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"There is something you should know, real genuine sins, no amount of repenting erases them."
— Ban to Ellen and Luigi in Touching Reunion

Manga | Anime

Ban Bookmark

Kanji/Kana バン
Rōmaji Ban
Alias Bandit Ban
Undead Ban
Fox's Sin of Greed
Lord Ban
Fairy King Ban
The Man of Greed
Biological Description
Age 43 (chronologically)
23 (biologically)
Birthday February 14
Race Human (immortal)
Gender Male Malesymbol
Height 210cm (6'11")
Weight 70kg (154Ibs)
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Pale Blue
Blood Type B
Relationships Elaine (lover)
Zhivago (adopt. father - deceased)
Unnamed Parents
Kilia (younger sister - deceased)
Rank Diamond (former)
Occupation Member of the Seven Deadly Sins
Chef of the Boar Hat
Bandit (former)
Holy Knight (former)
Affiliation Seven Deadly Sins
Abilities Snatch
Sacred Treasure Courechouse
Symbol of Beast Fox Symbol fox
Manga Debut Chapter 7
Anime Debut Episode 4
Voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Japanese)
Ben Diskin (English)
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Banバン」 is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins and is the Fox's Sin of Greed. After the group's disbandment, Ban was initially imprisoned in the Baste Dungeon,[1] but escaped when he discovered that Meliodas was still alive. His Sacred Treasure is the Holy Rod Courechouse. On top of being immortal, he is known for his ability, Snatch.


Ban's old look as Bandit Ban
Bandit Ban
Ban in Edindurgh's Vampire
Ban wanted
Ban's Wanted Poster

Ban is a tall, muscular man with pale skin, who possesses a set of well-developed abdominal muscles. He has short, spiky, pale blue hair and thin black eyebrows, as well as a pair of scarlet-red eyes. On the left side of his neck, he has a large scar given to him by Meliodas. At the end of the Baste Dungeon Arc, he is shown wearing a red leather jacket and pants with metal studs sewn into both, alongside shoes of a similar, yet darker color.

Ten years ago, Ban wore a full set of red armor with a helmet like the rest of his teammates and wielded either a three sectioned staff or a rapier. During his imprisonment at the Baste Dungeon, his hair had grown past his shoulders and had grown a large beard and mustache. However, soon after escaping his cell, he utilized Jericho's attacks to trim away his facial hair and to reduce his long hairstyle.

Due to losing his shirt during his fight against King in the Capital of the Dead Arc, Ban decided to wear an apron, until he was able to find a similar set of clothes during the Vaizel Fight Festival. His Seven Deadly Sins symbol of the Fox, is located above his waist on his left side. His wanted poster image, which is slightly accurate, depicts him with long hair that extends past his shoulders. The image also display a clear view of his distinctive scar.

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Ban is shown to be a passionate man. He take actions based on whatever catches his interest, such as escaping from prison after hearing his captain was alive,[2] and trying to steal Meliodas' sword, Dragon Handle, to discover why it was so important to him.[3] He has shown some aspects of greed, as well as selfish desire; however, he will stay his hand if he is given a good reason to stop. He has a strange habit of making singing tones while talking which he developed at a young age after he was adopted by Zhivago.

Despite his selfish and greedy personality, he is also shown to be caring, which is shown when he rushed toward Elaine to save her despite being a "bad person".

Ban is easily surprised and excited, as shown when he discovers Hawk's ability to talk and that the child he was fighting is actually King. Furthermore, when King transformed back into his previous, larger form, Ban was the only one who appeared to be astonished. Ban carries a deep hatred toward the Demon Clan, holding a grudge against them for killing Elaine, and he despises the very thought of resurrecting the clan.

Occasionally, Ban seems to act out of character. When Ban was planning to get the Horn of Cernunnos located under Kingdom of Liones' castle to revive Elaine, he was planning to save the kingdom, and be given the horn as a reward than stealing it for unknown reasons. Additionally, Ban has told the other Deadly Sins to not get into Meliodas' past as it was against their rules. Ban even told Meliodas that killing Dale as he is, was the best thing for him and that he shouldn't be naive.


30 years ago

Ban went around Ravens, living by stealing from others, constantly getting chased and beat by those he stole from, until eventually being caught one day and sent to Aberdeen Prison. There, a man offered him food which he gluttonously accepted. The man asked him his name which Ban returns, and tells him that his name is Zhivago.[4]

Ban escaped the prison with Zhivago and lived in his hideout, being fed by the man whenever they met up. He often complained about his parents who beat and brutalized the young sin on daily basis. At some point, he was tricked and kidnapped to be sold to Lord Roxanu, but was saved yet again by Zhivago who had happened to rob the cargo wagon he was on.

Ban asked the man to teach him how to steal, and despite Zhivago warning him of the dangers of such lifestyle, Ban accepted it. Zhivago then started teaching Ban how to steal, though the boy had often failed at his own attempts. Zhivago also told him stories of legendary heists; among them was the tale of the Fountain of Youth and its guardian saint which may have inspired Ban to visit the Fairy King's Forest later on. However, after agreeing to meet at a certain location one day, Ban who was overtaken by boredom decides to steal on his own and eventually was caught by Lord Roxanu's guards who beat him to a pulp. Zhivago saw the boy being beaten severely by the guards but decided to save his true son rather than Ban, crying for the latter to forgive him.

20 years ago

Elaine stopping Ban from drinking from the cup

Ban trapped by Elaine

Before he became a member of Seven Deadly Sins, Ban, then known as Bandit Ban, wanting to gain immortality, climbed the gigantic tree in the Fairy King's Forest, where the Fountain of Youth was located. After climbing to the top, Elaine, the fountain's guardian saint, tried to stop his quest, believing that he had malicious feelings, only for Ban to persistently climb back again and again, with actions of each annoying and angering the other. He then unsheathed his three-section staff and prepared to fight, and seemingly attacked her, but instead manipulated his staff to grab the cup that held the water from the fountain. However, before he could drink from it, he was quickly bound by the branches of the trees by Elaine.[5]

As soon as he gave up, Elaine realized his lack of malicious feelings by reading his mind, and released him. He then informed her of his name, and also the reason he desired immortality: though his life had not been very good, he felt that if he lived long enough, something good might finally happen to him. After a few more exchanges, Ban, stating that Elaine was "too much for [him]", climbed down from the tree, and apparently left. However, he soon came back up as he had only gone down to get his Ale collection book, which he had dropped when he was blown away by Elaine.[6] During the next seven days, both of them befriended each other, with Elaine even starting to have feelings for Ban and vice versa. During one of their interactions, Ban explained to Elaine that the reason why humans are greedy was because either they want something in order to survive or show that they exist in this world. When he learned of Elaine's desire to leave of the forest, he offered to take her outside. She, however, denied his offer, explaining that she had to protect the fountain, leading him to offer to find her brother, in whose stead she has been protecting the Fountain of Youth, and bring him back, which would relieve her of her duties and allow her to leave the forest. Hearing that, she hugged him, much to his surprise.[7]

Red Demon mortally wounding Ban and Elaine

Ban fatally wounded by Red Demon

Immediately stopping their conversation, a demon suddenly appeared and begun to burn the Fairy King's Forest with its purgatory fire. Instructing Elaine to get the Fountain of Youth and escape, Ban used his three-section staff to remove the heart of the demon with one hit, which, however, did not kill it, since demons have more than one heart. It then used its claws to fatally wound both Ban and Elaine, who, in desperation, gave him the cup which held the water from the Fountain of Youth. Since he did not have the strength to even drink the water due to his wound, Elaine made him drink it through a kiss, thus making him immortal. When his wounds healed due to his newly gained ability, he angrily and quickly killed the demon with his weapon.[8] As the whole forest burned due to the demon's purgatory fire, a dying Elaine gave him an almoca leaf, which was the forest's last seed, asking him to plant it somewhere. He then declared that he would definitely "make her his", but was cut off by her death. Sometime later, Ban planted the seed and soon grow into a new forest for the Fairies to live in, and they named him king. However, his "rule" was cut short as he was put on death row for apparently destroying the forest himself, drinking the fountain of youth, and killing Elaine. After being asked for any last words by the captain of the executioner knights, he simply said that his name was wrong, and that he was Undead Ban, not Bandit Ban.[9]

16 years ago

After his imprisonment, Ban was executed a total of 33 times, all of the executions having no effect on him due to his immortality. Sometime later, Meliodas arrived at Ban's cell, intending to have the convict join him, and was warned by Ban's guards of the man's immortality. When Meliodas entered the cell, Ban, thinking that another execution was to be performed, told him that he would merely sit as he was executed, only to find that the individual who had entered was a child. The young man then asked Ban to come with him, but he refused and stated that nothing existed for him outside, only for Meliodas to declare that he would take him out by force. Ban calmly stated that he would not restrain his strength, even against a child. Their battle ended with Ban being punched out of his cell, overjoyed by the fight, requesting that they continue their battle. After hearing Meliodas' statement that he would have to join him to continue to contest their strength, Ban continued to smile, implying that he only joined his captain to merely continue their fight.[10]

15 years ago

At some point in time, Ban went through a phase of collecting stuffed animals where he stole every single stuffed animal in the kingdom, justifying his "small" act by saying that he "worked hard" as a knight. This act, however, greatly angered King who complained that the little children throughout the town were crying. After Ban finally passed out and fell asleep, King silently returned all of the stuffed toys to the children.[11] Since then, Ban was followed by King wherever he went, much to his displeasure, giving the people an impression that they were a "dynamic duo". At another point of time, Ban went to a bar for a drink after training, still being followed by King while Meliodas talked to Dreyfus and Hendrickson. He later passed out after drinking, earning an angry glare from the former Fairy King. Sometime after that, Ban and the rest of the Deadly Sins met with the king who was accompanied by a young Elizabeth. However, he does not remember her being there until Gowther mentions it.

