue demons are first seen when one comes flying by Diane, frightening her as it roams around villages, distributing posters for the fight festival. Once they're done, they return to two of the Commandments, but are one member short.[2]. That demon preyed on Zor and Della, but then got crushed by Matrona.

Abilities and PowersEdit

They have the standard demonic power of darkness. According to Meliodas, they are known for their speed.[3]


Great Fight FestivalEdit


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