Bernia Village
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Bernia view

Kanji/Kana バーニアの村
Rōmaji Bānia no Mura
Location Britannia
Affiliation Mead
Famous Products
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 2

Bernia Village (バーニアの村, Bānia no Mura) is a small village located within Britannia. It is located seven miles southeast of Fort Solgales.


Bernia Ale Bottle

A bottle of Bernia Ale.

The village is renowned for brewing the famous Bernia Ale. The ale is made from the river water that flows through the village, hailed as having the best sweetness, richness and fragrance of apples in Britannia; along with grout (brewing herbs) that grow abundantly along the banks.[1]


Gilthunder's sword stopping the water flow in Bernia

Gilthunder's sword stopping the underground water source of Bernia's river.

A day before Meliodas, Hawk and Elizabeth came to Bernia, Gilthunder had come to Bernia, and had drunk the Bernia Ale. Even though it was the best Bernia had ever made, the Holy Knight insulted it and called it "only slightly better than a horse's urine". Angered, Mead put a bug in his next drink, which angered Gilthunder and caused him to seal the underground water source of the river in Bernia with a sword |imbued with his lightning magic. That prevented the villagers from making the ale, which is the sole economic income for the whole village.[2]

Bernia villegers trying to pull out Gilthunder's sword

Bernia's villagers trying their best to pull out the sword.

The villagers tried to remove the sword for two days with no success.[3] On the second day, they where informed by two knights that if they don't pull out the sword by sunset, their takes will be increased by ten tines. All the villagers unsuccessfully tried their best to pull out the sword. Meliodas, saying he didn't have money to pay for the two cups of Bernia ale he just drank, repaid it by removing the sword with ease, which made the water gush out like a fountain.[4]

Upon hearing that a kid pulled his sword out, Gilthunder threw a spear at the village in order to determine whether it was an accident or not.[5] Meliodas stopped the spear and threw it back at the Holy Knight, destroying Fort Solgales while doing so.[6]



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