12 years ago

During the great battle at the Maiden Castle of Edinburgh, the Seven Deadly Sins were sent to battle against a group of vampires. Ban was sent on ahead to do reconnaissance and ended up battling a group of vampire-turned Holy Knights of Edinburgh which he defeated with ease. Soon after, Ban was confronted by Orlondi who restricted Ban with his tentacles and proceeded to drain him of his blood, commenting on how delightful it was that it just continued to flow. During the process, Ban, who was bored, ended up drunk and easily killed the vampire. Soon afterwards, Ban, in his drunken state, noticed Diane and King fighting a couple of vampires below and, using Physical Hunt, proceeded to drain them of all of their strength while laughing at them, enjoying their struggle. Then he challenged Merlin to a fight, which she accepted only on the terms that he could do a hundred-thousand push-ups, all in an attempt to tire him out, which worked, after which she teleported him back to Liones.

Ban receiving his scar from Meliodas

Ban gaining his only scar from Meliodas

After he became a member of the Seven Deadly Sins, Ban once took interest in Meliodas' sword because his captain never let his sword out of sight, and tried to steal it when the Sins rested after defeating a Tyrant Dragon. He was then attacked by Meliodas and given a lasting wound, despite his regenerative abilities, that would become his only scar, which he calls a special case.[12]

10 years ago

Ten years before Meliodas and Elizabeth's meeting, Ban, along with the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins, was summoned to a castle to meet the Great Holy Knight, Zaratras. After they found him dead there, all of them were ambushed by all of the Holy Knights in the kingdom,[13] with Ban later being able to escape under orders by his captain to disperse and later regroup to figure out the real culprit behind the Great Holy Knight's murder.

5 years ago

Desiring the "feeling of pain that could make him feel alive", Ban intentionally let himself be captured by the Weird Fangs,[14] who then imprisoned him within the Baste Dungeon and lost his Sacred Treasure after his capture.[1]


Introduction arc

Ban's wanted poster is displayed on a board inside the Boar Hat.[15]

Forest of White Dreams arc

Ban is first mentioned by Gilthunder to have been imprisoned in the Baste Dungeon.[16] After Meliodas and Gilthunder's fight, Ban is shown to be chained to a prison with guards that are guarding him stating that he has not moved or eaten any anything since his imprisonment, which was five years ago.[17]

Baste Dungeon arc

Ban stabbing Jude2

Ban stabbing Jude

When he hears that Meliodas was alive, Ban, wanting to meet his captain, easily escaped from his prison cell, and was immediately confronted by Jericho, who tried to kill him. Ban easily dodged all of Jericho's slashes and even purposely let her cut his hair. When Jericho is shocked that he dodged her attacks despite his severe wounds, Ban shows her that they have already healed, and points to his scar as the only scar he ever received.[18]

Ban then took Jericho's armor and clothes in an attempt to find decent armor before leaving.[19] Disappointingly, he discovered the armor to be too small, after which Ban came across a guard looking lustfully at a captive woman. He glanced at her, showing some interest, and proceeded to smash the guard's head into the bars. He then entered the cell by bending the bars, and told the woman that she "[was] his",[20] before stealing the dagger that she had hidden in her clothes. He commented on its good quality and tested it out by cutting her chains. She thanked him for releasing her, and requested the dagger back; however, he refused and declared that it belonged to him, which greatly frightened her.[21]

Jude arrived, intending to kill him, though Ban merely greeted the Holy Knight in return and asked for the reason he wished to kill him, with Jude answering that he had no more use for him since he had already fulfilled his role as a bait for Meliodas.[22] Engaging Jude in combat, Ban was quickly stabbed in the chest by one of the Holy Knight's thorn-like weapons. He, however, explained that he had actually let himself be captured five years earlier, and the reason for it. After removing the weapon from his chest, he easily stabbed Jude in the chest, expressing his excitement about the Holy Knights declaring war on the Seven Deadly Sins.[23]

Meliodas and Ban playing arm wrestling

Ban and Meliodas arm wrestle, and destroy the Baste Dungeon

Together with the frightened Sennett, Ban left the Baste Dungeon and encountered Meliodas, Diane, Hawk, and Elizabeth. He and Meliodas then greeted, high-fived each other, and then started arm wrestling, which resulted in the entire dungeon being destroyed. Afterwards, he told Meliodas that he was glad to see him again.[24] With the dungeon destroyed, he, along with the others and the imprisoned villagers, headed to Dalmary Town, where he went off on his own, stealing a set of red, studded clothes from a random villager.[25] Later that night, Ban was introduced to Elizabeth and noticed that Hawk is a talking pig, which greatly shocked him.[26] During the party, he started drinking and even rode on top of Hawk. Together with the rest of the group, he looked up at the sky to see it filled with crossing shooting stars, falling asleep on Hawk soon after.[27]

Capital of the Dead arc

Ban scaring black hound

Ban threatening Oslow with his killing intent.

Three days later, Ban, along with the rest of the party, left Dalmary Town, Elizabeth's recovery having caused their delay. As he and Meliodas decided upon their next destination,[28] they are abruptly stopped by two Holy Knight apprentices. Ban offered to quickly kill them, only for Meliodas to stop him, and trick the apprentices instead.[29] However, the two soon realized the Sins' identity due to Diane. Before they can take action, they were suddenly attacked by a black hound, who quickly killed the two apprentices. Though Ban tried to frighten it, it instead grew bigger, since black hounds are able to change their size depending on how frightened they feel. However, before he could proceed to kill the creature, Meliodas used his broken blade to scare it away, and then declares their next destination to be the Capital of the Dead, in order to to search for King, whom Ban expressed disdain for.[30]

In the town nearest to the Necropolis, Ban was assigned to cook in the Boar Hat, though he expressed several complaints .[31] After he escaped from work, Ban headed into town and discovered a little girl, Ellen, whom he mistook for his dead lover "Elaine".[32] She suddenly collapsed, leading him to rush by her side. Ellen's brother, Luigi believed that Ban was going to take her away, and attacked him. When he learned of the truth, he apologetically questioned Ban as to how he can "erase his sin". Ban responded that a real sin can never be erased. As soon he finished his statement, Ban was then suddenly stabbed in the chest with a spear by King.[33]

Ban questioned his assailant's identity, to which King replied, calling him, "Ban, The Undead", and revealed that Ban had killed the Saint of the Fountain of Youth to gain immortality. The two then engaged in battle, and after it continued tensely for a while, Ban prepared to utilize a special ability, which Meliodas quickly stops. The Sin of Wrath and Diane recognized King immediately, despite his changed appearance, with Ban being completely shocked and unable comprehend how the boy he fought was actually King.[34] Later, after King escaped, Ban cooked a meal for the children inside the Boar Hat, and children informed them that King had tried many times to enter the Capital of the Dead.[35] In regards to entering it, Ellen then recited a riddle, stating that a priceless memory shared with the deceased will open the path to the capital. Possibly understanding it, Ban thanked them, and the group headed to the entrance to the Capital.[36]

King using Fossilization on Ban

Ban being turned into stone (petrified) by King's spear.

At the location of the entrance, the group notices flowers to have suddenly and mysteriously bloomed; the petals of the flowers then swirl around them in a circular fashion, transporting them to the Capital of the Dead. Ban immediately notices a girl and chases her, with King, in turn, following Ban.[37] As he is chasing the girl, King provokes Ban, leading the latter to attack the former. However, King easily dodges Ban's attacks, convincing Ban of him being King.[38] King narrates how he came to discover his hometown to have been burned to the ground, then trapping Ban by transforming his pillow into a giant stuffed bear, and angrily reveals that the Guardian Saint whom Ban killed was his sister. When Ban, in response, declares that he is immortal, King uses a form of his Sacred Treasure that petrifies all whom it impales. Ban's skin around the impaled area is shown to have petrified.[39]

Ban returns to normal from Elaine's kiss

Elaine breaks the curse

Soon, Ban turns completely into a statue.[40] As King begins to leave, he notices spheres of light approaching Ban, and as he recognizes the spheres to be Elaine, his sister and the Guardian Saint of the Fountain, she kisses Ban in order to break King's curse. They exchange their greetings, when King confusingly yells at them, questioning whether Elaine was still angry at him. The three are distracted by a huge explosion some distance away. Noticing that a Holy Knight has arrived, Ban proceeds to head there, but only before telling Elaine that he will definitely make her his someday.[41] Ban then enters the battle and assists Meliodas and Diane by appearing to immobilize the Holy Knight who follows them to the Capital of Dead rapier, Guila, rapier using his ability, Snatch.[42]

Guila fighting the Sins

King attacking Guila by stabbing Ban.

Guila's retaliation heavily wounds him, but he regenerates within a few moments, leading her to comment upon his immortality.[43] As the battle continues, Guila stabs him in the neck while commenting on how weak the three Seven Deadly Sins were. However, King then arrives and attacks Guila by stabbing Ban through his back with his spear.[44] King explains that he has arrived to help the Sins, to which Ban sarcastically thanks him, and adds that this is for Meliodas and Diane, and also due to Elaine's feelings for Ban. Though Ban initially seems to be angered by King wanting to fight Guila alone, he quickly complies.[45]Ban and the two watch as King defeats Guila with ease, and as, when she uses the element of surprise to attack King from behind, Meliodas stops her repels her attack. As soon as she is defeated, everyone's bodies start disintegrating, the Capital of the Dead having begun to reject them due to them being alive and not belonging there. Ban says his final goodbyes to Elaine, before returning to the living world along with the rest.[46]

Meliodas, Diane and Ban saying they lost their sacred weapons

Ban drunkenly saying that his weapon was stolen.

After returning to the living world, they find Guila's real body, with Ban suggesting to kill her right then. Later, Ban and King find Ellen and her brother, who reveal themselves as ghosts that guide people who shared priceless memories with the dead, such as them, to the Capital. The both then disappear, but only after telling Ban that his cooking was delicious and thanking them, to which Ban, smiling, also thanks them in return. When King is told that Elizabeth is a princess, and he transforms himself into his older and fatter form, Ban is shown to be extremely surprised.[47] Later, Ban is shown to be drunk when King asks him, Diane and Meliodas as to what happened to their sacred treasures, with which, the three would have been easily able to defeat Guila. Ban drunkenly responds that his was stolen during his imprisonment,[48] much to King's irritation.[49] He then looks on as King explains to Hawk the significant increments in the Seven Deadly Sins' power, wielding a Sacred Treasure can create.[50]

Vaizel Fight Festival arc

Meliodas and Ban wants to enter the fight festival

Ban eager to enter the tournament.

The next day, Ban is shown to still be drunk as the Boar Hat.[51] He is later left behind along with Diane while Meliodas, Elizabeth, King and Hawk go to Biron because of his wanted poster's image's accuracy and her size as a giant.[52] Later, Ban accompanies Meliodas, Hawk, and King into Vaizel, while wearing an apron due to his shirt having been destroyed in the Capital of the Dead, since Meliodas speculates a sacred treasure of the three Sins to be among the objects sold in the the annual flee market of the town. There, a drunk elderly man directs them to the annual fighting tournament, whose reward is the weapon "that no one can use", which is revealed to be Diane's Sacred Treasure, Gideon. Ban and Meliodas eagerly join the tournament; Ban enters the names of the three, including King, under false names, and against King's will.[53]

During the preliminaries, Ban, while commenting the battles to be boring, easily defeats many other fighters and stole a new shirt similar to his previous one from an unfortunate man he just met.[54] After preliminary ends, he is shown to be among the eight fighters who have advanced to the main tournament, along with Meliodas and King. As their advancing is announced, he mocks King for winning in a cheap fashion by using his flight abilities.[55] During the determination of the match-ups, he is revealed to have entered King, himself, and Meliodas under the names of "Old Fart", much to King's annoyance, "Baan", and "Meliodafu". Howzer, a Holy Knight almost discovers the identities of the latter two from their physical traits, but in his naivety and stupidity, does not see through the obvious aliases.[56]

Meliodas and Ban continue to fight

Meliodas and Ban's battle continues.

Ban, standing among the audience, watches the battle between Griamore and Matrona. After the latter defeats the former, causing her hat to fall off and reveals her face, which is identical to Diane, Ban looks on bewilderingly.[57] Ban similarly looks on while Howzer and Taizoo fight, and also explains to Meliodas and King about Taizoo losing against the Holy Knight.[58] After the third battle of the main tournament, between between Cain, the elderly man who directed the four to the tournament, and King ends with the latter losing, Ban finally readies himself for his battle against Meliodas.[59]

As their battle begins, Meliodas compares the ring, and the tournament's rules of a fighter being disqualified if he is pushed out of the ring, to "something" long ago. Telling Ban that he will remember soon, Meliodas punches him with great strength in his face. This reminds him of the mentioned episode: Meliodas and Ban's first meeting when the latter was still imprisoned, for supposedly burning the Fairy King's Forest and killing its guardian, that led to him joining Meliodas. Ban seems to have been pushed out of the ring, but regains his balance, and proceeds to exchange a series of attacks with Meliodas. One of Meliodas' retaliations sends Ban crashing into the ring, and even breaks the Great Vaizel Rock, on which the ring is located. Ban heals himself instantly, much to the audience's surprise, and continues to fight. As their battle continues, Meliodas punches Ban again; however, he then falls down to his knees, due to Ban having used his ability, "Snatch".[60]

Ban taking part of Meliodas streangth

Ban in a state of ecstasy at having a great amount of strength in him.

Ban immediately heals himself, and attacks Meliodas again. When the latter tries to retaliate, he appears to have weakened. As Ban displays his increased speed, Meliodas attacks him again, but as before, is easily defeated, and seems to be continuously losing his stamina and the battle as the fight continues. This leads King to explain that Ban's ability, Snatch, enabled him to "rob" not only physical objects, but also physical abilities such as speed and stamina; the reason why Meliodas was on his knees without receiving any damage was that Ban had "robbed" him of his physical abilities.[61] As the battle continues in Ban's favor, Meliodas, lifting Ban with one hand, smashes him repeatedly on the ground. Ban, however, is then revealed to have stolen Meliodas' physical strength during the attack. Ban, wanting to test his strength now, punches Meliodas, but is stopped by a single punch. Ban stops himself from being pushed out of the ring, and wonders how bottomless his captain's powers are.[62]

He, again, instantly heals his wounds, Ban states that since the battle would not end by stealing of speed and strength in small doses, he will now rob all of Meliodas' abilities. Meliodas attacks Ban with a barrage of punches, and the latter continues stealing the former's abilities. In the end, all of Meliodas' abilities are shown to have been stolen before he is able to defeat Ban, as the Sin of Greed smirks while standing over his collapsed and weakened captain.[63] Ban tests the strength he has stolen by swinging his hand, the mere resulting air pressure creating a crater on the ground.[64]

Ban defeated

Ban defeated.

Ban questions Meliodas if he will give up, or be utterly defeated; Diane yells at him that if he further harms Meliodas, she will not forgive him and will cut off their ties. The Sin of Wrath refuses to give up, and states that he will win. Diane then states her hypothesis that Meliodas is baiting Ban to delivering his most powerful blow, and will then reflect the blow with Full Counter back at Ban. King, however, explains that doing so would be impossible - Full Counter can only reflect "power" attacks, and is useless against indirect attacks such as Ban's Physical Hunt, or an ordinary punch.[65] Despite Elizabeth's pleading, Ban punches Meliodas. In the midst of the resulting dust and debris, Meliodas, who now mysteriously has a strange black colored mark on his forehead, and his eyes colored black, crushes Ban's hand, then proceeding to send him flying out of the ring with a single punch, thus defeating him.[66]

Ban laments his defeat, and his having forgotten about what, he calls, his captain's "trump card". Hawk then unwittingly carries Ban to the ring due to him feeling his body to be very heavy after using "Physical Hunt"[67] Ban, still laying on Hawk, watches Diane and Howzer's battle.[68] During Meliodas and Cain's battle, when King and Diane wonder as to Meliodas and Cain's relationship, Ban instructs them to stop, citing the third law of the Seven Deadly Sins, which states that a Sin shall not question of the sin of an another member.[69] Sometime afterwards, during the beginning of the final battle of the tournament between Meliodas and Diane, Ban is shown to have paid some women to cheer for Meliodas flirtatiously and erotically, which would enrage Diane into fighting him seriously. This was since the two fighters were intending to end their fight quickly by Diane letting herself be defeated.[70]

Ban threatening Veronica

Ban holding Veronica hostage.

Ban enthusiastically watches Meliodas and the enraged Diane fight. Some time afterward, Meliodas, stopping the fight, declares his identity, and that he will now be taking over Vaizel. Ban and King enter the stage and are immediately recognized due to their appearances. Meliodas continues, ordering everyone to leave Vaizel in one minute, lest they be massacred.[71] A few brief moments later, several gigantic, and explosive flares rain down on the town.[72] The attackers are shown to to be Guila, Jericho, and another Holy Knight, Marmas. Elizabeth then understands the Sins' actions: the four had threatened the civilians to leave to have then evacuate. Meliodas notes that the attackers are now much stronger than before, instructs the other three to separate. While the attacks continue, Ban, is sent crashing onto a building by a surprise attack from Jericho. He expresses his enthusiasm to fight, but questions Jericho whether they have met before, and she declares that she will carve her name into his heart.[73]

Meliodas cut Ban in half

Ban being cut in half

Jericho's subsequent introduction reminds Ban of her. He, believing that she is male from their previous encounter, questions whether she cross dresses, and kicks her away. Much to his surprise, his wound doesn't heal despite his regeneration abilities. Jericho, stating that the Deadly Sins are no match for the "reactors", attacks Ban as he dodges. Walking towards Ban, she states that she no longer has to pretend to be a man, since she was now powerful. She kicks him on his chest, and spreads a drop of his blood, which spurted on near her lips, as a substitute for lipstick, she states that Ban has made her into a woman.[74] Sometime later, after Veronica, Elizabeth's older sister seals Meliodas with Goddess Amber, and tries to forcibly bring Elizabeth back to the capital, Ban wakes, and quickly takes Veronica hostage.[75] Griamore demands for him to let her go, in return to which Ban asks for the spell on Meliodas to be undone, and for Elizabeth to be released. However, he is abruptly slashed from behind by Jericho, which allows Veronica to escape.[76]

Ban then overhears Guila informing Griamore about Hendrickson's goal, resurrection of the Demon Clan. Enraged due to his experiences with a demon, Ban attacks Jericho, but is defeated quickly again.[77] As Elizabeth then pleads for Meliodas to rescue her from Guila, the Goddess Amber shatters, releasing a black substance, whose aura recognizes as similar to the demon he killed in the Fairy King's Forest.[78] Meliodas proceeds to cut off Guila's hand to regain his broken sword, leading Jericho to utilize an Incantation Orb to heal Guila, with Ban recovering along with them and then stealing the rest of the Incantation Orbs they possess. Angered, Jericho prepares to attack Ban, when he yells out to them to prepare for Meliodas' attack which knocks them both away. The rampaging Meliodas slices Ban in half and completely destroys the nearby terrain.

Ban taking Elizabeth and King away from the fight

Ban taking Elizabeth and King away from the fight

As Elizabeth and Hawk watch in horror as Meliodas is defeated by Helbram, Ban grabs King and tells Elizabeth that they have to retreat. Elizabeth refuses to leave Meliodas behind, but Ban grabs her and tells her it's too dangerous to be around, proceeding to run away from the fight. Soon after, Diane finds the wounded Meliodas and, in her rage, ends up completely destroying Vaizel with her Sacred Treasure Gideon, while Ban and the rest are running away. After Diane saves Meliodas, Elizabeth and Hawk watch in shock at what happened to Vaizel, while he reminds them how he said that it was too dangerous for them to be around.

Armor Giant arc

Ban dodging King attack

Ban training with King

After the Boar Hat stops at a unknown location, Ban and King start training together to improve themselves after the events at Vaizel. While they are sparring, Ban asks King if he was taking him lightly and tells him he should try to act like he was trying to kill him, but King tells him he can't kill someone who is immortal, to which Ban reminds him that he could stop him from fighting like he did in Capital of the Dead. Ban then tells King that Jericho's slash wounds did not heal at all, something that King finds odd, and wonders if it could be a power that stops time at the wound or an illusion power that creates a sensation of pain.

King then tells Ban that he isn't acting like himself and could be trying not to think about something, with Ban quickly appearing behind King and tossing him toward a boulder in response, with King barely stopping himself from crashing into it. Ban then tells King that he just wants to crush the Holy Knights and take back the kingdom as soon as possible. King is further surprised to see Ban caring about other people's business to which Ban tells King that he feels the same, but King reveals that he wants to stop the Holy Knights because he wants to help Diane.

Ban telling King he will revive Elaine with the Horn of Cernunos

Ban plans to revive Elaine with the help of a Goddess

Ban then reveals to King that he wants to get the Horn of Cernunnos which greatly shocks King because it is the treasure of the kingdom. He asks Ban if he is planning to steal it, but Ban answers that since he is going to save the kingdom, the horn would be a good reward for him. King wonders aloud about the legend of the horn, which is said to have the ability to communicate with the Goddess Clan, with Ban revealing his intentions to use it and ask a Goddess to revive Elaine from the dead, claiming that it wouldn't be a trouble for one. Ban then yells to King that he should take him more seriously, something that King agrees with. While sparring some more, King says to Ban that the main reason he isn't acting like himself is because of Meliodas' change at Vaizel and how his power resembled Guila's and Jericho's, but was much more sinister.

Ban telling King why he follows Meliodas

Ban tells King his reason for following Meliodas

King starts to think that Meliodas could be from the Demon Clan but is stopped by an angered Ban, who yells at King, saying that Meliodas isn't the same as the monster. King is confused as to the monster Ban is talking about, but Ban doesn't explain further. He tells King that Meliodas took him in, despite being an outcast and a bad person. Ban tells King that only two people in those world accepted him for who he was, and those were Elaine and Meliodas. Ban then tells King that Meliodas would never kill anyone, no matter how bad they were, saying he is too naive to be the same as the monster he fought in the past. Ban and King later meet with Diane and Elizabeth who went to find Meliodas, and later stands at the opening of the mountain Meliodas split in two, listening to his speech with the others.

King and the others later meet up with a group of kids who are role playing as them, and later befriends them. Ban ends up chatting with Armando, who apologies to Ban for the trouble they are causing. Ban replies that it doesn't matter if they want to fool around, but warns that they shouldn't role play the Seven Deadly Sins since he wouldn't help them if they got into trouble with the Holy Knights. Armando then tells Ban that it's odd how Meliodas talks like an adult while being the same age as Pelliot. Everyone is later informed that a group of Holy Knights was spotted at the mountain, to which the kids set out to find them. Later the Deadly Sins overhear a dying knight, screaming that there is an Armored Giant at the mountain which easily annihilated his group. Meliodas then reveals to everyone that the Armored Giant is the Goat's Sin of Lust, Gowther.

Ban attacking Weinheidt's illusion

Ban attacks an illusionary Weinheidt

King, Meliodas, and Ban head to the forest to find Gowther, where they see him having a standoff against the Dawn Roar. The standoff is broken when Pelliot arrives at the scene and attacks the giant, before being saved from death by Armando, who is smashed by Gowther to the ground. The Deadly Sins then head to the battlefield. Ban rushes toward Weinheidt to stop him from shooting down Gowther with his arrow, however Weinheidt turns out to be an illusion, informing Ban that the Dawn Roar knew about them hiding in the forest. The real Weinheidt, hiding in a pile of dead bodies, shoots Gowther with a powerful magical arrow, but the arrow is caught midway by Armando, who then reveals himself to be the real Gowther, to the shock of the Sins.

Excited, Ban walks toward Gowther and tells him he always thought he was a big old man under the armor. Gowther expresses his surprise that Meliodas did not change over the years, which Ban points out he doesn't look surprised and did not know the little kid is King until he changed back to his fat form. Once Gowther offers the giant head to the Dawn Roar and they leave, Gowther tells everyone that the monster was most likely human, which shocks them. The monster later gets up despite being headless and Gowther further reveals that it used to be a Holy Knight.

Meliodas and Ban attack the beast

Ban and Meliodas attack the beast

The beast almost smashes Meliodas and Ban with it many finger fists, but the latter dodges in time and sent out several attacks against the beasts head, but the beast isn't effected and sends them flying. King saves them with Chastiefol, which he then sends to fight the beast, but it is easily defeated by its ice breath. Meliodas and Ban decide to use the weapons of the dead Holy Knights and Meliodas charges toward the beast with a sword and a shield. When Meliodas uses Enchantment on the beast, Ban tells Meliodas to finish it, and becomes upset when Meliodas does not kill the beast due to hearing it speak.

When Meliodas is saved by Gowther with his strange arrow ability, Ban uses his whip to pull Meliodas away. Ban then scolds Meliodas for not killing the beast, but Meliodas explains that the beast is still alive, but Ban tells him to stop being naive. Gowther then uses one of his powers, Invasion, where he traps the beast into a illusionary world which his heart most desires to see, Ban says that they should kill the beast but Gowther responds by saying that the Holy Knight did not wish to be born like this, and therefore, he is unable to kill him. Ban decides to kill the beast himself until Meliodas stops him, saying that the beast is still partly human, but Ban does not listen and removes the beasts heart with his whip. Meliodas gets upset with Ban for killing the beast, but Ban tells him that they should have put it out of his misery, to which Meliodas responds to why not kill him. King then points out that the beast is mumbling something despite having lost its heart and start releasing a lot of power. Ban then wonders why removing the beasts heart did not work and realizes that it's a demon.

Ban crush the strange plant

Ban crushes the strange plant

While Meliodas tries to reason with Dale, Ban pushes him out of the way and gets cut in half. After Ban heals himself, he punches Meliodas and tells him he should stop being naive or everyone they know will die. Elizabeth then appears and offers Liz's Sword to Meliodas, which he finally uses to slay the beast in one hit. Ban then goes to search the body where he finds a strange planet which attempts to attack him, but he crushes it with ease and overhears Dale thanking him. The Deadly Sins later take Gowther to meet with Diane and hold a celebration party. Gowther later uses Invasion Search Light on Ban, which reveals that Ban robbed Diane and King's strength during a past battle while drunk, with Diane angrily squeezing him for doing so.

Kingdom Infiltration arc

Ban coming along with Meliodas

Ban coming with Meliodas to Liones

As Meliodas explains his reason to head to Liones and get his sword back, a mysterious Holy Knight appears out of nowhere and takes Elizabeth, saying she was the last key to the Coffin of Eternal Darkness. After his initial outburst, Meliodas orders Diane to toss him to Liones, with Ban and Gowther deciding to tag along for their own reasons. Diane tosses the trio toward Liones at full speed with Ban screaming that he might die from such speed. Soon after, Meliodas, Ban and Gowther land near Liones and start running toward the kingdom, with Holy Knights aware of their arrival trying to stop them. Meliodas tells Gowther and Ban that their mission is to save Elizabeth and to keep the fighting to a minimum. Ban wonders if Meliodas will be going all out, with Meliodas responding that he will.

The Deadly Sins briefly stop when they feel a large power coming from the southern gate of the kingdom, which turns out to be the Camelot army led by Arthur Pendragon. Later, the trio continue to cut through the Holy Knights as they attempt to break through to the castle. Deciding to end this with minimal bloodshed, Gowther uses his Sacred Treasure Herritt to overwrite the memories of the attacking Holy Knights and turns them into their allies. Gowther explains his technique to the bewildered Meliodas and Ban who then warn him not to use that on them no matter what, which Gowther complied. The trio sneak away from the Holy Knights and go into hiding to figure out a decent strategy. Ban tells Meliodas that they should head to the Liones castle, because in fairy tales, the princesses always get locked in underground prisons. Meliodas agrees to the plan and heads out to the castle as Meliodas promise to save Elizabeth. The trio then sense a battle going on by the south gate, which changes Meliodas' mind, and he decides to head over there, thinking Elizabeth could be there.

Ban at Horn of Cernunnos area

Ban reaches the Horn of Cernunnos

The trio see Ground Gladius suddenly rise in middle of the kingdom, and realize it's one of Diane's abilities and collectively wonder if she's in trouble. Gowther offers to go and help her while Meliodas and Ban save Elizabeth. When Great Holy Knight Dreyfus makes an announcement of the Sins' presence in the kingdom, Ban calls him bastard as he and Meliodas keep running to the place where Meliodas believes Elizabeth might be.

As Dreyfus is under Gowther's Nightmare Teller, a past version of Ban is seen being completely drunk, earning an angry glare from King.

Meliodas and Ban stop in their tracks when they see giant roots attacking a section of the kingdom where Diane, Gowther and King are located. Ban asks Meliodas if he can sense it, which Meliodas nods to as he mentions that Diane and Gowther's powers are fading, but King's rose to an invincible level. Ban and Meliodas then decide to split up to cover more ground, with Ban heading off to the castle, and Meliodas to fight Hendrickson.

While inside the castle, Ban sneaks around so he wouldn't get caught by the Holy Knights. He spots a lone Holy Knight, and before he is able to call for backup, removes some of the Holy Knight's teeth and asks for information, threatening to remove his ribs too if he did not comply. After a successful interrogation, Ban leaves the Holy Knight unconscious and goes off to a wall, and turns a lion head around so a secret entrance is revealed. Ban walks inside the entrance and finds Liones' treasure, the Horn of Cernunnos, and is surprised by its great size. Ban calls out for a Goddess and asks if they could exchange his own life to revive Elaine from the dead. Ban then hears a voice and is shocked to see Hawk standing of the Horn. After Hawk explains to him how he ended up there, he suggests to leave and save Elizabeth, but Ban tells him to go ahead without him.

Ban thinks that he can't just give up like that, and that there must be something he can do to revive Elaine, and in that moment a voice speaks from the Horn, telling him that there is indeed something he can do. The Goddess tells him that due to the Ancient War, they lost their power and will need time to regain their physical forms. Ban is skeptical about the Goddess so easily agreeing to take his life and bring Elaine back to life, but the Goddess tells him that she will not take his life, but will ask him to do a mission, and if he succeeds, she will bring the fairy back to life. Hawk protests, telling Ban that it sounds shady, but receives a double shut up from both Ban and the Goddess. Ban then tells the Goddess that he agrees to do the mission.

Ban taking Meliodas hand

Ban taking Meliodas arm

The Goddess tells Ban that his mission will be to kill a certain man. She also tells him that this will benefit the four clans, and asks him if he will accept. Ban tells her that he had already said he will do what she wants. The Goddess then reveals that the one he must kill right now goes by the name of Meliodas from the Seven Deadly Sins, which deeply shocks Ban.

Ban later appears at the battlefield where Elizabeth had just been taken by Hendrickson, armed with a three-section staff. When Ban and Hawk approach Meliodas, Meliodas and Hawk agree to go rescue Elizabeth and ask Ban for help. However, Ban starts to attack Meliodas to the latter's shock, ripping his arm off. They exchange blows, and Meliodas snatches his arm back, using his Demon powers to reattach it to his body. As Ban witnesses Meliodas' ability, he asks Meliodas if he is from the Demon Clan, to which Meliodas doesn't respond, with Ban taking it as a yes. As they battle, Hawk tries to stop Ban by saying that if he killed Meliodas, they will no longer be friends. Ban responds that they were never friends which shocks Hawk, however he tells Hawk if he wants to stop him, then he should try, showing that despite choosing Elaine, he doesn't want to kill Meliodas. As Meliodas is driven against the wall in the middle of the fight, and Ban reveals that the Goddess Clan promised him to revive Elaine if he killed him, Meliodas understands Ban's intentions, as he had always heard him sleep talk about Elaine, and decides to accept death by Ban's hand.

Meliodas makes surprising attack on Ban

Ban head-butted by Meliodas

Ban was surprised at this sudden event, but decides to do as Meliodas wishes, saying he will never forget about Meliodas, telling Elaine to wait just a bit longer. As he is about to kill Meliodas, the latter jumps up and head-butts him in the face, breaking his jaw into pieces. Ban grows furious at Meliodas, asking why would he accept Bans offer, but then attacks him. Meliodas tells Ban that he did say he is okay with Ban killing him, but didn't say he wouldn't fight back. Meliodas then tells Ban that Elizabeth thinks nothing of sacrificing herself in order to save Liones, and knowing that, he can't just die. Meliodas tells Ban that despite what he is doing, Ban will always be his friend, no matter what, but like him, he's got things that he can't give up on. Hawk then confronts Ban, asking if he will really do what the horn ordered him to do, asking if Meliodas isn't his friend. Ban tells Hawk that Meliodas is his greatest friend, but he wants Elaine to come back. Upset by this, Hawk says that if Elaine doesn't come back, he will lose his friend and Elaine might not be happy about this. Ban told Hawk what should he do, as when Elaine died, he was depress, but when he met the other Deadly Sins, he kept himself distracted, but he still know that he will be alone forever, be it in this world or next, saying this world without her is like Hell. Hawk didn't understand Ban, but Meliodas said he understood Ban, but said that they should put their fight in a hold until they solve the current matter as the Deadly Sins, which Ban said he understand.

Ban return Jericho back to normal

Ban holds the cured Jericho

As Meliodas ordered Hawk to carry him to Elizabeth location in Merlin Old Castle, Ban told Hawk to take care of Meliodas while he help out with the current problem. Ban founded the poison Gilthunder who he grabbed and toss at the demonic Jericho which alarmed Margaret Liones and Vivian. Diane was annoyed at Ban action until he toss a Hyper Recovering Spell he got from Vaizel at Diane and Gilthunder which healed them quick, but realize too soon that he should have used it on Meliodas. Ban than told King to take his fight against the revive slaved Helbram serious due to Meliodas ordered. Ban faces the Hybrid Demon Jericho who her brother, Gustaf begged him not to kill her while Jericho plead to kill her as she doesn't want to live as a monster for her live. Ban grins as he said he will end her life as he used his three section staff to strike her. But, instead of killing her, Ban remove a strange "plant" which he destroyed as Jericho return back to normal while Ban said he ended her life as a Holy Knight, saying that she shouldn't hold it against him. Ban and King teamed up to stop the Hybrid Demon in Liones while the others help Meliodas to save Elizabeth.

Ban smack Hendricksen

Ban attacks Hendrickson

Ban rejoins the other Deadly Sins member at Merlin's old castle to face Hendrickson in the final battle. While the Deadly Sins, Meliodas, King and Diane were fighting against Hendrickson, Ban question Gowther how Hendrickson gain demonic powers which Gowther explain that Hendrickson gain it through a demon corpse which was told by Guila. Ban was surprise to hear what Gowther said until Hendrickson slams Ban against the wall where Ban discover the Red Demon corpse that he slayed many years ago. Ban walked toward Hendrickson and furiously slam him against the wall as he ask where he got the corpse where the wall break down to reveal the Red Demon corpse. The Deadly Sins were shock to see the Red Demon corpse as Hendrickson explain that he found it in the Fairy King Forest long ago and how much of a bless it was to him. Hendrickson used the power of the Red Demon and summon wipe that nearly stab the Deadly Sins despite for Ban who used this to get closer to Hendrickson and slam him to the ground while furious, telling him that he can't beat him since he was the one who killed the Red Demon.

Ban using Banishing Kill

Ban uses Banishing Kill on Hendrickson and Meliodas

When Hendrickson was sent underground, Ban destroy the Red Demon in anger while King question Ban about the Red Demon, but Ban respond that it doesn't matter as they follow Hendrickson underground as they can still sense him and something greater. Leaving Diane behind due to her size as she is unable to fill inside the hole, the Deadly Sins traveled inside to discover Hendrickson who revealed that he has another Demon underground that he discovered years ago, which was a large sun flower head Demon knows as Gray Demon which is much higher than the Red Demon. Hendrickson took a blood sample from the Gray Demon's corpse and injected on himself, resulting to gain tremendous power-boost from the demon. Ban still attacked Hendrickson despite the warming Meliodas give to him, ending up half of his body blow up with ease. As Hendrickson slaughter the Holy Knights, Ban manage to regain his body, but soon slice in half by Hendrickson. When the latter is about to use Dead End on Meliodas, Ban yelled out for his captain to not die as he is the only one to kill him. But, when Hawk took the hit and died, Ban shot out tears, yelling at Hendrickson for killing Hawk as he was a good nature pig. When Elizabeth unlock her hidden power and healed everyone, Meliodas thought of a plan and ask Gowther to use his ability to spread the message, which Gowther did through Broadcast which Ban attacked Meliodas like everyone else. It was revealed that Meliodas is charging up for Revenge Counter as it is Meliodas ultimate technique as it finally killed Hendrickson, ending his reign.

After the king, Baltra Liones returned and thanked the Deadly Sins, Ban goes to grieve over Hawk death, feeling terrible for saying that the two weren't friends. However, Gowther logically explains to the Fox's Sin of Greed that if captain had died instead of Hawk, their chances of victory would have been diminished and Hawk's death didn't even affect the fighting prowess of the group and considers not much of a loss. This angers Ban about to strike at Gowther for saying that but Merlin got in their way and defended the Goat's Sin of Lust. However, when Hawk body that covered black matter started to fade, revealing that Hawk is alive, but shrunken which bring great joy to everyone, especially Ban.

Post-Kingdom Infiltration arc

Ban Bizarre Party

Ban travels with King and Jericho

As Liones was being rebuild due to the battle, Ban feed Hawk some leftovers in the Boar Hat which was revealed that those foods were expired which doesn't seem to completely bothered Hawk. After Meliodas and Gilthunder chatted for a bit, Ban decided to tell Meliodas that he isn't just leaving the Boar, but quitting the Seven Deadly Sins to Meliodas surprise. The next day, while everyone wore their new outfit, Ban refuse to wear his to King and Diane angry as they pick out the outfit for him. The Deadly Sins end up celebrating the festival while working at the Boar Hat, but, as the next morning, Ban wore his new outfit and said farewell to the group as he was about to leave the Deadly Sins. However, King comforted him and told him to let Elaine death go, which Ban refuse and told King that he is going back to the Fairy King's Forest much to King shock. However, King doesn't believe Ban as the latter tend to lie to him a lot and that he saw the burned down forest ten years ago, but Ban decided to leave him and went on his journey. Having trouble believing Ban, King followed the bandit in order to find out the truth despite meaning leaving the group for a short period of time. While following Ban, they spotted Jericho who was following them as she was still mad at Ban for stripping her clothes and power from before.

Ban embrace Elaine corpse

Ban embraces Elaine's corpse

As the three journey together, Jericho question the existence of Fairy's and the forest which King realize that she was born after the forest was burned down. When a fog appeared out of nowhere, Ban told them that they were here as to King and Jericho shock, they found themselves in the newly made Fairy's King Forest to King great joy as he also spotted his old Fairy friends, Cisca, Ende, and Melik. However, King was greatly shocked and saddened to find out that his friends hate him for leaving the forest for seven hundred years and now believe that Ban is their new fairy king instead of King, the rightful heir. Ban along with Jericho and King, enter deeper to the forest as they found Elaine grave which bring tears to King as he flea the area, but Ban went closer to Elaine corpse and embrace it, claiming that he will still find a way to revive her. When the Fairies offered to help Ban revive Elaine as his followers, Ban bushed it off, saying he isn't their king and that King is their king, but the Fairies refuse, saying King is a traitor while Ban is the hero who saved the forest. But, Ban give them a dirty expression, claiming that someone like him can't be king as he try to kill his only friend to revive one woman which bring silent to the Fairies.

Albion arc

After visiting Elaine grave, Ban found King arguing with himself, which made Ban think he is going crazy, not realizing that King was speaking with Helbram's spirit. Later, King asked Jericho when she is planning to leave as only a few selected humans were allowed to be in the forest which Jericho replied that wherever Ban goes as she would show more value than a dead brat which Ban overhear and strip her out of anger. Ban revealed that he was not going back to the Boar Hat as he was planning on going on a journey to find a way to bring Elaine back alive which Jericho offered to come along as his disciple as she owns him a debt which he refuse. However, King try to conceive Ban to return by asking Merlin for help or to fix his relationship with Meliodas which Ban refused. Ban than tease King, saying he should return back to Boar Hat as Diane will "die of loneliness" if King isn't with her which made King mad for teasing him until Ban revealed that it was true when a few days ago, Diane admitted that she is lonely without King while King went out to get supplies. King was shock at this news as he believe Diane somehow regain her lost memories of him which Ban smile and told him to go home.

Ban went back to the forest and Elaine grave to give some of his blood to keep the tree healthy, Gerheade appeared and told him the history of the forest, how she dislike Ban and still believe King to be the true heir to the Fairy Clan. However, Ban revealed he didn't want the job and King can have it, however, Gerheade soon revealed her true plan and attacked Ban, hoping to use him for more blood for the tree. While Ban had the upper hand, The Fox Sin was soon distracted when Jericho and a Fairy were in danger,and when Elaine body in danger, which led to Ban to protect her. However, this led to Gerheade to trap him and place near to Elaine so he can be close to her forever.

Ravens arc

After King saved the forest from the Albion, Ban, who was revealed to be still alive, used his own blood to help heal the Deadly Sin. Gerheade apologizes to the bandit who, grabs her by the collar and tells her that if she dares to try and lay a hand on Elaine ever again, he will kill her, proceeding to nonchalantly leave. However, King asks him if he's sure of his decision and Ban confirms it.[79] Later, he is seen at the port town Ivanloake, where he requests a miracle drug to revive the dead, the shop owner however tells him that he heard rumors of a dead person coming back to life. Ban asks him the name of the town and the shopkeeper tells him that it is the bandit city, Ravens.[80]

At a bar in the city, Jericho shouts at the sleeping bandit who forcefully awakes, heading back to the inn hence they didn't get no information out of the bar. Ban rents a room and tells the owner that Jericho will be paying. He asks the owner about the rumors but the man terrifyingly denies. Jericho complains about the room they're given but Ban tells her its on higher standards than the usual in this city. He tells her that he lived in this city when he was a kid, and before Jericho could ask more his attention was dragged by the ruckus outside where someone was getting beaten up. Jericho wonders if they should help him but Ban tells her to not stick her nose in it. However, as soon as he heard that person is the one who revived a dead person, Ban beat up the bandits and took the man to the inn, throwing him to the floor who is revealed to be a Werefox.[81]

Ban speaks out how the Beastman escaped the bandits' abuse and proceeded to return Jericho's wallet, which the Werefox had stolen. Ban asks the beast if he revived a dead person but the Beastman denies that rumor, but collapses to the floor a moment later and is quickly rushed to bed. The beast tells them that they, humans will never understand what it is like to live off stealing alone, which causes Ban to reminisce.[82]

Whilst Zhivago told his story, Ban listened carefully until the Beastman mentioned his two sons and how he had betrayed one of them. After he told his story, Ban reassured the ill Beastman that he is not angry at him nor did he ever despise him for a moment, which startles the Beastman whom Ban recognizes as Zhivago, his idol father, embracing him soon after.[83]

After a heartwarming father and son reunion, Zhivago and Ban talk about the rumors of dead people coming to life, such as a deceased wife who strangled her husband to death and an order of killed knights wandering around. Zhivago notices Jericho and asks if she's Ban's lover, but Ban bluntly denies to her dismay. The Beastman notices Ban's physique of a 20 year old when he's supposed to be in his 40s, which Ban confirms that he drank the Fountain of Youth and became immortal, much to Zhivago's shock, confirming its existence to the old Beastman. However, Ban tells Zhivago about what he did to Meliodas to save Elaine, and how Meliodas forgave him even though he doesn't deserve it. Zhivago tells Ban that he has such a wonderful friend, continuing that he should not hate himself and that he should just ask for forgiveness. Zhivago says that these are his last words to him as his father, leaving to join his son in the afterlife.[84]

Ban and Elaine kissing

Ban and Elaine reunited.

Later, Ban is seen with Jericho after burying the old bandit, telling him to rest peacefully and pouring Beer on his grave. He then ends up saving Jericho from a reanimated human, who he deduces to be stronger than a standard man. After he crushes the corpses head, he turns to Jericho where he notices her being attacked. He intercepts and takes the attack head on and is surprised, to see Elaine. They then share an intimate moment with one another.[85]

Still startled, Elaine tells Ban that she wanted to see him again and they resume kissing. A flustered Jericho asks what's going on and Ban reassures her that this is Elaine, and that he wouldn't die from physical attacks. Elaine proceeds to attack Jericho to which Ban tells her she's not an enemy. Elaine refuses to listen and continues to attack Jericho. Ban begins to protect Jericho from Elaine, as he tries to persuade Elaine to stop. After hearing Jericho's speech, Elaine cries until Ban embraces her. He reminds her of his promise that he would one day make her his, and reassures her that they will go on a journey together. Relieved, Elaine loses consciousness in Ban's arms. After hearing a mysterious voice which states that Elaine would die soon, Ban turns to face both Galand and Melascula. He pieces together what has happened and swears that he is going to kill them for what they did to Elaine.[86]

Ban pulls his Three-section Staff towards him, but Galand cuts him in half before he has a chance to move. After knowing of the commandment's defeat by Meliodas, Ban comments on their mentioning of Meliodas' relation to the Demon Clan. A furious Galand asks how he's still alive, to which Ban replies he is immortal. Galand tries to kill him once more, by crushing Ban's head, but, the latter recovers almost instantly. Galand then offers Ban to hit him once in honor of his feats, as Ban prepares his Hunter Fest, robbing Galand of his power and delivering a massive kick to the latter's gut. Ban continues his assault on Galand and soon shifts to attempt a hit on Melascula. Galand continues to attack Ban to no avail. Melascula deduces that Ban's ability, Snatch, will wear off soon and that he is currently beyond Galand's level. Ban continues to provoke them as he feels his body's exhaustion kicking in.[87]

Ban then switches his attention to Melascula who traps him in her Antan no Mayu. She explains that she is the "faith" commandment and impressed by Ban's strong faith while facing Elaine's rage moments ago. She knows that she can't kill an immortal, however she releases Ban's soul, as she knows this will work. Galand requests Ban's soul, but Melascula refuses. Galand eventually precedes Melascula, jumping and consuming Ban's soul.[88]

Ban's body is then seen using Fox Hunt, catching the commandments off guard and ripping out one of their hearts. He then grabs Jericho and Elaine, as he retreats while the demons are temporarily injured. After traveling a few dozen miles, Ban collapses due to exhaustion and explains hat he was saved by Zhivago, who appeared before Galand and was eaten in Ban's place. After asking Jericho to take Elaine and run, she refuses and instead, she promise to carry them to safety.[89]

As Jericho carries Ban and Elaine away, Galand and Melascula start toying with them by throwing boulders at their location. They miss twice, before the third one hits the ground and send the group tumbling off a cliff. Thanks to Elaine,the three of them land safely near a dark cave. Inside the cave is an open bar with a lone bartender inside. As they enter, the bartender greets them to his store: "My Sweet Gluttony".

The bartender who recognizes Ban backs away until Jericho tells him that the Seven Deadly Sins are no longer considered criminals. The bartender urgently asks about Merlin's condition, but is left hanging as Galand and Melascula find the bar. Ban, Jericho, and Elaine quickly hide from the two commandments.[90]

As night shifts to day, the bartender, who reveals himself to be the Lion's Sin of Pride, Escanor, decides to play Galand's deathmatch game. After a strong swing from Galand, Escanor intimidates Galand and causes him to flee breaking his own commandment and turning him to stone. After his small battle with Melascula, he turns to Ban and orders him to stay put... to which the latter states even if he could, he couldn't. Night falls and Escanor returns questioning Ban about everything that has happened in the last 10 years. The reunion between the two sins is then cut short as King and Oslow arrive.[91]

Great Fight Festival arc

Ban, wearing a clothes given to him by Escanor, meets up with Meliodas and Arthur in the labyrinth around Vaizel. He and Meliodas perform their usual greeting (beating each other and arm wrestling) and Ban notes that Meliodas is much stronger. He informs them he is there with Escanor and Elaine. He attempts to apologize for attempting to Kill Meliodas back at Liones, but Meliodas deliberately keeps him from speaking, showing he doesn't see a need for an apology.[92] After a bit wondering around, he and Meliodas decide to reunite with Elizabeth and the others by simply destroying the wall before it can regenerate, and inadvertently blow a hole straight to the goal.[93]

When the festivities start, he is paired with Meliodas and they both panic once they realize that Elaine and Elizabeth are participating.[94] They attempt to intervene, but Gloxinia stops them, and the girls tell them they will be fine.[95] His and Meliodas' first opponents are a pair of blue demons, though they win the fight without realizing it, when they accidentally kill their opponents while bickering with each other over who has the better girlfriend.[96]

When it seems like Escanor is going to unleash a devastating attack that will kill Hawk and Jericho, Meliodas stops him saving them, telling him to believe in Escanor.[97] Ban is then surprised to see that Escanor actually attacked Drole and Gloxinia. He then watches as Meliodas takes on the two Commandments by himself and is trapped inside the giant hands by Drole along with all the other contestants.[98] Hawk wants to go help Meliodas, but Ban says that all they would do is get in his way. He is then teleported back to Liones by Gilfrost along with the others and continue to watch the fight through Gilfrost's crystal ball[99] When King expresses doubt in Meliodas, Ban reaffirms that Meliodas will always be his captain, demon or not, and that the Ten Commandments themselves called him a traitor. When all the other Commandments arrive on the scene to aid their comrades, Ban screams for Meliodas to escape.[100] He angrily notices that Melascula is still alive, but Elaine tells him that's the only reason she's still alive.[101]

Unable to standby and watch as Melascula prepares to eat Meliodas' soul, Ban leaves to save Meliodas, even though it means that Elaine will die again. Before going, he apologizes to her and still promises to bring her back one day, though she says he has nothing to apologize for. He uses his Zero Sign technique to sneak by the Ten Commandments after having Gilfrost teleport him to the battle, and quickly breaks Melascula's neck and rips out five of her hearts, killing her. Meliodas calls him a dumbass and Ban simply replies that dumbasses stick together.[102] He helps Meliodas up, telling him to stand back, however Estarossa easily moves past him and stabs Meliodas in one of his hearts. Ban then tries in vain to stop Estarossa from destroying all of Meliodas' seven hearts, and when the deed is done, Estarossa blows Ban's body to pieces, saying he's being too noisy.[103]

Defensive Battle for Liones arc

Ban is shown fighting alongside the Holy Knights to protect the Kingdom of Liones from Ten Commandments' invasion.

Abilities and Equipment

Ben fast healing

Ban's injuries healed just moments after having multiple stakes stab him.

As a member of the Seven Deadly Sins, Ban is very powerful. His speed and strength greatly surpass that of an ordinary human, and his specialty is using his speed in conjunction with his ability, Snatch, in order to rip out opponents organs, preferably their hearts. His most amazing ability however, is his immortality. Thanks to drinking from the Fountain of Youth, all of Ban's wounds heal almost instantaneously no matter how severe. He also does not age, does not need to eat or drink, and is immune to all poisons. His immortality allows him to fight with a much more reckless style than most are willing.


Main article: Snatch
  • Snatch強奪 (スナッチ)  Gōdatsu (Sunacchi)」: An ability that allows Ban to "rob" physical objects, thus grabbing them, and also the physical abilities of others, thus weakening them while gaining more strength and speed. However, this ability has a limit to how much Ban can rob a person's strength, in order to not damage his own body with overwhelming power. Using a form of snatch, Ban is also able to steal body parts from his opponents. Such as a heart or an arm in the blink of an eye.


  • Three-section staff: During his time as a bandit, Ban wielded a power-imbued three-section staff, a flail weapon consisting of three wooden or metal staffs connected by metal rings or rope. He was considerably formidable in using it, and could use it in conjunction with his 'Snatch' ability to 'grab' objects like the cup of the Fountain of Youth.[104] The weapon itself was powerful enough to be able to rip out one of the hearts of a demon[105], and was capable of crushing flesh and breaking bones and nails.[106] He wielded a more elaborately designed one when he became a member of the sins.
  • Rapier: In the introduction of the Seven Deadly Sins by Elizabeth, Ban was seen wielding a rapier but it is highly unlikely since such type of weaponry does not suit him very well.
  • Courechouse: As a member of the Seven Deadly Sins, Ban possessed a sacred treasure, which was stolen during his imprisonment.[107] It is a four-section staff. Five years ago since the Deadly Sins' betrayal, Ban's sacred treasure was stolen after he intentionally lets himself get captured by the Weird Fangs.

Power Level

Total Magic Strength Spirit


Seven Deadly Sins


Ban is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins along with Meliodas. They are both extremely friendly and competitive towards one another and enjoy challenging each other.[108][109] Despite being very close companions, they are willing to fight each other at full strength, disregarding what potential damage they may deal against each other. Their fight encounter was a while after Ban's thirty third execution, which he once again successfully overcomes. As a subordinate, Ban shows a fair deal of respect for Meliodas and addresses him as "Cap'n". Ban sees Meliodas as one of the only two people to accept him, the other being Elaine. When the Goddess Clan offered Ban the chance to revive Elaine by killing Meliodas, Ban was shocked and stunned at the opportunity, but accepted their offer.

Despite trying to kill Meliodas, Ban appears to be saddened by his choice to not only killing his best friend, but to know he is from the Demon Clan and tries to convince Hawk to stop himself. Ban was also slightly surprised when Meliodas decided to let Ban kill him.


Ban and Diane are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. Ban seems to be on friendly terms with Diane, although she has mentioned several times that she does not care for any other men but Meliodas.


Ban and King are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. When the Seven Deadly Sins were an active group of knights, Ban and King had a relationship that could be compared to an "unlikely dynamic duo".[110] Despite them fighting all the time, Ban cares enough about King to save him from Diane's rage attack against Helbram, possible due to being Elaine's brother.


Ban and Gowther are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. Ban gets along with Gowther well enough, but initially thought Gowther was a big old man under the armor, but since no one has ever seen Gowther's real face it was understandable because of his armor size.


Ban and Merlin are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. Ban and Merlin have not yet made contact like Meliodas has (in the anime) so we do not know if they get along or not. Although Ban once challenged her to a fight since he`never saw her full power before but fell to her wits when Merlin dared him to do a hundred thousand push-ups just to tire him out.



Ban has feelings for Elaine, having befriended and then fallen for her during his seven day stay in the Fairy King's Forest, with her having similar feelings. He was the one who cured Elaine's loneliness from the past seven hundred years, which her brother has left her alone for. Sadly, Elaine now resides in the Capital of the Dead, after being killed by the Unnamed Demon. However, Ban swore that he will make her his, in the future. Ban considers Elaine to be one of the two people in his life that accepted him for who he is, the other being Meliodas, his best friend. When Elaine died, Ban became severely depressed and spent four years in prison, thinking that "there's nothing out there for him", and recently revealed that his cooperation with the Sins is mainly a distraction from her death. When given the option to revive Elaine by killing Meliodas, Ban chose Elaine without much hesitation, as he thinks a world without her is like hell. After finally being revived, Elaine attempts to kill Jericho, jealous of how she took her dream of traveling with Ban. After Ban reassures her that she's his only woman, she calms down and apologizes for her actions. After Escanor defeats Galand and Melascula, Elaine and Ban are happy to finally reunite, with Jericho's encouragement.


Zhivago was the man who taught Ban how to steal and made him into a bandit. He was the only person Ban trusted in his youth and was his idol and ideal father in his own words. Zhivago considered Ban his own son and was greatly ashamed for abandoning him to save his true son. However, Ban never hated him and had forgave him long ago. When Ban's soul was in the commandment's mercy, Zhivago sacrificed his soul and his only opportunity to see his son again to save the Fox's sin, falling into tears right after.[111]


At first, Ban was astonished by the fact that Hawk was able to talk, and originally thought that he was merely Diane's lunch. However, they soon got along with each other fairly well, regarding each other as trustworthy companions. They are willing to support each other, as shown when Hawk carries Ban whenever he is drunk or exhausted. When Hawk was killed by Hendrickson, Ban shed many tears and was furious, as he believe Hawk was a good nature pig, which it is the second time he shown to cry, the first was with Elaine. He also calls Hawk 'Master'.


At first, Ban humiliated her by stripping her down to steal her clothes in Baste Dungeon. She wanted to take revenge, and she was, in fact, angry enough to drink demon blood in order to gain the power to beat Ban. But that grudge was destroyed when he saved her from becoming a full demon. Now there's hints that she might have become infatuated with him. After Ban left Liones, she decided to follow him. She tries get closer to him but he sees her more as a wallet or little sister as he says. He also says she the first human he doesn't hate being around.


Bandit Ban

Vampires of Edinburgh

Baste Dungeon Arc

Capital of the Dead Arc

Vaizel Arc

Armor Giant arc

Kingdom Infiltration arc

Post-Kingdom Infiltration arc

Ravens arc

Great Fight Festival arc


  • King Ban, in Arthurian legend, is the father of Sir Lancelot and Sir Hector de Maris, the brother of King Bors, an early ally of King Arthur, and the husband of Elaine. The relationship of their namesakes may hint at the romantic feelings of Ban and Elaine.
  • According to the databook(s):
    • Ban's special skill is stealing
    • Hobbies: collecting ale labels
    • Daily Routine: drinking until he has passed out
    • Weak Point: Elaine
    • Birthplace: Ravens
    • What he likes about himself: Nothing really ♪
    • Dream/Hope: Revive Elaine
    • Regrets: That he couldn’t save
    • The most embarrassing thing in his life: That he felt all fuzzy when Zhivago called him his son
    • What he wants the most right now: Skinship with Elaine
    • Favorite animal: Foxes and pigs
    • Favorite scent: Alcohol
    • Favorite food: anything except Meliodas' cooking
    • Charm point: his fangs
    • He has no complex
    • The person he respects the most is Hawk
    • The person he doesn't want to make an enemy of is Meliodas.
  • Ban has arm wrestled Meliodas 720 times, which resulted in one of them getting 361 wins. Both of them argue on who is the one who has 361 wins.[112]
    • Eventually, Ban wins on their 721st time.
  • Ban seems to willingly let himself be imprisoned whenever he is depressed or bored. This happened both after Elaine's death and the rumors of Meliodas' passing
  • Ban is weak to alcohol even though he drinks a lot.[113]
  • Ban is actually a considerably good cook.[114]
  • Ban has the habit of prolonging the pronunciation of his sentences in a singing manner.[115] He speaks with a drawl in the anime.
  • He has a collection of ale labels.[116]
  • Ban currently shares a room with King.
  • Ban demonstrates symptoms of somniloquy.
  • The Sin of Greed is usually symbolized with a Frog and the color yellow.
  • In the Nanatsu no Taizai Popularity Poll, Ban was placed 2nd overall with 32,068 votes (which included an online poll as well as postcards) and placed 2nd (259 votes) when considering only postcards.
  • Ban's name was given to him by his parents, more or less.
  • Ban is the only Sin remaining that doesn't have his Sacred Weapon.


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